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Best True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones 2020


Hi There Today I am going to review Best True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones 2020. I will be on boxing that geeky, True Wireless Earbuds. All right. Let’s go ahead and start the article. So today we are reviewing the geeky to wireless earbuds. These are Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds. And let me show you here on Amazon. These right here, retail for forty-nine ninety-nine. And right now they have them on sale with a coupon to save 10 dollars. So we’re going to try these headphones out. And I did want to show you down here. It says right there says IP X five water-resistant.

So we’re going to see how good True Wireless Earbuds are. So let’s go ahead. And I’m boxing earbuds. So as you can see, has the logo there. It says geeky. And that’s pretty much it. Nothing else. So we’re going to open these up, see what they look like. Now, I will have a review of for lease. I’m going to test this out for a couple of days and then I’m going to attach the review to this article. So just stay tuned. The reviews should start after this video. So at first glance, you do get is key. The key card can assist. Thanks for choosing.

True Wireless

Sports in-Ear TWS Stereo Mini Headset w/Mic Extra Bass

And it does have a color manual and a warranty card. So there are some tips right there. Put that to the side. Now, this is the year buds and the case. We’ll put that to the side as well. Let’s see what other accessories come inside this box. Oh, wow. So let’s see what’s inside this little bag first. Ok, so we do get some extra earbuds and some of these tips. OK, so we do have some there, but there you also get these extra tips. These True Wireless Earbuds are kind of like for sport. So they won’t fall off easily. And then you do also get some extra earbuds. Some small ones and some larger ones. And I believe these are the medium ones.

So let’s go ahead and open where the True Wireless Earbuds case is that let’s take this plastic first. As you can see, has some nice black finish, kind of like a piano black finish. Very nice. And this is micro U.S. B. And that’s for this cable right here. Michael, you beat the cable. Seems pretty decent. I love it. Then the cable. The cable. Probably about a foot long. It’s not bad. Now, let’s go ahead and see the yearbooks at first glance. That’s what they look like. And they do say, Kiki.

IPX5 Waterproof Low Latency Instant Pairing 15H Battery

That’s pretty cool. And as you can see, they also have this right here. But they are different. You can see them. Yes. Yes, get to the extra ones. Yep, you can take these off. And that’s pretty much it. Let me show you around that year, but that year, but seems to be built doesn’t feel cheap. But it doesn’t feel super premium either. It feels OK. As you can see, you have to geek for geeky. So we’re going to test these out. As you can see there, inside a have the right and then the left hand of the L for left. And they look pretty good, so we’re gonna test these out. I’m going to let you guys know what I think. So that was my unboxing and we’ll be back.

Earbuds Bluetooth

Ok, so we’re back. And after a couple of days of testing this product out, I’m pretty confident I can give you guys a good review on True Wireless Earbuds . So today we are reviewing the geeky true wireless here. But now these have Bluetooth 5.0. And again, let me just show you on Amazon, they retail for forty-nine ninety-nine. What are they worth the price. Let’s take a look. OK. So let’s move on and let’s talk about the accessories.

So let’s move this to the side and then we bring you a lot of the subsidies that come with these earphones. You do get a kind of like a small micro U.S. cable. And it said these in the cable. So not bad. We’ll put that to the side and then we do get an extra year. But you can see there are three extra earbuds. And then you do get two. I mean, one extra pair of these just in case you mess up the ones that come with the earbuds themselves.

So that’s pretty cool. That’s pretty much all you get in the box. So for the accessory, someone gives geeky thumbs up. Now let’s move on to the hardware. Ok, so let’s move on to the hardware. Let’s first talk about the case. Another case has a nice, transparent top and this is where you open it. As you can see, it is transparent and it has the pins there. And then he has the brand logo also says geeky. So on. Then on the left side, you have the L.. And then on the right, you have the ah.

Charging Case Noise Cancelling Earphones

So you won’t you’ll know how to put a man. It’s just hard plastic on the bottom. And it does show you’re charging port on the back. You can see there. So it’s nothing crazy. The case is just a basic, small, basic case. It looks nice. But now let me show you the True Wireless Earbuds themselves. Now they’re all plastic and it does have the G for geeky. That’s what the logo kind of looks like. As you can see there. So it has a logo there of the brand. And so these circles are the button you press on. They do pass and play when you’re hearing music.

