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Best Shotgun MIC Photography Interview DSLR Camera


TAKSTAR SGC-598 Photography Interview Shotgun MIC

Today I review Shotgun MIC. And this item brand name is TAKSTAR. So I want to do an unboxing of the TAKSTAR that’s SGC598 Shotgun MIC. It is a shoe mouth, shotgun microphone. So it should fit on most of the large and meritless cameras. And it also plugs in directly to an on your jacket, on a camera, which is the reason I got it. Originally, I was using a task MDR 40 to record audio separate from my camera and a G 7 has a pretty good microphone for the price of the camera itself.

And a lot of times I’ve also often used just that audio, but it’s not necessarily as clean as I would like every time. So I used a layer that with the task hand and that would give me a pretty good result. But it takes a decent amount of time to go into dimension resolve and line up the audio, especially if the auto waveform match doesn’t work. So I wanted something that would give me good audio and I wanted to do a lot of editing. Which brings me to this Shotgun MIC.

Microphone for Nikon Canon DSLR Camera (Need 3.5mm Interface)

Now the box has a lot of writing in. So I’m guessing Chinese on it. And If you can take a look at that this Shotgun MIC. But the microphone itself has the writing in English or the more universal alphabet. So Now. As far as the box looks, it’s pretty nice. It’s not fully sealed, though, which I was kind of surprised. But overall, not too bad. And Gives you some details in the back this Shotgun MIC. This does require a double a batteries. So I have one here. I also bought a rechargeable battery kit for this when I ordered it off Amazon.

shotgun microphone for iphone

So I’ll leave the link down below just to make sure that I’m not wasting my money on batteries because apparently, this was last about 30 hours, but I would say safely, probably 10 is a good number just to make sure you don’t overshoot. And I usually do either. So Small videos like this, which last about 10 to 30 minutes or I do plays for my job. And this typically lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. So I need something that’s going to give me a good amount of time.

A carrying pouch and it came with

Also one of the rechargeable batteries is going to go with while to open up the box. So we have the box here just as a little folder there. And then it opens up. And we have. So This foam inside, I’m going to go ahead and get the camera Shotgun MIC in closer so you guys can see better. Okay. So Here we go. We have a little bit of a closer look at the inside of the box. So we have a carrying pouch and it came with. Which is very nice. And I also have a travel organization bag that I keep all my camera equipment in there.

And I made sure that, you know, measurement wise, it should fit in there. Hopefully, it will come with looks like a feature and spec list. Also, an operation instructional manual. I think you crazy. So Shows you how the Shotgun MIC. The microphone will pick up audio. And It looks like it’s the main front-facing for the pickup. So if you look at this diagram, it picks up most the audio from the front a little bit from the sides and very little from the back, which is good because I don’t need my phone to pick up audio from the back, especially since for my job usually behind them. And then taxed our product qualify as certificates.

Extra shock mounts for the microphone

So That’s pretty cool. I’m guessing that’s like air quality assurance. Okay. And now we go ahead and take a look. So There’s some nice foam here on top. So we open that up. And There is a hole on the phone right there. I’m not sure why, but there was. And now we have the like, which looks pretty solid just from looking at it. So We’re gonna go ahead and feel it and see what we think there is a Shotgun MIC. Then we have a little baggie inside with. I believe these are.

sennheiser mkh 416 p48

So Extra shock mounts for the microphone, take the microphone out. It’s got a decent weight to it. And These shock mounts they see I was worried about those, honestly. So looking at videos and stuff that look like these wouldn’t be very. Absorbing or I guess two of your right I would. Would be the right word. It looked like they’d be very, very flimsy. But the Shotgun MIC. Just give a little twist. So I mean, it flexes, but not a whole lot. Which is good. I mean, that’s solid. And The amazing story there.

