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Best PS4 Competition Wheel 2020 VG Thrustmaster


Hey, guys. So just get this PS4 Competition Wheel delivered today from Amazon. So I just want to do a quick impromptu review. I will be mounting it to my T 300 base later on today and continue the review with that. But yes. So this is the spark P 3 10 mod to go with my T 300 R thrust M. Wheel R wheelbase I should say. And as you can see here says it’s good for the PS for X box and P.S. racing as well.

Which has The PS4 Competition Wheel Box?

So I have already taken it out of the box is not much in it. You have your standard fare, but no other stuff as you guys know. Be gentle with me. I’m new to this kind of stuff. So anyway, it does say to go to the thrust master website for the actual PDA manual.

PS4 Competition Wheel

Like everything pretty much. Right. So without any further ado, here is the actual wheel itself. Alcantara feels pretty good. Just a brief this history, if you will. That description, but a brief history of my SIM racing. I just started SIM racing about a year ago, a little over a year ago and got a little SIM rig and I got the T 308 and a T three P.A. pedals and a shift there and all that.

It was amazing Quality!

Good stuff. So anyway, I didn’t know that well about it. So but before that, I was always on like a PS one for the PS for which I still do with Gran Turismo and I do Gran Turismo sport as well. I’m kind of getting away from that and getting more into the P.C. stuff. I built a P.S. about two months ago and yeah, I’ll leave a link to the video on that for the three thousand dollars build on that peasy just to do some zoom racing. So anyway.

So now I’m doing a set, of course, a competency yoni regular set, of course, P.F. 2 or a project Cars 2 and our Packer 2 as well. Race coming up tonight with our faculty with a leg. I’m just starting with. So I will be using this wheel. So anyway, this is the original wheel that came with the T 300. Our S. It’s decent, it’s heavy. It’s much heavier. This is much heavier than this.

Everything is Okay on PS4 Competition Wheel!

So I’ll be curious to see how this fares on the actual base and how it feels. But this is just about lemon inches in diameter and it just seems small to me. It doesn’t have any them indentation from indentations here and with that. But the other problem with this and I’m learning now for most of you guys on all the forums and everything that thrust M. is kind of middle of the road as far as that goes.

So eventually I’ll probably get into a direct drive and better pedals and all that good stuff, but that’ll be down the road. So and what I’m finding is what you guys been saying. These are kind of I hate to say cheat, but less expensive. Right. So the internals on these is pretty much all plastic. And actually what happened about a month ago. I already purchased this in April. And then about a month later or so, the internal part for my pedal shifter broke.

PS4 Competition Wheel

And so I took it apart. That just broke from going this. So. Fortunately, this was still under warranty. The year warranty. It was. So they sent me a new one and I asked them at the same time. Hey, can you send me a spare for this one? Right. Because this is gonna break, right.

Eventually, they’re like, nope, sorry, I can’t do it anyway. So we’ll see how long this will last. But they seem to be working fine now. But anyway, this is so much heavier than the new add on whale 310 10 p. 310. So looking forward to that. This PS4 Competition Wheel also wider or larger diameter if you will.

I don’t know if you can see that, but so this is twelve point two inches and measures out that I measured it so it feels better in my arms. It’s, you know, kind of a bigger guy. So having a little tight wheel is kind of like, you know, thinking to me. This is 1 to 1, they say, a ratio of the actual steering wheel. So it feels better. My hands, it has the thumb indentations here, just like on your you know, your sports car, your sport wheel in your car or a racing wheel. So it feels good.

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The Alcantara feels great. I imagine I should probably wear my gloves now all the time. I’m sparkle gloves as well. But just so the oils don’t mess this up over time. But it feels great. So but on the back, it’s standard fare thrust master stuff, just like the original wheel that came with it. So we’ll see how long these last. Hopefully, the last longer than I guess I get to be gentle as a little flower with him.

Button on PS4 Competition Wheel

Yeah. So anyway, but on the front, you have your 3 3 buttons here. Down here. 3 over here to here. Another button here and then you have to toggle switch which I imagine replaces the D-pad on this on the wheel here.

So that’s fine. But right now. Without it being on the base and not being able to see how they interact, they feel they don’t feel very solid. They feel that doesn’t give you that solid contact feel in my mind. But it could be just, you know, it’s like and. He just touches it and it does what it needs to do.

PS4 Competition Wheel

So hopefully that’s the case. We’ll see. So that’s pretty much it. I did pay, I think, two hundred thirty U.S. dollars or maybe two thirty-five U.S. dollars for this. So it better these things that are not broken. And if they do. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m probably going direct, direct-drive immediately after this. But if you 30 bucks. Yeah. I don’t. I haven’t spent that much real on my Porsche. So anyway.

So we’ll see what happens. But yeah. Next up is gonna be the actual review of it on the base T3 and the DA Rs space and go from there. So let me know what your thoughts are. Be gentle. As I said, it was my first time doing this and reviewing it. I don’t know everything, guys. So if you do know something different or you want to add to it, please leave a comment below the video and we’ll go from there. So looking forward to it and I’ll see you next time.

