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Best Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras Home Security


D-Link Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

Today I am going to review Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras. The name of the product is D-Link Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera. I just picked up this camera, the twenty-three L about two weeks ago and it spent the last week and a half outside because it is an outdoor camera. It’s designed to be used outdoors. I wouldn’t consider it a waterproof camera, but it is certainly what is resistant. And I left it under my front porch where there’s an overhang and left it plugged into the porch power there. And it worked great for a week and a half. It was recording events.

This Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras was sending audio and video via Wi-Fi onto my local network and over the Internet. And I was quite impressed that it held up as well as it did. It’s got a great frame rate, which we’ll take a look at in a few minutes. But let’s look at the hardware first and see how this is configured. So it is a pretty sturdy feeling. It feels a lot tighter and better sealed than that pan tilt zoom camera we looked at from dealing a few months ago. This one is certainly built a little bit more ruggedly than some of the other products I’ve looked at. It has an SD card that is buried underneath this, screwed in panels.

Home Security in Full HD 

You have to unscrew these two panels here and you can get out the card that’s underneath there. There are ways to get the files off the card without having to open this up. You can connect to the camera to download those video files. It will also e-mail them FCP those files and you can actually connect to it the deal and also to playback on a smart television. So it’s got a lot of neat, neat features that don’t require you to take a screwdriver to it all that often has a little sealed area here. It’s kind like a little box, the plastic box it’s on here. This is where the power cable goes into the AC adapter on. This is not as doesn’t feel as weatherproof as the camera does.

wireless outdoor security cameras

So I would make sure that you’re plugging this in despite its common sense. But plugging this in someplace that’s dry. You don’t want water leaking into that power adapter. It’s not going to be good for this Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras. They give you a little base for the bottom here so you can install it somewhere so you can probably run this cable indoors at this time. The camera. This camera does not support a power over Ethernet, which would be a nice option to have in something like this, because then you can just run your network cable out and not have to have any other power at all would just be powered over that Ethernet cable. But this does not support that.

Sends Alerts to Your Phone

But you do have is a little gasket here where you can hardwire to your network if you so choose. And their Ethernet cable that it comes with has a little gasket on there as well, which is pretty cool. So you can just plug that Ethernet cable in and sealed up that way. But like I said, this thing did very well outdoors and it worked in day and night conditions. It can switch into night vision mode. It has a little infrared spotlight on it. And It doesn’t go that far. So you’re not going to get, you know, a huge radius of your front yard or something at night.

But what I would say, this Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras is probably good for putting it out in front of a front door or someplace where you can have a very small area so that you can pick up a face of somebody at a door or something like that. But it’s not going to be a huge spotlight. I suppose if you had a big infrared spotlight, this would certainly pick up quite well. All right. Let’s take a look at how you configure the camera. This is their control panel. And like all of other dealings products, this one can figures via a Web browser and other products in this line have depended heavily on Java.

Local and Cloud Recording Available

This one is less dependent on Java, although it still needs it for certain things and it’s, unfortunately, needing it for the most important thing, which is setting up the motion detection events. And if you’re on a Mac, getting Java to work anymore is getting difficult still. Okay. On Windows depending on what browser you’re using. But I found this. It’s getting harder and harder to get these Java apps to work properly and I’m hoping they can do a firmware upgrade which will just make everything run in HD email five and work across any browser you want because it’s getting harder and harder to work with this Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras. And I’m an I’m a computer geek. Know this is not this stuff is it’s something I do all the time.

battery powered wireless outdoor security camera reviews

I’m just having such a hard time getting the Java stuff to work. But let’s take a look, though, and see exactly what I’m talking about. Here we are. We’re in the control panel on my Mac. As you can see, it will play the video right away because it will detect that I don’t have Java installed and then just use the quick time plugin for that. Let’s take a look, though, at the setup options here. And one thing I do like about these Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras is that the amount of granularity and configuration is immense. It is cool what you can do with this. But let me show you the first problem, though, that that you’re going to have, which is setting up the motion detection.