So that’s pretty cool. This part right here doesn’t look like the best plastic, but it’s decent. It doesn’t look bad either. It’s just OK. All in all, they’re cool. And then they do turn up, turn on. So as you can see them, put them in the case and you’re going to see them light up. You can see there are they light up. That’s poor how they turn on, so when they’re charging. You’ll see has a little elite delight there. The indicator that they’re charging. So all in all, I do like the hardware. I wish they would’ve had a type C instead of micro U.S. B, but, you know, it’s not too too bad. So for the hardware, I’m a give geeky thumbs up. Now let’s move on to the sound quality.


Okay, let’s move on and let’s talk about the sound quality. And we’re first going to talk about the meeting, the highs and some of the albums I used to test the Mets and the highs. I did try out some Royal Mail, Santos, the new Ed Sheeran, some Usher, and some Bruno Mars. And let me tell you that the Mets and the highs are where these earphones stand out. Now, I was impressed with the Mets. I liked the Mets. I was satisfied with the means. They sound pretty clear, especially at the price point of these earphones.

Best True Wireless Earbuds Ever

They sounded as good as other truly wireless headphones are more expensive. And I liked them. I dig them. They sounded good. Not perfect, but good enough for me if the to justify the 50 dollars that these are worth. So I was satisfied with the minutes. The highest. They were good. They were not as good as the maids. But still. Okay. Well, I’m good. Definitely above average. So for the maids in the highs, I give geeky thumbs up.

Now let’s move on to the base. Ok, let’s move on to the base now. Some of the albums I use to test these earphones out. I did try out some logic. Some 50 Cent, some Eminem and I also tried some Jay-Z. Now, let me tell you that this is where the headphones kind of fall down. I was not impressed with the bass. It doesn’t sound distorted or anything like that. But there’s not enough bass. There’s no it’s not punchy. It’s sometimes a little bit flat. Sometimes it feels a little balance. So I’m not going to say, is it trash? Because I hate thought the bass, the headphones when the bass distorts.


So these don’t distort. But you can feel that little bit flat or, you know, not enough punch. So this True Wireless Earbuds just sometimes a balance. It’s okay. I’m not going to give them. I’m not going to say there’s the worse in the bass. They’re just OK. Passable. So if you’re looking for the head of earphones that are truly wireless and you want them to be punchy or rattle your head. These are not. You might want to look somewhere else. But let’s move on to my final thoughts. OK. Let’s move on to my final thoughts now. I asked you guys if I thought it was worth the price. Now, at the price that there are set. I believe there. They’re good.

If you’re looking for truly wide lives, they’re good. In a word, good. Now, just like other truly wireless earphones and this is the problem that I have with truly wireless, fearful that they don’t get as loud as I would like. And that goes for all the truly wireless headphones that I’ve tried, not just these. So that’s why I’m not going to give these I’m not going to keep these hate because they are kind of don’t go as loud as I would like, but enough for me to be satisfied. They are pretty good. And the sound quality. I was happy with it because the made sounded good and the highs were nice.

My Amazon Picks True Wireless Earbuds

The bass was not there, but I’m okay with that as long as the meter maid sounds good. You know I’m all right with the bass being a little bit balance at times their build quality was nice. Now I do have some cons as I wish that it was a type C, but I guess for the price point it’s ok that they use a micro USP, but maybe in the next one they can use a type C now D gave me about between 30 and 35 range on the Bluetooth because they are Bluetooth. High point. No. And there was no latency in.

And when I was watching YouTube or anything like that, the controls, everything worked very well. So I’m happy with these earphones. I would truly recommend them to you guys if you guys are looking for something reliable. These were good. I’m happy with these. And at the price point, I say thumbs up, geeky. You have a nice little product here. I’m not going to go on and say, oh, this is our must half. But if you’re looking for something and you want to try these out, go ahead. They’re pretty cool. I enjoy them and I’m going to be using them.

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