Amazing PS4 Competition Wheel Set!

All right, guys. So here we are set, of course, a competency, Tony. And just testing out the new spark go P. 310 mod add on that it just got today from Amazon or delivered from Amazon. And like I said earlier, I think it was 230 or 235 dollars, U.S. dollars. So I’ve done a couple of laps with us so far and it’s OK. Real quick, I would just want to point out, obviously, the differences, the width or the diameter, this is twelve point two inches compared to the one that came with the TSA.

Three hundred. Yeah. Yes, 300 to 300 hours. Wheelbase, which is eleven inches. Just the circle. This is so much lighter and it feels lighter. I don’t want to say it feels flimsy. I know this guy’s out there already have this wheel. It just takes it’s just different. Right. So the other one’s the original ones came with us is heavier. This is lighter, but it feels great. I may have to up my force feedback. It have an 85 percent right now with the old wheel. I might have to put it up to ninety-five, 100 percent as the gain for this.

The other thing I’ve noticed so far with it being wider now, my thumbs are further apart. And you have these buttons here. So the wheel comes out of the box for competence. Yoni anyway. It comes out of the box. All set. So my my my buttons were already set up, so I didn’t have to download it and drivers or anything like that. I do have the latest drivers for the base as it is.

Best Top Ten PS4 Competition Wheel

But on my old wheel, I only had two buttons up here. Now I have for this one being the old D-pad and it’s a button as well. I believe you can program this as you can just push down on this PS4 Competition Wheel, straight down on it and it counts as it’s a click as a button, but also up and down and left and right. But this button here is an additional one as well. So and this is set up right now as a back button out of the menu or a pause button.

To pause the screen can stop your gameplay. So that being said, I have these two here. This one on the left is set up to reverse to look back behind me. And this one is set to flash my lights as I’m coming up to pass somebody. So what I’m passing, I just boop, boop and flash them and boom. So what I’ve noticed is where I’m here, I can come over. And right now I’m prone to hitting this red button, which is pausing the game. So we’ll see what happens there.

The paddle shifters feel great. Good, solid. Click to them. And that’s pretty much this PS4 Competition Wheel. You get the six buttons down here and then the four appear. So, yeah. So let’s get into this. I’m just going to do a quick. Quick couple laps with the 911 G3 are here, and I’m not even focusing guys on my driving. I’m just going to talk about the wheel itself so you can critique my driving.

But that’s not what I’m focusing on right now. So I just noticed it’s so light compared to the old one, which just takes getting accustomed to. Right. But I feel like it feels better already. This PS4 Competition Wheel just feels better in my hands. Maybe it’s the with the diameters is different.

So I mean, turn in his soup. I mean, I’m just doing fingertips right here now. It’s just simple to turn the wheel compared to the old wheel. Yeah. Being an author. Mm. I know. But what I’m talking about here so I mean I’m thinking I’m gonna be in a race focused on the race and everything comes instinctively. Right.

So I’m going to be like flashing my thinking, I’m flashing my lights and I hit the pause button. And then you can hit that the toggle switch to get out of that. But anyway, yeah this is not a pretty lap. But anyway again that’s not why I’m here doing this video. So, you know, I physically have to force myself to go over this button on the red. And I can change this. You can I can change this button, which I probably will do, but that’s pretty much it. The wheel feels great. I’m wearing my gloves. Yes. Because it’s all Alcantara all around This PS4 Competition Wheel.

So I don’t want to get all the oils on it. I want to keep it as nice as possible for as long as possible. But yeah, so far I’m pretty happy with it. I’m just gonna get had to get accustomed to the buttons like anything new and. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. So let me know what you guys think. If you think this wheel looks good. If you already have this PS4 Competition Wheel, what are your thoughts?

I know guys out there on the forums and Facebook and whatnot. I’ve already posted that they’re there to have this wheel. I’m assuming they’re over in Europe because it didn’t come out here till just last week or this week or we weren’t able to get it anyway till this week.

So yeah, but I’m loving it. I love the width of it. The twelve point two inches in diameter. Because again, I’m not a small guy. So the other wheel, even though it’s only an inch difference, it just seemed like I was all tied up in here. But now it just gives me more flow with my arms and everything else. Like I’m driving a real track when I’m driving my Porsche, although that is pretty big because it’s an old Porsche.

So it’s like two times the size of this. It’s like a tractor wheel, but yeah. So that’s it, guys. Let me know. We think. Let me know what you think of the video. If you like the video, get the thumbs up. If you don’t like it. If the thumbs down. That’s cool, too. And let me know what your thoughts are on this wheel if you already have it.

Or if you plan on getting it. It was simple. Just take the screw out on the base and melted in and put the ring around, you know, latched on the ring and put the screw back in. Very simple. Have a great day.

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