10 deaths will boost the on-off switch

So We have the. Mount. And then on the front, here’s some more. We have this when the screen to go on the front. And Now, this. I wouldn’t say its metal, but it’s a dense plastic and doesn’t feel frail. But I’m glad they include a windscreen, of course, outside when might be a little bit worse than what? So This is a good four, but I think for talking this Shotgun MIC should be fine. And We have the name right here and get it in focus. And then we have some controls.

So we have 10 deaths will boost the on-off switch. I’m not sure what this first thing is going to go ahead and work in the instructions real quick. So that’s number three base filter switch. And Turn it on and it can reduce the ambient noise. OK. So I guess we have a lot of background noise that can probably be good. So that’s pretty cool. The cable doesn’t just freely roam around, you’d have a little hook back here that keeps it in place, but you can unhook the cable if you don’t want to use that and move around.

Small turn wheel does feel very cheap but I’m sure it’ll hold up fine

And There’s a hook on both sides, depending on what side your camera would need. So right now, looking at the camera, it looks like mine would need to go on this side. So I would pull it around here and then I could. Just pinch it and to hook right there. And then that should theoretically sit fine on the camera Shotgun MIC without too much slack on the court. Which is nice. The shoe mouth itself. And this small turn wheel does feel very cheap. But I’m sure it’ll hold up fine.

audio technica atr6550

And if that fails, it looks like there’s a screw that holds this.  So The actual mount part in place and then the tightening wheel could probably be replaced if for some reason the threading became undone or something like that. So let’s roll. I think it looks like it’s pretty solid quality. All right. Sorry about that. The camera Shotgun MIC died, so I went ahead and swapped out the battery. But yeah, I was going over the battery compartment. We’re going to take that off and we have a nice little double a slot.

My Amazon Picks Shotgun MIC

Let’s go ahead and put the battery in right now. That will stiff. But I think I can get it. So Maybe not try to take it out and try to again, make sure I’m doing this right. And There are no special instructions. So it looks like this is a little tight of a fit. I’m not sure if it was this sick, crooked like that, which is why I’m hesitant. Yeah. And Not, because battery compartment has this piece in the middle, which is not allowing it to close to this Shotgun MIC. So definitely need to go and all that smoke here and see if I can. And of course, now there we go. And then once we do that, we something important.

So back on the switch, there’s a light back here that should indicate whether or not it is. Going to be on. And there we go. It has a green light that tells us it is on. Ok. So I think that’s enough of the unboxing. And Let’s go ahead and demo it. I have no idea what it’s going to sound like with it on the camera. So we’re going to see how the camera sounds by itself. And then we’re also going to see how it sounds with this Shotgun MIC, just with me doing a simple talking test. Let’s get into that.

Overall the quality is a little bit cleaner

Ok. So this is me talking, which is the Shotgun MIC built into the luminous Panasonic or Panasonic mimics. She said the microphone itself has a negative twelve decimal setting put onto it from the camera settings. So this is what it sounds like. Normally when I’m talking videos and you might hear an extra layer of audio if I ever added on the task and the 40. Now we are going to go ahead and install the TAKstar and see if that sounds any different. I’m going to go ahead and leave. The 10 deaths will boost off and the ambient noise reduction off as well.

sennheiser mini

And then just plug it in and turn on and see what the difference is. I’m hoping that there is less ambient noise just by itself, but without that switch, on and that overall the quality is a little bit cleaner. So let’s go ahead and switch it out and see what it sounds like. OK. I went ahead and took the shoe mount cover off of the Panasonic mimics G7 installed the tax to our SGC598 Shotgun MIC. Turned it on, plugged it in. Which, by the way, as I was hoping, there was not very much slack in that cable, which means I have a very clean setup on the camera.

It’s probably going to be a lot more advantageous

The wheels to tighten down on in the Schumer did feel again, a little flimsy, but it is holding on there snuggly. I tried to pull it off and with no luck with very little effort, but I had complete confidence walking around or shooting any type of video. It will stay put. Now, as far as the audio quality goes, just from the monitor on the camera, I can see that the audio is a little bit quieter. I still have the negative 12 decibel setting on the camera controlling this mike as well.

