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Best Sports Watch Outdoor Heart-Rate Monitor GPS Sports Watch


Casio”Pro Trek” Outdoor Heart-Rate Monitor GPS Sports Watch

Today I review Sports Watch and this product brand name is Casio Pro Trek. So now I am going to do a quick unboxing of this Casio Pro Trek Smart Sports Watch. And which features where OS, which is the Google version of a Sports Watch operating system, there are three operating systems, major ones out there. There’s the Google version, which is where OS Samsung has their proprietary version. Of course, Apple has their own OS based version.

Sports Watch

So it comes in this little box cardboard, nothing too exciting about the box, pretty thin cardboard. I open it up and then we see Sports Watch. So you get the nice Sports Watch here. And You got a little display card here that describes some of the features of the Sports Watch. So Among those, you know the fact that it has a heart rate monitor it has built-in G.P.S., which is unusual in these Sports Watches. And I mean, there are Sports Watches that are G.P.S., but most of them don’t.

This is sort of an aggressive featured

So It can give you sensor information about your altimeter and barometer and so on. It is water-resistant down to five bars and then you can use it for running trail hiking. And He’s got a full-color map. Most of these Sports Watches do. So that’s not a particularly differentiating thing. So there’s the Sports Watch. And If you take it out. Just take that out of the bag. So there’s the Sports Watch itself and you can see it’s got a plastic band. No, I don’t love plastic bands generally, but you know, it does the trick.

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And this is sort of an aggressive featured Sports Watch and we’re freer sports enthusiasts than anybody else. So for somebody like that, you know, the plastic band is reasonable. And it’s a nice it feels OK. So It’s got that the perforations in the band to allow the moisture to come out. So if you’re sweating a lot, it’s a reasonable design. And What else do we have in the box? So if we pull out the top one, we got a box of goodies here, some manual information.

Where the web is straightforward

So things not to do. You know, don’t destroy your Sports Watch. And This is a scan for you can get some information. So Here’s a manual. As is typical of these things, the manual is extremely thin. And it comes in different languages. So I mean, it does it’s not even as big as it looks here. So basically, you have any information you’re going to go online or a lot of these things with where the web is straightforward. And If you’ve ever used another where Sports Watch, they’re going to be pretty straightforward to you. So You also have your on your warranty card here.

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And Let’s look inside this box and I imagine you’re going to get the charger in here. Yes. So we’ve got the charger plugged. Also Nothing exciting there. And we got our charger cord right here. So the charger cord. And I’ve taken the liberty of removing it from the package in the end, a pause of the Article so you’ll see in the part charger cord. So The first stand is just your standard USP connector that can go into the charger. As I point out here, that comes with it or you can use something else.

Watches use using wireless charging platform

And If you get another charger, you want to use the other end of this cord is proprietary and a little bit unusual for these Sports Watches. So Ladies Sports Watches use using wireless charging platform. And This one doesn’t. It has. Can see that there just got the sort of dub sort of looks like the end perhaps of an Article connects an audio or Article connector. But it’s a little different. Anyway, that’s what it looks like. And if you look at the Sports Watch, there is a connector on the side of the Sports Watch right over here.

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Also you just plug that right into that connector. So it’s magnetized. And if you’re it if you’re doing it with both hands instead of holding the Article with one as I’m doing, it’s a little easier. But basically, it’s magnetized and goes into the Sports Watch like that. So Nothing wrong with that is just you know, the caveat is this is a proprietary connector. So if you lose it, you’re going to have to go get another one either from Casio or third party.

My Amazon Picks Sports Watch

And Similarly, if you’re the kind of pro if you’re like me and you like to have a few chargers, you have one in your briefcase, you have one at home, sometimes you throw one in your travel bag that’s going to cost you some extra money because you’re most likely not going to have a few of these unless you have some other Casio Sports Watches. So that’s how the charger works anyway. Let’s remove the protector from the screen and you can see. That’s what your Sports Watch looks like. And to turn it on, we are going to do that next.

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So if we want to turn this Sports Watch on, what we do is we push this giant button right over here. I said Big Easy to hit. So We hold and push and hold that button for a second. And there you see now the Sports Watch is going to start up and. It’s going to take about typically 30 seconds, 45 seconds for the Sports Watch to start up, so it’s going to go through this. So Now we’re going to get to see a little colorful spinner around the edge of the Sports Watch. Google where W is starting up and I will. I will just pause the Article for a second here.

One last thing is you probably want to see what it looks

You have to sit there and Sports Watch that. Go on and on. All right, so it’s just coming back. I kind of paused it for about 45 seconds. There we go. You can see the wearer W logo showing up. Cute enough. And there you go. Tap to begin. And if we tap the. It’s going to go through the setup process and ask us for language and so on, so forth. I’m not going to go through the setup process now, but that’s what you’ll get to do.

