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Best Smart LED TV | TCL 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV


TCL 40S325 40 Inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV

Today I review Smart LED TV this is Best TV and this item brand name is TCL. This LED Smart TV is 40 Inch 1080p. We got the TLC l wrote Roku TV. So I don’t know much about this TV, but I’m they’re excited to go over it with you guys unlocks it and. Sure. So You guys and how it performs and give a full honest reveal. And This is not a review that someone pays me money to do. Also Even if someone comes to me and gives me a product or asks me to review a product, my views are 100 percent honest.

Smart LED Roku TV

So you’re going to get an honest person’s feedback about this Smart LED TV. So we’re going to get right into this. And First off, I’m going to read over some of the stuff that it says about it, and then we’re going to open it and box it and get it from there. So stay tuned, guys. All right. So let’s go over some things. It’s foolish. And The Chris 10 E.T. picture quality. Simple interface. Also Ready for cable or satellite antenna and streaming fast streaming with or to dot eleven and Wi-Fi.

Easy to set up easy to use

So if this is the 40 inch one, looks like we get a Roku Smart LED TV remote. Looks like you can use their app with this as well. So that’s pretty cool. Netflix, HBO, ABC, Nick, CBS, all access. So Five hundred thousand plus movies and TV episodes. And Now I assume you have to pry, maybe subscribe to a Roku or whatever. So No, I’ve never really looked into Roku before. So Dolby audio HDMI looks like the back is the same side, the same YouTube, ESPN and whole bunch of other stuff.

And Guys, I want to point out that I will have this video in my video description for you guys to check out. So I’m going to try and find this TV for the best price I possibly can. But from a safe seller, because sure, I could find dirt cheap Smart LED TV, the same TV and give you guys the link by the seller could not be honest or something. So with that being said, I’m going to try and find the best price from sellers that have a good feedback in high scores and good reviews.

Fantastic TV for the price

So check out my description where you can get this TV and others like it as well. Because I don’t just give one product, they give a whole bunch within the same price range as some higher, some lower to give you guys. Like you know those who you can’t afford the 300, 400, 500, 600 dollar Smart LED TV. So you want a hundred dollar or two hundred dollar TV. And I try and find guys those TV as well. All right, guys. So let’s get into the unboxing.

front view

Oh, here we go. So they just have two legs in here. So we’re going to set the TV down and we’re going to go over what’s in the package. And All right, guys. Also here’s a nice little package of everything. Looks like you got your manual in there. They ever got one of the legs, so it’s not anything sophisticated. It’s just two little legs here which will take them out. So here we go. You get up close.

Everything I wanted in a value TV

So that’s it. Just two of those legs.  We are at the end no manual. Looks like we got the power cord.  So not exactly sure what this would be for. No audio, video cables. And They’ve got the remote. Very basic. Very, very, very simple. So an extremely simple remote came with two batteries. Looks like the screws for the legs. And They’re just very, very basic. Plain and simple batteries.  So, guys, let’s say you guys are up close. That’s pretty cool Smart LED TV.

angle view

So here’s the remote.  Right here you can hear the sound just by there, hair looks. Here’s a volume, so up and down. That’s pretty cool.  It’s an interesting design.  Not sure where all the buttons still, but looks like you again go right to Amazon, Hulu, Sling. Never heard of that. And Netflix.  Ok. Well, now let’s show you guys the TV up close.  It’s estimated it costs eleven dollars a year.

Simple and intuitive with a nice picture

 Using this TV. Based on 12 cents kilowatt and five hours, I use to use a day. So if you use this TV five hours a day at midnight, if your electric is twelve cents per kilowatt. You’ll use eleven bucks a year. I bet you this sucker’s used more than that. So on the side, there’s not them, their side mounts.  Right here is where you got all.  So on the side of the TV, we got a reset button. A USB port to HDMI, well, it looks like three HDMI, but the third one says an RC cable antenna.

side view

 There’s adapter audio out for headphones and optical watch. Not sure that one is if you guys now you can let me know. All right. Let’s put this bad boy out.  So this part is for those who care and need help. So this is just putting the legs on. It’s very simple. You’re going to want a smaller screwdriver that’s going to fit in the screws. So what you’re going to do is you’re just going to place it on like this. Lift it and screw of screws in. And that’s going to be this Smart LED TV. That’s all it’s to it for the legs speakers.

Pretty handy that you can put the ball volume

 I just notice are underneath here so you can kind of see them. Looks like you’ve got two speakers.  Not sure how good they are. You know, my Vizio had speakers that face front. So we’ll see. We’ll test the auto audio and everything. So stay tuned. Guys, I also I’m for those who need help. You can’t see it. But on both sides where you put the stand or the legs, there’s an arrow pointing a certain direction.

back view

 And then there’s also an arrow on the top of this, pointing in a certain direction. Line up those arrows if you want the legs on how they’re supposed to be on. So line up. The air’s going this way and then make sure your leg arrows pointing the same way. All right, guys.  Ok.  So go set up.  Got it turned on. Or at least when I plugged it in, it came on. So this Smart LED TV is what came on. So we’ll go through the motions here. Let’s see. Volume. That’s pretty handy that you can put the ball volume on the side or if you need a quick mood, it and um.

