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Travel Duffle Bag Overnight Weekender Bag


This is the flip zone, duffel bag, and shoe pouch. So this duffel bag is new on Amazon. It has two front pockets, both with magnets, snap closures and zippered closures. And they’re pretty it’s a pretty large pocket would fit. Your phone, your passport, any of your wallet, keys, sunglasses, all of that. Then it has aside. It for I mean, I think I’d be putting flip flops in their slippers, whatever, then it has this. Paul, on the side, that you can sturdy to hold on to.

Flipzon Duffel Bag Travel Duffle Bag Overnight Weekender Bag

Travel Duffle Bag Overnight Weekender Bag And then the luggage tag is also here. I usually just put my business card in there. Easiest. So this is a zip side closure. Same. Whether. Zipper Paul and these are leather. It says on the tag six-foot zone, it says. If friends want genuine leather canvas, so genuine leather is canvases today.

And it’s gray. You can see the gray and the inside. Pop up, the pockets are brown, they’re lined, set up inside the duffel. There’s two large-sized pockets here and a little leather snap. And this is for like your keys, which I think I would do. Put my keys on there. Snaps open doors. And this is. You open this. What?

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The zipper here is more leather as I propose here to on. And so this makes it a size, pretty large size. And mean it also has a zipper, pretty large zipper pocket on the inside, too. For a lot of your private confidential things. No leather zipper pull here. But this is an inside. Zipper pocket.

And then you also have the side couch or the shoes so they can be separated from the rest of yours. Luggage, no luggage, whatever your packing. It has a leather zipper, Paul, so you can close that, you can use the shoe. They give you here. It’s a cinch pouch with a clear window on the front. So you just put your shoes in there and then you slip those into this side here and zipper it on.

Goes into the bay, but it doesn’t touch your clothes. If you have you go on vacation and you have what shoes or you don’t want your you know, you just don’t want your dirty shoes to touch the floor, to touch your clothes. Make sense to me. And then there’s another zipper here, but that goes right through. And you know, we need to get in your bag quickly. So and then there’s the canvas handles here.

So you have canvas handles, plus the leather snap closure over the handles so that you can easily carry it there. And you can either use that the hose there or you can use the arm. You know, the shoulder strap. And that is the clips on the side. Pretty nice. Sturdy clinic. Loops on the sides seem something sturdy for it and it adjusts and you can also unclip it and put it away because when you’re going to check this bag, you’re going to have to do that.

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You have to flip it in stone so that it’s not anything is hanging off your back. And then there’s also this back, which is pretty good. I mean, that’s some easy access for when you need your tickets or gum or I.D. or whatever. So that’s that. I mean, this is a great bag. Very sturdy. And here’s the bottom. Naga stitching is pretty good. This padding at the bottom. Padding, I guess, sort of like sturdy. I guess could say it’s hard, but there’s no, like, plastic. You know, there’s no plastic thing on the inside of it. Like some gym bags have. But it’s a pretty good bet. I mean, it’s sturdy and going on to go to a conference soon. And this is perfect for that.

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For a few days or, you know, for vacation or if you go to the gym and want to take all your stuff and have your sneakers in this one spot separate and have like your water bottle on this site, you know, anything, you could probably even fit like a yoga block in there, too, with all your gear. Towel, all of that. But this is good for traveling because it has so many pockets. There are just so many different spots.

You can put stuff. So that’s great. And the only thing is that like there’s little scrapes on here because this letter little scrapes on here from when I was moving it around and, you know, hitting it into things. But after time, you know, it could get that like antiquing tiki look that leather gets, which were local. So, yeah, excited to use it. So I got it. So there it is. Cool. Back again to the collection.

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