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One last thing is you probably want to see what it looks like on my arms. You get a sense. So hold on a second. All right. So I’ve put it on my arm and that’s what it looks like. So you can see I’m a fairly, you know, a mid-sized guy. I’m about six foot so that you can see. So that is a substantial Sports Watch even on my arm. I think, you know, if you are a small person, you’re going to find that this Sports Watch is quite big. Whether that’s a plus or a minus is going to depend on your taste in such things.

This one is fairly comfortable

But it’s this is not a gym. Your Sports Watch. It’s not a Sports Watch that doesn’t call attention to itself. If you have it on, it’s on your arm. It’s you know, and again, this is a workhorse Sports Watch. It’s for you know, it’s got a lot of focus on things that would be useful to people that do other athletic training, things like that. So in that situation, that’s fine. This is what the Sports Watch looks like from the other side.

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Then I don’t tend to be a huge fan of plastic bands, but as plastic bands go, this one is fairly comfortable. And it was fairly it was quite easy to put on. You’ll see you see those little two little class clasps. Keep the band on your arm. And at this point, I think I’m gonna go and go offline and set that Sports Watch up. So I’ve installed where OS on my phone already had it installed. But if you’re doing this the first time, you would have to install it.

Just confirm it on your screen

And when you install this opera, this app where OS, it identifies the Sports Watch we’re supposed to pair, which is the Shonan here in the list. If we click on that, then we click, OK. And it’s going to do. It’s going to connect. And now start to install and update the Sports Watch. Next, it’s going to ask you which accounts to put on your Sports Watch. And then when you tell it what Google accounts to attach to your Sports Watch, you know which. Which ones will have calendar events and so on? It’ll tell you.

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Just confirm it on your screen. Once the Sports Watch software is installed and your accounts are updated, the. You’ll be all connected and then you’ll be able to switch the Sports Watch face if you want. So there are not. I wouldn’t call there a huge. There are a huge number of really interesting watch faces that come pre-canned with this Sports Watch. Here’s a few of them. And you can school. Seymour, you see a few of them. Right. So. So these are the ones that come included from the factory in terms of what Sports Watch faces you can use on this now with other digital Sports Watches I’ve had.

Watch off my arm again because it’s just easier

I’m sure this is no exception. You can find other Sports Watch faces in the store or create your own using certain tools. But these are the ones that come with the Sports Watch. And if you look at the watch itself, you can see that the Sports Watch face has updated. Let me that. All right. So there’s the there’s the. And it’s giving me the directions now to kind of go through the Sports Watch and how I might use it. So. I’m taking the Sports Watch off my arm again because it’s just easier to show you things.

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So I press on that bright light up there is the default Sports Watch face and you can see it very quickly goes from colored to black and white. And that’s good because of black and white faces. You can always look at it and see what time it is, but it doesn’t use nearly as much battery power. So the thing will last a long time in this mode. I pressed it again, go back in color and then you have you can play store. You can choose apps for your Sports Watch and getting various information about the watch.

We can zoom through there

If I press on the button over here. You’ll see that we get all the apps that are installed and we can zoom through those and pick an app that we might want to use. Then something like that. And we have things like a flashlight. And. That’s OK. All right. So we’re not going to do that. OK. That. So anyway, you can see that you have all kinds of. Now you’ve got this nice, bright, bright, bright light that you could use to safety where your keys are. So on.

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Let’s go back. The Sports Watch face, and if we hold down on this watch face for a while, you can see that we can switch white faces like that. So here’s our. And then we can zoom through there. Here’s her, here’s a watch face that kind of looks like your standard chronograph, white face, obviously nobody is going to be tricked into thinking that’s a real, you know, that’s a physical chronograph, but it’s the same sort of thing.

Great for an active lifestyle but needs some additional development for an iPhone.

And again, you can click on that and turn it back into color mode. So there are a lot more features that can be we can go through this on this Sports Watch. But, you know, as they say, read the manual and read my review, which will go over a few more things. But this is it. Overall, this is a very nice Sports Watch. And you read the review, but, you know, it’s highly recommended. Thanks.

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I live an active outdoor lifestyle. I jog, ride my road bicycle, work hard, and enjoy hiking. I’ve never owned a smart watch until now so I’m kinda’ evaluating what a smartwatch brings to the table in my active lifestyle. At the age of 62, of importance to me is to monitor my hearth health and also have GPS mapping and routing available to me. I own a very nice handheld GPS unit that I’ve used for hiking for some years but owning a watch with GPS capabilities means carrying one less item on the trail and that’s actually a big thing where ounces matter.

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