Works with IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa

And what this Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras can do is you can set up zones of motion that you want to ignore. So, for example, like you might have a road in an area where you’re monitoring something and you don’t want that road to set off motion events that might record some video or send you an email alert. You might want the motion event to take place on a walkway that’s leading up to your door or something like that. Now, normally what you can do if you have a browser that supports this is pop into this screen here and just drag off portions of the image that you don’t want to be picked up for motion detection. And it even says to it here that you can draw the areas you want to monitor for motion.

best outdoor security cameras 2019

It doesn’t tell you that your browser doesn’t support that. So I’m seeing my image here and I’m able to, you know, look at it and adjust sensitivity and all this other stuff. I can’t draw the grid. It’s asking me to draw. And I was like banging my head against the walls. Why isn’t this working until I loaded up an old copy of Windows X? He and Internet Explorer the most insecure two packages I could find, and that worked fine. So I think they need to work on this a little bit. There is a way to configure motion through the app on the iPad. I’m going to show you that in a few minutes when we get there.

Best Quality Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

But this Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras was just a major gripe of mine that it was a still you know, they still haven’t gotten rid themselves of this Java stuff. But that said, there are a ton of options on this camera. I mean, it is amazing what it supports and supports multicast and never used it before. But it’s certainly something I can be really useful. If you have the hardware to support it, it’ll allow you to broadcast multiple devices without saturating your network too heavily. It even supports IP Six. You’ve got quality of service settings. You’ve got even knew what s.o.s. You probably all know what that is. Our TSB support security, HTC, DP, you name it. You’ve got options for it. And that is cool. Great wireless settings here. It’s got the wireless onboard.

best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr

As we said, you can set this up to update your dynamic DNS service. So if you wanted to have an easier way to connect to the Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras without memorizing your IP address or if your IP address is continually changing, I work with a lot of those dynamic DNS setups to do that. You have a ton of ability to adjust the image here. You can flip it upside down. If you have the camera mounted upside down on a ceiling, you can mirror the image. So if you’re shooting against a mirror or something like that, you can just hit that and it’ll give you a mirror image.

Anti-flicker controls, you have some adjustments for the power line that you’re plugging into it, whether it’s 60 or 50 hertz, white bounce exposure, deep noise, brightness, contrast, saturation, you name it, and you can configure it, which is pretty cool. You have a couple of video profiles. And this I found to be handy because sometimes when you log into that web control panel, you don’t want the full twelve eighty by 720 image. So you can set up defaults so that you can click on one of these image settings here and immediately switch to this Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras. And I have mine configured already.

So if I wanted to go from my 640 to 360 image back to the full-res one, I can just click here and it will just switch to that automatically because we had set up those profiles in advance, which is pretty cool. Now when you’re recording onto the camera, it will always record lets you tell it otherwise. To the full twelve eighty by 720 resolution. But it’s nice to know that you can pop in there and look at it in an in a less taxing way, especially if you’re on a weaker piece of hardware. So that is pretty cool. So so that is the audio and video setup there. You also have sound detection.

Good Design Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Again, this is another area where it’s not working on my browser because I don’t have Java or active X or whatever else it’s looking for. So it’s just putting a pretty much is still image here. But it is configurable on browsers that support it. And the nice thing about that is that you could set up sound and motion events to be what you want to trigger something going on. So maybe if somebody hears footsteps or something, you can set an audio threshold and have it fire off an event when that happens. You also have the ability, of course, to set up time and date. You can synchronize it with an A.P. server so you never have to worry about setting the clock on it. It will always synchronize.

best outdoor wireless security camera system with dvr

It’s time for you automatically, which is pretty cool. And then on the event side, you can set up a granular system of when to record. So you can set this Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras to just record outright to the memory card for a certain length of time. You can even block off event recording or event listening for a specific time. So for example, if you know Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 5:00, you don’t want the motion detector going off because you have a lot of activity in the office. You can just not have it do anything at those times. But, you know, once Fiber One rolls around, motion detection is turned on automatically. And the second, anything in those motion zones is detected.

It will record to the SD card or e-mail you or whatever else you wanted to do. It’s got a ton of options here for configuring how those motion events work. And I’m, you know, continue to be impressed with the flexibility these Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras give you, especially given that they’re not all that expensive on the SD card option here. You can go and browse the contents of the card. So if you don’t want to take out that screwdriver and pull the card out, you can pop in via your Web browser, download some of the video files and check out what happened during that time. You can also view things at certain times as well and you can check out some of those images there.

