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Best Solar Generator Portable Generator Power Station 400Wh


MAXOAK Portable Generator Power Station

Today I review Solar Generator and this product brand name is MAXOAK. Ah, I guess you guys just call them portable battery banks, whatever you want to call them. They’re going to provide you power on the goal, whether it’s for your video photo production like is the case with me. That’s at least the majority of the time I’m using it. But even if you’re none of your travelings, let’s say just with your family for fun and you want to be able to still do some work, maybe plug your laptops or even powering your whole RV, which you can do with this big, big guy up here.

So both of the units that I have up here are from the same company. It’s Max Oak and I’ve reviewed a whole bunch of their view mount batteries for my cameras. And I also use some of the lights. So I’ll link that up below was two years ago or something like that that I first reviewed to one of their batteries. So you guys can check that out. I kind of stumbled onto their products because they were very cheap. Now, of course, once I tried it, I was also pleasantly surprised that they worked very well. So to this day, I’m using their view on batteries and they have four of them right now at different sizes Solar Generator.

Something that draws more power

And so, I’ve been very, very happy with them. Then about six months ago, I got this guy. I’ve been using this to power like my lights and stuff like that, something more like basically something that draws more power. And also my laptop, like when I’m on the go and I need to especially like when I’m out in remote locations. And let’s see, I need to start up my laptop to copy footage or things like that or even just do some video editing. Then I use this guy. And now recently I got this I had this for about a month. And it won’t let me kind of, I guess, talk about the good and the bad about these products.

portable solar generator

The first maybe I’ll like what a difference. What is the biggest difference? Is that the difference here, as you can see? Well, aside from the obvious size like this one is much bigger here to the side and also much heavier. So this guy’s 40 pounds. This guy is only two 12 pounds or like just over 12 pounds. Very light, as you can see. Easy to kind of move around with it. Now, also, the battery size, this one has a much smaller battery. It’s for 400-watt hours. This one is fifteen hundred watt-hours. So more than three times the size of this one or the capacity of the battery to this Solar Generator.

I believe it’s the LG batteries like that

Now, of course, these aren’t just batteries. They’re you know, that’s the main component of it. They both use lithium batteries. They’re kind of like the latest technology. This one uses the I believe it’s the LG batteries like that. The best ones, the best lithium batteries right now out there that even like Tesla uses in their cars. So I’m going to provide less specific like all the details of what type of battery on that stuff on my website and my pay basically on my posts there. You guys can check it out and you’ll see all the detailed specs.

But like I said, in short, this one’s bigger, 15 under what hours? This one’s 400-watt hours. They also have a site from the batteries. They have inverters because as you can see, you have plugged up here, a regular AC plugs. And this guy also has regular AC plugs, which are here actually on the other side. They will allow you to convert that the batteries, which stored to the power and direct current to DC and it converts it to AC or alternating current in this Solar Generator.

Convert a lot more DC power into AC

That means then suddenly you can plug in anything that uses a normal AC outlet. The most important thing when you’re looking at the inverters is what via show would see two things first. Is that a pure sine wave inverter, meaning it just sends out a cleaner signal and both of these have that, but also the capacity of the inverter. So certain inverters will be able to just convert a lot more DC power into AC, whereas some smaller ones will have a smaller capacity.

off grid solar

So this one has an AC inverter of 300 watts. That’s not to be confused with the 400-watt hours, which is the battery capacity because I know they did a previous video about the energy apex, which is another kind of these bigger Solar Generator ready 60 generators, portable battery banks. And some people were getting confused there and they were showing me other things on Amazon or on eBay and things like that. And tell me, Tom, I found a better deal because this guy has whatever a thousand. Why do you know what’s?

It’s 400-watt hours as the battery

And I’m like, no, that’s the inverter size. But the battery is very small or vice versa and things like that. So anyway, it’s 400-watt hours as the battery 300 watts is the inverter capacity, which means that whatever you plug in here into these outlets, it can draw maximum altogether reserves. You can put splitters and that’s what I would do. So I can plug in more than just two things up here. But maximum altogether combined draw out of this. Is 300 watts.

If you go over that, you can go for a little bit like if you have some appliance or let’s say it starts up and it sometimes spikes a little bit higher and goes down after a few moments, then this thing will still work. But if continuously you cannot draw or provide more than 300 watts, so just be aware of that. This guy, on the other hand, has a much more powerful inverter and this inverters capacity is limit is a thousand watts. So again, whatever you plug into the two AC outlets into their altogether maximum you can draw out of this is 1000 watts, which has a lot of power.

