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Best Posthole Diggers | Top 10 Best Posthole Diggers For 2020


Best Posthole Diggers Today’s Review. Also Today I am Going To Review Top 10 Best Posthole Diggers For 2020. So All items have been selected based on buyer reviews and sales volume. Besides, I have tried to highlight customer feedback and product details. Only those products ranked in the top ten in my to-do list. So let’s get started.

  • SuperThinker Auger Posthole Diggers
  • Garden Bit Garden Auger Spiral Drill
  • Seymour Posthole Diggers Iwan Auger
  • USA Made 3″x12″ DIY Guru Auger
  • Yard Butler Roto Posthole Diggers
  • VASGOR 3.5″x16″Auger Drill Bit
  • AMES 2703200 Post Posthole Diggers
  • Hiltex 10245 Steel Earth Auger Bit
  • XtremepowerUS Posthole Diggers
  • PROYAMA 2 Stroke Posthole Diggers
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1. SuperThinker Auger Posthole Diggers

SuperThinker Auger Posthole Diggers

This is the Number One Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I got the soil auger as secure and located it to be a durable, terribly usable aid. We’ve dense clay soil. The auger bored, however, force down into the clay and was command firm. Merely reversing the drill allowed it to return right back out and that I quickly learned to drill an in., pull back, drill a small amount, and pull back. Created fast work (well, no drawback work anyway) of fifty holes for vacant root plants with huge roots (spread one – 2″ and up to 7″ long). It helps to own a 1/4″ fastener or continues push and guides the roots into the outlet.

Altogether very happy with the Posthole Diggers auger and can undoubtedly use it to plant all the narcissus bulbs I would like to position in a very few months (Sept.). Put it in your drill like every different drilling bit. Placed on the bottom and apply mild pressure. Squeeze the trigger and in it goes. I have terribly clay soil and it had been not a difficulty with this augur and a battery-operated drill. I’ve trained around fifty bulb holes and it’s holding up. The welds square measure solid, or a minimum of seeming to be doing what they are imagined to do.

A Great Posthole Diggers Yard Tool

The size makes this Posthole Diggers easier to handle than a bigger blade. Works well for its meant use. Helped Maine complete a project way more speedily than associate alternate technique would have. It was a present for my husband. He thought it had been silly until he used it. We tend to place our garden, in 0.5 the time! One issue if you’re employing a powerful drill, use 2 hands if the auger catches one thing within the ground, the ability of the drill can sprain or break your gliding joint, no fault of the auger. It is useful to not get to dig with my hands. I have already used this for roughly eighty holes it’s undoubtedly created my job easier.

I liked that this Posthole Diggers auger was created within the USA. My son used it to create holes for vacant root ground cowl plants. It worked nice. It is useful to not get to dig with my hands. I have already used this for roughly eighty holes it’s undoubtedly created my job easier. This widget is amazing! And I enjoyed exploitation it to arrange fifty bulbs in a very heap less time and gliding joint strain! I wont to plant all my flowers and trees in 0.5 the time. So I extremely counseled this excellent planting tool to anyone World Health Organization loves gardening! Must have a robust grip once exploitation this however it’s a true time-saver. This auger bit certain makes planting easier.

2. Garden Bit Garden Auger Spiral Drill

Garden Bit Garden Auger Spiral Drill Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Two Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. Great tool! The auger simply and quickly bored holes for tulips in terribly rocky soil. In a very previous year, I had to use a creating by removal bar to try and do constantly. The auger created the task straightforward and apart from some worn paint is currently nearly as good as new. The construction of the auger out of significant gauge steel and really solid welds of the auger to the shaft gave it the strength not solely bore in loose soil however compacted clay soil similarly. There’s a significant coat of paint on the auger which can facilitate defend it from corrosion.

There’s nothing that I dislike regarding this Posthole Diggers auger and would advocate its purchase to others needing a top quality and fairly priced auger. When creating by removal wholes obtaining center out is essential for gravity to assist you. My solely want is for a three-foot shaft no bending over and assist you with post wholes I ordered the smaller one and it fits nice in my drill. I required traveling through sheet composting material sawdust / cardboard / sod / dirt) to place in some plants and though it had been slow going now and then, it very did the trick. I am positive once my garden breaks down, mistreatment this auger is loads of fun and can be my visit tool.