My Amazon Picks Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

So here’s a still image that it took on the I was pretty impressed actually with the frame rate of some length wrong up here with the frame rate of the camera. It is quite good on the recordings. And I’ll cut in a recording here. You can see this car driving by to see how well the frame rate is when it’s recording. That’s on to the SD card. So really good frame rates. If somebody was coming to the house, I think you have enough resolution to make out their face and then you don’t get a lot of blurs when they’re moving around because it’s recording at a full 30 frames per second with really no interruption. And that is handy and it’s doing it all internally.

You’re not depending on a computer to work or any other device. And I found that to be pretty useful. You also have some advanced settings here, like crazy advanced stuff like I am infrared cut removable filters that I don’t even know what the heck that does. But you can instill a lot of sensitivity for its night mode and everything in its. Pretty amazing how deep you can get on this. You have the ability to use a secure HDTV server, so if you want to load up your certificates, you can do that and connect to the Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras via SSL, which again gives you ability to kind of lockout anyone else from accessing your camera if you choose not to have anyone but you in there, including probably the government came and get in under that certificate set up. So pretty cool stuff there.

best outdoor security cameras 2018

This is basic maintenance features also like changing passwords. You can also add multiple users. You can lock out certain IP address ranges if you want. Again, it just goes on and on and on. So really, cool camera. Now they have an app and there are two apps available. There’s a free lite app for the iPhone and Android phones. And then there’s a tablet app I called my dealing plus. And for some reason, they want to charge you ninety-nine cents for the app. So sending a hundred dollar two dollars for the Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras wasn’t enough. You guys spend another buck on the app to get it, but if you’re having those browser problems, especially with that emotional configuration, the app might be worth taking a look at.

Built To Brave The Elements

So let’s pop over to the app now and you’ll see what I’m talking about here. So here it is running on my iPad and we have a few other devices that we’re not using at the moment, but we can connect to our camera. What I found sometimes and I think I may not be on the right network here, is that when I’m on my local network, I cannot connect to the Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras on my local network. I think it’s probably some crazy networking configuration problem, but I found that I often have to switch to another Wi-Fi network, which I want to do right now. Other because I just might switch to another Wi-Fi network to get it to work and basically into my guest network or something like that.

So it was on and now it’s awful this way for the pop backup because there we go. So the frame rate on the app isn’t all that great. Even on the local network, again, the camera records it quite well. So. But once it gets moving, it tends to work pretty well. You can hear everything that’s going on as well, which is pretty handy. Now we can pop in here. And where is the configuration screen here? Hit the settings here and you’ll notice that we do have an option for motion detection here. And I can pop open that window. I can set my active area on here now. So, you know, that grid thing that was missing before.

I do have the option to add it now so I can clear out the whole thing here. I can draw the sections that I’d like to be monitoring for motion and hit the change of sensitivity as to how much I want the Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras to be looking for and hit the back arrow here and I am configured. So. So there are alternatives for being able to get at those motion settings there, which you didn’t have on the web browser. And if we go back to our main screen here, you can see the camera in motion again and again. You have to some minor options at the bottom here. And You can you set the audio to mute. You can take a picture and fire it into your camera roll.

You can also move it up to four ADP. So You cannot get the HD resolution on the app, but you will, of course, have it on the computer. But you can get a slightly higher quality image of the expensive frame rate. Again, for viewing only recording seems to be working just fine. You can also manually switch it into night vision mode if you want. And the camera makes a little bit of a click and it will fire back into night vision mode there. You can also go full screen with the camera as well and then hit the button here to get information about what you’re viewing. So, you know, another solid addition to the dealing camera line. I like it a lot. And I think, you know, it’s a tradeoff.

I mean, there are some configuration hurdles that you run into with this. They have a lot of depth to the things that you can do with the camera. And you also if that kind of fight with those Java issues, it’s getting better, but it could be better. So hopefully we’ll see some firmware updates over the next couple of months that maybe bring some HD female five to the MIT to the mix and just really make it a lot simpler to get everything up and running. But I continue to go to be impressed with the image quality out of these Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras and they’re slowly raising the bar. This is again, an HD camera at 720 and the ability to copy the record to that card works quite well and I’m pretty, pretty happy with it.

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