All the lights using AC power

And for me as a filmmaker, when I’m also happy, it is not just how this technology with these batteries and portable battery banks and art stuff has increased over the last few years. But also just with all the gear that we use like cameras, there are a lot more power-efficient laptops to this Solar Generator. Now you can get a nice slim book and it’s gonna be able to edit for key video. No problem. And it doesn’t draw that much power. And also the same thing with lights. So lights, usually you’re going to be able to plug in all the lights using AC power.

diy portable solar

Like I said, that’s where the inverter comes in handy or having a powerful inverter. Because with this guy, I was been able to power like a one time I was using this and I had five lights and there were all aperture lights and altogether a door drawing a thousand was one of them was a 300 D and No. 2, 300 D and 120 D aperture light. I had a whole bunch of lights in there and I said a thousand watts. I was pulling out of this and it lasted me for an hour and like 20 minutes. Now, that’s not to say that the battery was dead. It still there was some more juice left in there.

The lights were drawing the same amount of power

But the inverter at that point finally just couldn’t cope with it because as the voltage gets lower in the battery, the inverter has to work harder and asked to crank out more, said push out more, power more watts. So what you are would actually be seeing here in the display is a little study showing that I was pulling like way over a thousand watts when in reality when I had my kilowatt meter attached, I could see that the lights were drawing the same amount of power, but the inverter needed more, basically power for this Solar Generator .

So that’s one of the things that’s there one of the reasons why it shut down. But I still was able to turn it off, reset it. And then after that, I still able it was able to run just one light, not all of them anymore, but one 120 days late for another 15 minutes. Now, that’s like when you were pushing it to the max. But when you’re using this guy with let’s say you have one of these powerful lights that I have here in the studio, which is again, 120 days from Aperture.

It just shows you how powerful it is

And I’m on my two cameras here. But I’ve got the lenses closed down to at five point six shooting arena regular 24 frames per second. But what, five-point six? So that just shows you with ISO of eight hundred on the. And with those camera settings, I had my light aperture 120 D and I didn’t even need to have it at 100 percent. Right now it’s at 72 percent. And if you have the light around that intensity, you just plug it into this thing. It will last you almost two days for this Solar Generator .

goal zero yeti 400

So it just shows you how powerful it is. And that’s another thing I’ll tell you guys. Also, when I before when I reviewed, like the energy apex, some people were saying, oh, you know, I don’t know. That’s not enough of battery life for me to like let’s say, you know, over there, I was doing some calculations and these are just examples. And I was telling you guys that if you have your lights blasting at 100 percent, then obviously that’s when it’s going to draw the most amount of power.

Substantially less exponentially drops down

But the second you drop your light intensity to like 70 percent, it draws like around 50 percent or even less than that depending on the lights of power and you drop your light to 50 percent intensity. Then suddenly the draw, the amount of power draw that it requires is substantially less exponentially drops down. And that’s the good thing about these new LCD lights that we have now. So like I said, don’t think of it just like that. When I tell you that when I had in the worst-case scenario, I guess you could say when I had all of these five powerful lights all plugged in and once this Solar Generator .

Yes. Had less than an hour and 20 minutes. But that’s like the worst-case scenario. Whereas with any room on battery or anything like that, I mean, you would even get probably 20 minutes, whereas if you just plugin, let’s say, a single light or two lights, but you don’t put on my 100 percent. And like I said, you will have this for two days or less. You now, of course, that’s the if you just simply are drawing power out of this and you don’t ever recharge it. But of course, you can recharge it. So both of these come with the standard. AC Wall Adapter.

Pretty decent Solar Generator array panel

Plug it in and you can charge these. So that’s one good thing. And then there are called Solar Generator generators because you can regenerate the power or recharge the D batteries using Solar Generator. And that’s how I’ve been using it a lot of times. For one of the reasons is actually because of the inverter or the charger that comes with these will charge that, you know, from the AC outlet. But it is there’s a limit that it can draw about the view, have a lot of power that you can put into it. Like this one, for example, can accept 60 volts of Solar Generator up to 500 watts.