This Posthole Diggers Works as expected

Works nice this Posthole Diggers. Bought it to assist out with post holes. A friend had seven holes mammary gland go in regarding three hours. Twelve in. spherical x eighteen inches deep what a lifesaver. I used this to plant my seeds into the soil. I won’t to use the traditional tools to dig the soil that is extremely arduous and jam-packed with rocks. It won’t to take Maine anyplace from 3-4 hours with this tool I will do the constant job in but half-hour. Simply place it in drill and you’re able to use. Love it to use it to dig holes to put in mole spikes in my lawns. My soil varies from arduous as a rock to troublesome to dig clay. I couldn’t contend with it with shovel or spade.

The Posthole Diggers auger created it straightforward. This was excellent for my application. I required a post hole mammary gland in a very tight location and this created it straightforward work. A manual post hole digger would are too cumbersome and harmful to the world around it. There wasn’t space for a shovel therefore this was excellent. I imagine within the spring after I do a lot of plants I will be able to be mistreatment this quite bit. Received auger quickly. Used it to drill several twelve in. holes in the arduous ground. Did well. Simply take it slow and do not pull down to arduous and cause the drill to twist on you.

3. Seymour Posthole Diggers Iwan Auger

Seymour Posthole Diggers Iwan Auger

This is the Number Three Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. Works dead for a shallow well. The half dozen in. is that the right size. Watch YouTube videos on the way to drill the well. I would like twenty feet and have lots of water. Thus I bought at the native ironmongery store the pipe to increase my handle. An amazing tool. I’m fifty-nine years recent and walk with a quad cane or walker thanks to a nasty left leg. I mammary gland an ideal 18-inch deep hole in regarding 5 minutes and that is as a result of I used to be going slowly and cautiously. No mess in any respect. I had a bag next to the opening, the auger commands the dirt firmly as I force it up, and that I simply cask it out into the bag.

One thing about this Posthole Diggers, It comes with a pleasant 21-inch wood handle that matches nice and tight. However, I required digging the opening among 5 inches of the fence. Thus I got a rather diluent wood holdfast from Home Depot (1-11/16 in. dia.) of constant length that I might pull through, and shorten either facet as I came up against the fence once turning it, and used that because of the handle. Worked nice. This extremely will work furthermore as everybody say. It cuts through everything and could be a true physical exertion once you get current a small amount. Normal 3/4″ galvanized metal pipes and fittings work fine from the ironmongery store to form the shaft longer.

This Posthole Diggers An amazing tool

I bought this Posthole Diggers for my husband as a result of we tend to were building an area cowl and required to dig some holes for the posts. we’ve got the normal post hole digger however he encompasses a cardiopathy and that we have exhausting to dig clay soil and mistreatment the normal one he was solely ready to dig some of the holes each day. {When we tend to once we after we} got this we went outside and visited work finishing dig the post holes. it was thus quick and simple I used to be astounded. He mammary gland half dozen holes three feet deep in but half-hour.

We tend to have all eight posts set in concrete in barely below two hours. However, this Posthole Diggers is not only for dig post holes we’ve got used it to plant shrubs and trees furthermore. It’s simple to use light-weight weight, however terribly durable and though your arm muscles could also be a touch sore later it’s simple on your back. And I extremely suggest this auger. So I was a touch skeptical of this however the reviews were positive thus I assumed I might take an opportunity. But I had a bunch of fence posts to place in and therefore the regular post whole digger I even have combined with Georgia clay wasn’t operating well.

4. USA Made 3″x12″ DIY Guru Auger

USA Made 3"x12" DIY Guru Auger Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Four Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I simply place a replacement terrace garden and needed to set up spring bulbs. The dirt I have could be a very little muddy and laborious therefore I needed to feature some compost and alternative dirt before swing bulbs down. I connected this auger on my tool to until four x four spaces and it worked nice. I am glad I bought 3″ x 12″ rather than a typical 1″ 1/2″ or 2″ auger. A number of my bulbs are huge and it created a pleasant area for it. I used to be more than happy with this auger because of its mamma in no time and cut the flower bed preparation time in 0.5. Solely issue I didn’t like was that the coat stripped off on primary use.

I’ve had Posthole Diggers to be compelled to do one thing therefore it will not rust. (Note: after you use a drill, keep slow with the speed. If you hit a rock or laborious soil whereas in high speed it will throw your carpus, elbow, shoulder out!) I completely love this auger. I bought it as a result of I bought forty liliaceous plant bulbs that I used to be coming up with on planting in laborious clay soil. It took Maine concerning forty-five minutes to plant all of the bulbs. It trained through the clay find it irresistible was soft dirt, ripped through tree roots and heaped-up all the dirt next to the outlet. Simply keep a firm grip on the drill, ideally with 2 hands, as a result of this baby rips.

