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Best Tackle Backpack | Waterproof Tackle Bag Storage


Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack with 4 Trays

Today I review Fishing Tackle Backpack and this product brand name is Piscifun. And I think this is one of the best Fishing Tackle Backpack. So I’m trying to build the ultimate tackle bag for pond fish and even take on the boat just to have all my gear in a bag. And No matter where I want to go, fish with my boat’s not loaded. So I can take it on the boat. I can take him on friend’s boats, take it to the ponds. Also I’m always ready to go. And this right here could be a fantastic addition to that.

And Like I said, trying to build the ultimate tackle bag and what we have here is a new Fishing Tackle Backpack from Piscifun could be pesky, often Piscifun. So Not sure how they say that, but it could be a killer bag. And I’m going to open it up on the camera. First impressions. So Lee has no one, I think, show you guys the options. And I mean, I have all the time. So I’ll tackle that. And I’m going to need pretty much all of the jig head type stuff for plastics majority, my card base. So I just got to find the time to load up the bag, whichever bag that I choose.

Large Waterproof Tackle Bag Storage

And You guys have seen me talk about my bigger oh, cool bag. So I have a smaller bag. And I’ll link some videos down below where you guys can check those out. So Then I’ll have this one right here. So maybe you guys go ahead and vote down below 2. And Which one you think I should load up with will be my pond bag. So I even got the new connect scale here. And Ready to load up in the Fishing Tackle Backpack as well. So Guys, I’m seeing these double-check him out. And I’ll link hobbling down below where you guys go.

shimano blackmoon

So Check him out. I’m checking that out real soon here on the water. And Seems like some days decent enough fish away. So We’ll be checking that out last few times out. And Really wasn’t worth waiting. So anyway, let’s go ahead and get our knife here. And Open her up. You’ll be seeing it for the first time. Just like me here. On Amazon. And Ahead and link them below where you guys can check these out. So It’s like we have another box. Releases packaged well right into the box here.

Protective Rain Cover and 4 Tackle Box

And I believe there are two different options on Amazon. So You can get them with or without boxes. And I believe it could be like 10 bucks cheaper without the boxes. So I got this one here with the boxes. And I believe there are a few different colors to choose from as well. So There’s the cameo that I have here where there’s a black one that could be like a khaki color one as well. And I’m really glad I got this panel in here. So That really does look, killer. And Right off the bat here we have our boxes.

wild river tackle bag,

So Looks like one of the boxes. The other one’s probably in the trunk in the Fishing Tackle Backpack itself. Here it is right here. Here is the Kamau pattern. That’s pretty firkin slick, man. I’m liking that. The good guys. Pretty slick. Going call it for sure. Click the digital camera looking pattern. Very cool. And one thing, if you read up on the like Amazon that they talk about is how nice stitching and everything is on the bag. And I’ll have to say, just looking at it, you know, it definitely looks I mean, it looks like a high, high-quality bag.

I love the Fishing Tackle Backpack

So Very nice. And I will agree. So The stitching is pretty top-notch. And Now, this one here, one thing you guys said about the echo a Fishing Tackle Backpack is how big it was. And this one here’s a little bit smaller. So I knew I got over here in the bag. And Go do a little quick side by side comparison here. The back on duty to dust off the ball side by side comparison, this is the cool one that I had. So Here is the fiscal fun. Okay. Much, much bigger than the fiscal fun here.

cabelas advanced anglers

But like you guys said in the article, it’s a lot heavier and I’ve only had it out a handful of times. And It does have some way to begin. So It depends just how much I pack when you put in it so you can kind of control the weight, but it is a bigger bag. So if you’re going to actually wear the bag or as your fish, this will may not be the best choice. And Again, I don’t actually wear it as I’m fishing. I love the Fishing Tackle Backpack. I’ll take it with me. I just leave it on the grass or row the size. And the weight for me is not a big deal.

You can put pretty much anything in there

But for those of you that were worried about the size, this could be the better choice right here. So I was looking at the obvious on the side here on top we have a little pouch probably put like your pliers, your cell phone, maybe even a bottle of water or something like that in there. And also it unzips, I believe it right here. So get more storage there. So Again, you could probably put maybe scissors, your wallet, cell phone, get another nice spot right there. And Zippers open. Really nice. In another pocket below it here in this Fishing Tackle Backpack.

So This Fishing Tackle Backpack one here has a divider in it, plus a cool little pouch. And Soft plastics, maybe even like a smaller little tackle box you can put in there. So Again, cell phone and use your imagination. You can put pretty much anything in there. But that could be a nice soft plastic pouch right there. Let’s go to the other side, OK? And This one here, a little synch type pouch. Again, that could be for bottled water or something like that, even your scale. So it’s pretty cool there.