So you can put in like a pretty decent Solar Generator array panel array. And then that means that you can charge this guy. And about three hours if you’re like really maximize that and you have, you know, full sun, you even less than three hours. So meaning that you know, during a normal day, you have, like I said, partially sun, cloud. You’ll be able to charge it is no problem. Might take 10, 5, 6 hours, but just leave the legal panels out there, plug it in, and it will recharge this cable for you. And that’s also one of the cool things about this, is that then let’s see if you are maybe out in a remote location.

My Amazon Picks Solar Generator

Maybe you have been camping with your camera gear, but you still obviously need to be able to charge your cameras, your batteries, your ear and be able to power. He lets your laptops, you can copy footage and things like that. Well, you can use this guy safely and then do they just recharge it? And even while you’re charging it is using Solar Generator or AC, but if you’re charging and I was using Solar Generator, you can still use all the capacity of a battery. So it just basically then I’m going to show you here on the display and maybe actually restart as these guys apps, you can kind of see how it looks here.

So both of them have nice little handy displays and they all both operate very similarly. So they have the main power on switch and then they have AC and DC power on switches, as you can see here. And that just simply means that if you just turn it on and we’ll just show you the capacity of the battery. It shows you like a nice icon. And then actually in the percentage, but then it also shows you here on the top how much you’re pulling. What’s your basically anything how much you’re putting into the batteries.

You have a 12-volt back out like a DC music

So I mean, so input. So if you have AC all adapter or of course, that Solar Generator charger is Solar Generator panels for charging it and it will show you how much is going on and then hearing you have your DC and AC the same thing up here. And You have how much you have going in. And then DC and AC are basically how much is being drawn. So what I mean by that is simple. Let’s say you have something plugged into the car’s cigarettes lighter adapter like this one or one other use is here plug parts, which is DC or for example, on this guy. You also have here your DC parts.

for camping

So you also have your you have a 12-volt back out like a DC music. You plug and see fast type C use B connection and another year DC plug you have your standard use B connections, but there are five volts and three and a half amps max. So they are going to quick charge a lot of this stuff. So again, if you turn on the DC and then you this will power any of these plugs up here or in this case on this one. Any of them want up here. These are all DC and then you’ll be able to draw power from there.

Something you can keep in mind

And then it’s going to show you here how much is being to you, how many watts it’s pulling. So then while let’s say you’re charging does using Solar Generator and also using it to power your or let’s say to recharge your batteries or your laptop or your forms, then and we’ll just show you basically how much you’re putting in. So How many watts and how many watts is going out. And if it’s, let’s say, is the same, then I mean, you’re not changing deck the capacity of this battery. But let’s say, for example, of your putting in more power, then you’re taking out.

And Then you could be still recharging your battery while you at the same time you are providing power to you again, your laptops, your battery chargers, whatever, or things like that. So that’s something you can keep in mind, is that yes, you can charge it while you’re using it at the same time. And the same thing with the aces of you just simply press and hold a C button up here. So It will turn on the AC inverter something on this guy and then your AC plugs. Here are the ones on the back of this guy will be it will be activated, powered.

There is many out there that AC or DC to AC inverters

And Now the AC, I would say you don’t want to turn it on unless you’re actually going to be plugging something in there, because the second you turn it on, it actually is going to be drawing a little bit of power because the AC inverters, there’s always a little bit of basically energy less as you take DC and you convert it to AC power. And so with any inverter. I don’t care how good it is. And these are very efficient. They’re like over 90 percent efficiency when I was testing a D, so meaning you’re losing less than 10 percent of power while you’re in the process of converting it, which is very good.

best 2019

And There is many out there that AC or DC to AC inverters. There are of a lot worse than that. So that’s a good thing. And now another cool thing. So These guys have like I said, you can charger that was losing the Solar Generator. But for two, to charge, you need to have what’s called a charge controller. And both of them have bolted. And You guys have them built in there and they’re both empty. Charge controllers, which are a lot more efficient like the latest technology. Meaning that most of the power that’s coming from your Solar Generator panels is being used to recharge the battery.

You can have the standard Solar Generator panel

And it just does it a lot more efficiently, a lot faster. Now, when this guy you plug your Solar Generator panels using here this port on the other side and there’s a whole bunch of well, this is a cable that comes with this box, with this battery bank. And it’s again, you can have the standard Solar Generator panel, M.C. for Connectors here, and then you have your DC plug and you just plug this guy up here and you plug this to your Solar Generator panels or you know, you have Solar Generator panel array or it could just be a single panel.