So that means that it’s probably going to be a little bit quieter than the camera on its own, but hopefully, it’s still a little bit clear now without changing the settings on the camera because honestly, I don’t want to do that. It’s probably going to be a lot more advantageous for me to change the setting on the tax door. So let’s go ahead and flip on that 10 decimal boost and see if that makes any difference in quality or volume this Shotgun MIC.

I test it with the 10-decibel boost

Ok. So I went ahead and I flipped on the switch for the 10-decibel boost. And just looking at again, at the monitor on the camera, it looks like I’m about to double the volume I was last time I spoke. And it’s still not clipping. It’s not even getting into the yellow or red zone of the audio monitor, which is a good sign. That means I should have better volume and cleaner audio. I can honestly probably adjust that 12-decibel decrease on the camera to maybe eight or six and still get a clean sound with the textile and the 10 decimal boost.

sennheiser rifle

Now I test it with the 10-decibel boost. I’m going to leave that on because it is giving me more volume and I’m going to go ahead and test it with the ambient noise reduction and see if that makes any difference at all to the noise. Now I am in a converted patio for my office and there’s a lot of echo in the room. So hopefully this will take care of any extra noise and give you just more focus on my voice. Let’s go ahead and flip that switch. OK. Now we have the ambient noise reduction with the 10-decibel boost on and the camera again is set with a 12-decibel decrease in volume this Shotgun MIC.

10 desks will boost or the ambient noise reduction

 And so far I can’t hear anything. So I don’t know if there’s any difference. But just looking at the meter, it looks like this should be a relatively well rounded audio clip without any overabundance of noise, clipping or loudness, which is a good sign. But without hearing the audio, I can’t give you my honest opinion. So I’m going to go ahead and take this video, start editing it, and then make one last video telling you exactly what my thoughts are on it. You’ll hear the comparison side by side.

So if you don’t want to agree with me at the end of the video, by all means, you can go with what your opinion is. This is all based on what you prefer. Ok. So after editing the whole video that you’ve just watched, I’ve concluded that the microphone does add a little bit of cleanness to the audio, but only when I did not turn on the 10 desks will boost or the ambient noise reduction on this Shotgun MIC.

Much better quality product for someone else

Now, when I. On the 10 decibel boos, it did create more volume, but in turn, I got more ambient noise and then when I turned on the ambient noise reduction, while it did reduce it a little bit, I still ended up with a product that was less perfect than the video with both settings turned off. So I’ve concluded that for the twenty-five ish U.S. dollars at this cost, it provides a decent setup for the camera. Now that isn’t to say it isn’t going to provide a much better quality product for someone else.

best shotgun microphone

My looming G-7 had the benefit and has the benefit of having a great microphone. If I’m in a room that is treated for sound, then I do not doubt in my mind that that quality would have been the clean quality I was looking for without that. However, this microphone does add that quality to it. Now some other cameras don’t have the benefit of a decent microphone and the cause of that. This Shotgun MIC might be the microphone for you now.

Prices do fluctuate on Amazon

Again, at the twenty-five U.S. dollar cost, it is a good choice. But keep in mind that you will be going through double batteries for it. So if you don’t want to keep going through W batteries, I do suggest buying a rechargeable pack of them which cost typically around 20 dollars. Now I’ll leave a link to the mike from I bought on Amazon. The car SGC598 Shotgun MIC down below along with the battery pack. I also bought down below. That way you can see roughly what I would have spent and just say no.

Prices do fluctuate on Amazon, so you might spend a little bit more or might get a better deal and spend a little bit less. But I recommend checking this microphone out if you’re having trouble with audio quality. It is a fantastic option to plug into your camera and just start going on your film. So thank you so much for reading this article. Please comment below last option of this post. You liked it if you didn’t. I hope this Shotgun MIC will good for you.

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