My Amazon Picks Smart LED TV

 Yeah, it was awesome. I’m liking that feature.  So before we get any further into it, the height, distance, there is enough room here for my DVD player and enough room to get my finger throw underneath it. So now you can fit a thin DVD player under there.  If you’re like me who still have a VHS player, you are not filthy.  Just player under here unless it’s a slim model. So PlayStation. I’m not exactly sure if you could fit a PlayStation under here. You might be able to.


I think there might be enough room for a slim PlayStation, maybe an X box. It all depends on that. So that being said, it seems sturdy. It’s very lightweight. The power cord goes in this side and to the left of the screen and everything else is to the right. So it seems decent. We’re going to continue with setting this up.  All right, guys. So once I set it up for automatic connection.  It’s donates updating and it’s restarting. So now we will go through the process here and see.

Pretty much for DVD gaming

 So far, I’m liking this controller.  I mean, this remote is nice. Remote controller.  Buttons are nice, the nice and large. I mean, it’s simple. It’s a simple Smart LED TV controller, but it’s remote. But it’s very nice. I like that.  See? We’re going to do that later. So we’re all done. Yeah, this is in pretty much for DVD gaming and everything else.  Get to know your new TV in about a minute.  We’ll show you how to use your ad channels. Search for entertainment. This is pretty cool.

amazon led tv 40 inch

Interesting. Let’s start with your remote press home at any time. To return to the home screen. So That’s core. The previous screen and star show additional options. For example, channel type and press time for channel options. Or if you’re watching your favorite show star to reveal audio-video. Oh, that’s cool.  It’s easy to add channels at any time. And Select streaming channels from the main menu as your favorites. Browse categories including free channels and choose the channels you want. It’s a pretty cool Smart LED TV.

What happens if we have while you recommend?

And all Roku devices, including the Roku channel featuring free hit movies and TV, shows to watch anytime.  So that’s interesting. Select search for many, many movies, shows, actors or directors. And Man, I can’t believe it’s results, right? I can’t believe we get all that. So We’ll see all this stuff. Quality. I love it for great quality so far.  Use it as a remote. Right now I gotta give it an eight-point nine out of ten. Photos, videos, and music to your TV.

best tv price

 So Search for entertainment using your voice. Crazy guys.  This is real as more happy streaming. Wow, that was awesome. And I love this smart LED TV so far. Oh, cool. So what happens if we have while you recommend? Interesting. We’re not going to do that just because for now.  Ok, so let’s go back.  So let’s turn the DVD player, Owen. I forget which port we have it in, so might be number two. Oh, there we go. So it’s probably gonna play the Avenger movie.

Just have to an ad like this is HDTV

 So we just hit back. Oh, that is so cool, guys.  That is so cool. So you go to.  So cool.  Netflix and all. All these things that I added. And then it just goes down and starts.  And I was more, I think. No, it’s all the same stuff.  Yeah, that is pretty cool. Let’s go home. So Featured free guys. I don’t know. I think I’m up to nine out of ten, maybe even higher.  So let’s just even see. Let’s see what happens if we click this. I don’t know. And We might have to sign up. OK. So I added a pin.  Also hold on, guys. So I added the channel so you could create a pin.

tv price 42 inch

Oh, my word. So we got some vibrant. There’s me. Dvd player. No way. The free movie just like that.  So we can zoom ahead by pressing this arrow here. Ok. So let’s go back. Wow, that is so Sony crackle. So you got you just have to an ad like this is HDTV. So you just got to add the thing.  But wow, this is so cool.  So, so cool, guys. So let’s see about Duck Dynasty.  Sorry. All right, guys. I got to give a 10 out of 10. And I honestly have to. I don’t think I can give it any less than a 10 out of 10.

You can change things on this TV

Are you OK? Unable to referee most recent episodes, crosswise 10, 20, 19 rated Smart LED TV. So I don’t know how I had verbal. I want him to participate in the fly to take on 28 podcasts.  How I added the audio. I pressed. Things get complicated. Take you to. Most recent episodes, 6 or 7. Ok, so I don’t know how, but I got to go into our options because I accidentally added you, please. Okay, guys. So I found it under the audio. Also we’re going to say.  So, yeah, I’ll go back to show you guys how I got there if you need to. Right here.

cheap smart tv deals

Oh, by the way, I changed my theme. So You can change things on this TV. So it’s under settings and you get there, then go down and then you can change all kinds of stuff. And I mean, the stuff that you can do here is just crazy. So let’s see what we want. So it’s pretty cool in the change of lighting. Hi. I’m enjoying this. So let’s check out how this works. Like for a Smart LED TV show. Like, will it just literally go and play it like. And I can’t imagine without signing up for stuff. No way.

It’s cheaper than any other Smart LED TV

Previously, so the quality looks pretty bad. Yes, it is. And Here we go. Picture mode. So the experiment somehow channeling few. So you can change the picture size. The quality does look kind of bad on here. So with the TV, you know, it comes to right.  So I’m guessing, you know, it can’t. Oh, no, no. Oh, no. Now it’s getting better because it had to load. OK, that makes sense. So now it’s clearer. So it just had to load and buffer out to get better quality. I’m guessing I’ve never seen this Smart LED TV show, so it’s such a mess.

But if you press a little star icon here, you can get to options and see all this stuff change all this. You can’t just pick up where you go, OK? So. Wow. Just like that. Just like that. I love this. Go out the back. But it’s so cool. Everything is so awesome. I mean, I love this, guys. I can’t. This is the best TV I’ve ever got. And it’s cheaper than any other Smart LED TV I’ve ever bought. Got brand new.

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