So This guy comes with a whole bunch of cables. Also I will show you kind of quickly what it comes with. So I guess, eggs standard AC adapter, which this guy also has that and then it has this Solar Generator panel charger cable. But this guy also comes with a cigarette late adapter. So View, for example, wants to power your TV on whatever devices they use, your cigarette lighter. And Then again, you have that even though it doesn’t have a built-in cigarette lighter. I like this guy here, but yeah, you can see you can still use it. Just you plug in this cable. You also have your hair.

Plug it in here and boom again

So Solar Generator cable. So again, you have this thing. M.C. for Standard Solar Generator panel, basically cable plugs and then. And Sorry, it’s a mess here, too. Any cables? And there is again, the other side, you have this thing and you plug it in here and boom again, you’re ready to change this. And some of the other cables that you get here are dusting, for example. This is cool. Came in handy once you plug this in. So We had a special point appearance where you plug it in. Once you plug it in, you’ll see these little lights were flashing.

But now there’s going to be active and you put this onto your car’s battery and you can jumpstart your car because that’s how powerful those batteries are. You also have this thing which allows you to plug it into here and you can actually plug this battery while you’re driving in your car and you’re basically just using your car’s alternator, plug it into your cigarette shoveled, fold out the plugin your car and you can charge this battery this way, which is really, really cool. And Now, this one doesn’t come with that, as I guess that just when you can charge using AC, obviously adapter the Solar Generator or the car is similar later.

I guess that it has all these extra cables and things

So This one you can technically only charge like right out of the box using the Solar Generator or using the AC adapter that comes with it. You cannot again, technically right away. And The charge of using a car, basically your car’s inverter unless you buy a little like a car in DC to AC inverter and then you can just plug into AC adapter the AC charger for this to you to your inverter and your car. So then you could technically be doing that. But again, it’s not something that’s not included. And is there those things are cheap that you can get them for like 20, 30 bucks online.

best generator 2018

So if anything, I’ll pop provide again info about that on my web. So you guys want to check it out. And Which once would work with this guy. But this one and that’s what I like. And Is it a smaller, smaller battery capacity and inverter obviously is smaller, only 300 watts, but it’s still plenty of power to power my laptop and things like that. And I guess that it has all these extra cables and things, things like that, that it has included. This guy the biggest thing about it is that it’s just bigger, bigger battery capacity, a lot more powerful inverter that’s more powerful.

AC inverter and unplug it into the AC plugs

So You know, as a solid charger controller, I guess, and it can put up you know, you can input 500 watts of Solar Generator. You can recharge this guy even though it’s such a big battery going to recharge you quickly. And actually, what I do leg up here on the front is that it also has like as you standard be, you know, connections. Also there are three amps and, you know, you can plug into these five volts, but then it also has even a 45 wide use B type C connection.

And what that means is that you can power your lack of, you know, most of the new laptops or notebooks are going to be using you as we type C, so you can use that to actually power your whole laptop and recharge it just again using that one plug. So then, in that case, you wouldn’t even need to use your laptops AC inverter and unplug it into the AC plugs up here and turn under inverter, which as I said, whenever you’re doing that, there’s a little bit of power left in between. So you don’t need to do that. And that’s the good thing about it. So overall, I’m very happy.

The previous Solar Generator that I showed

But these two guys said this one, by the way, if you’re wondering what the model name is. It’s a blue eddy. So That’s at least what he named it. But I think that’s the name of the model because it still says Mike Solar Generator. Also it is still the same company. This one, it just says, Max, OK, that’s it doesn’t say anything else, but. Yeah. Because at the same company and it’s what’s really cool now is kind of seeing more or more of these companies coming on a market because, for example, like the previous Solar Generator that I showed, which was the energy apex, which is still great, I still use it, but that’s one way.

But it was much more expensive like the regular price was two thousand dollars and now it’s dropped down significantly. So I think things like around fourteen hundred bucks plus I also have a discount. And Do you guys want you can get that if you look at the review of that one? But this one is I think is one of the reasons why the price of the energy apex dropped down was because when these guys came out, they were offering an even bigger battery than an energy apex and they were offering it for a much lower price. So right now, it’s around thirteen hundred dollars.

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