You don’t, Carol, tear up

And Little sense deal. But then another pouch below Fishing Tackle Backpack. So I believe just like the other one, probably on the other side. Yes. And Get a little divider in there, a little pouch again, soft plastics, little tackle box hooks, things like that. Be perfect for that. So that’s both parties on either side. So You guys can see here we a little cleat to the bottom there. And You don’t, Carol, tear up. The bag will be set in the bag on these little pleats there. So Shoulder straps, nice padded shoulder strap there. Before we go any further, I want to put it on lady guys. And See it on.

waterproof tackle

So I’m sure to adjust it. Go. Ok. Rather, it is on and I am what, I’m 511 about to 15. Well, very comfortable back. Feels good. So That’s what it looks like on. Of course, you got the address here on the staff and you also have a credit card here on the strip in the center. Pretty cool there. Let’s go to the main front pockets here. And Ok, low powered up here, I guess you can use this for a little tray as well. So your Fishing Tackle Backpack on all that while you’re working on Bates.

Both sides crank-bait and things like that

And Yes, that’s down there. So That’s pretty cool. Little pouch, your little pouch here, maybe snips scissors, band-aid. And Well, first aid kit isn’t like that. You get there when they’re in packs of hooks. I mean, wherever you want. So Down here, this is the tackle box storage. And we’ve got one, two, three, three in there for that one. And They would fit this way. Check that out. They do. 1, 2, 3. So You can put the fourth one in there. If you could put forth on their long.

And for Fishing Tackle Backpack boxes, take a look at one of these boxes here. Kind of different looks like, uh. And Two-sided almost. I guess it is it beats on both sides and both sides crankbait and things like that. So That’s pretty slick. They go on that. And All right. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Do you for these? Not sure what the deal is here. And I know what that is. I know what that is. You guys know that is coming up. So I enjoyed it. Do you know what I handled? So that is OK. We’ll handle Karen Handel.

My Amazon Picks Tackle Backpack

And If your ex you want to use that, fine. If not, all you need is pop it up there. So It’s going to keep them in your Fishing Tackle Backpack. So anyway, we have four tackle bags here for cargo boxes. And I believe you have got a zipper in here. This is for my B for nothing. I don’t know. This could be for padding or whatever. Not sure if that’s supposed to be a plus for them and they’re not sure. Ok, let’s slide over top here. And We have some left pouch slip that we have little zipper pouch here for maybe your fishing license or something like that. Ever were found there?


And then what you can do is inside here, there’s a compartment. You can also fold that down. Why? So. They put a bigger box or something like that in there you have more room. So if you want to use or have the top model separate, you can fold that back up, Velcro it up. And If not, you have one big apartment for like. Probably, but like one would look euro fast. I’d be able to put a few thirty-seven hundred boxes in there which you can. So you can load a few those up in there as well. So you have options either thirty-six hundred or thirty-seven boxes.

This bag should be the coolest

And I’d imagine probably put maybe just two thirty-seven hundred. But that’s an option for you. So pretty slick. But I got to say one thing that they’re we’re talking about is the stitching how nice that Fishing Tackle Backpack was constructed. I will agree with that. And A nice looking bag as far as your appearance goes and all the stitching and all that. So Definitely in a very, very nice job. So anyway, guys, a cool bag there. Most likely. I’ll go with these boxes here. Thirty-six hundred and I would say put more tackle in and organize them differently and all that.

spiderwire fishing

But let me know. You got your thoughts down below for a low one bag up. Should it be this bag should be the coolest. Should be my smaller cooler bag and you guys can vote on it below and all that. But I’m liking the size of this. I do like that. You got four boxes in there. I make all these boxes and make it for myself. Smaller waterproof boxes put those in. And There are different ideas. All that really and put some thought into this bag did give it the best that I want for this bag has some nice options.

Pretty cool bag and giving it away to one of you guys

And I thought to get something from this. So We didn’t talk about that either, Hillary. In front here you have a pouch as well, to put it again. Soft plastics, you know, whatever you want to put in there. So that’s pretty cool to know. Little pouch there. But below it here there is a Fishing Tackle Backpack. And The eyes and see that little waterproof liner that you been for over your bag if you’re out in the rain and all that circle doesn’t get wet so that there is located at the bottom of the bag. So on all guys.

And Pretty cool bag and giving it away to one of you guys. You guys are awesome. I appreciate all the thumbs up. You know, all the comments, all the positive feedback you guys give me. Appreciate you guys reading this article. You all deserve this bag. Unfortunately, I can only give one away, but luckily, you guys are awesome. Enjoy talking to you guys back and forth about Fishing Tackle Backpack and all that about this Fishing Tackle Backpack.

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