This Posthole Diggers Saves so much energy

I had the most fun. So a lot of time left over, that I concluded up shopping for a hundred and fifty duffs and two hundred iridaceous plant bulbs. I’m trying forward to spring and mistreatment this Posthole Diggers auger to plant my vegetable seedlings. I ordered two hundred bulbs and as shortly as I hit the confirmation button I questioned: “what was I thinking”! We tend to sleep in the mountains and also the soil is often rocky. This tool created the task most easily- I used to be drained hours, not days. Suggestions: have as several batteries charged up as doable. I went through a lot! Do be careful of the drill spinning quickly in your hand once it hits a rock.

I used my legs to anchor the drill therefore my carpus would not snap and concluded up with bruises on the within of my lower calf. I still suppose this Posthole Diggers Power Planter is well worthwhile. My soil is difficult clay in some areas and full of tree roots in others. It was robust excavation with a shovel, spade or the other tool. This auger is robust and wide enough to loosen soil simply and it will a good job. Generally, it gets caught in roots; however simply reverse your drill and you’re out. It saves various times and much energy. Occasionally, it slips; however, I simply tighten the drill and obtain on with it.

5. Yard Butler Roto Posthole Diggers

Yard Butler Roto Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Five Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. My married woman bought a bunch of liliaceous plant bulbs, however within the tougher clay dirt we’ve got in Jap Cornhusker State; it had been a true pain to plant them. I used to be attempting massive drill bits, hand shovels, etc., to dig a deep enough hole for some dozen bulbs. I had some things that kind of worked however took many minutes per bulb. I thought, hey, somebody should build a tool to try to to this. Yep, here it is. As others have steered, it is a smart plan to tyrannize the shaft into 3 flats thus it does not insert the drill. Once doing that, I attempted it out.

My partner is dotty with this Posthole Diggers. He has been planting Monkey grass. He aforementioned once you play with it enough and make out the way to slightly tilt it, it’ll not shake you at that time. Currently that he’s wont to it, he loves it. He prefers it with a introduce drill. Runs down conductor very quick. Very significant duty materials. We tend to sleep in Georgia, thus we tend to are longing compacted exhausting clay that’s exhausting as rock and bent a metal fancy handled bulb planter right in 2. He aforementioned this went through with very little effort. This can be a champ. My partner is incredibly meticulous within the tools dept. and expects quality. He’s totally glad about this product.

This Posthole Diggers Easy! Saves time, work, and backs!

Planted five hundred bulbs in VI hours due to this Posthole Diggers auger. Worked nicely with the low-cost power tool. However, my soil was loose as a result of I’d designed up the bed and slightly wet thanks to recent light-weight rain. Once I hit a buried tree root, the bit spun in my drill chuck, however, that’s OK: the very last thing I would like is to own the drill ripped out of my hands. On my drill, I might set the clutch thus it free once I hit a root however the auger would pull the soil out up to eight inches. Browse the directions, and pull the auger up every few inches to clear the soil from the outlet.

This Posthole Diggers soil auger is simply the proper dimension and length for boring holes in my garden for aeration and fertilization. I unfold compost on the world wherever I would like to compliment the soil then, employing a handheld drill, I boreholes into the bottom. This mixes the compost into the prevailing soil and provides aeration of the soil too. It works best to drill the holes slowly, just in case you hit roots, and to place the hammer in reverse when you bring the auger bit copy and out of the outlet. I’m more than happy with the standard of the metal auger and by however well it works for my purpose.

6. VASGOR 3.5″x16″Auger Drill Bit

VASGOR 3.5"x16"Auger Drill Bit Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Six Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. And I saw this product on an infomercial once and was a bit skeptical. So I fully like to see the first and late spring daffodils, hyacinths and macaroons however sadly as a result of I even have such a nasty back and neck I used to be ne’er able to plant them. But I decided to require an opportunity and order this auger from Amazon and WOW! Finally, a product that truly will precisely what it claims to do! I like it!! Why somebody didn’t invent one amongst these sooner I’ll ne’er currently. I like it most I conjointly ordered a 12” auger from Amazon.

I bought this Posthole Diggers as a result of I required some 3-foot deep post holes for posts to hold a shade sail to. It worked sort of a dream. I figure it took all of 5 minutes per whole (vs. dig that will have most likely taken Associate in Nursing hour or more). The auger delayed o.k. and currently, I even have a superb tool for farming and aerating. I extremely advocate this tool and this company. They delivered it promptly and it had been precisely what I needed. I used this auger with my power drill to dig holes for fence posts, and despite attempting to dig through laborious clay, it did a fairly sensible job dig the holes a lot of quickly.

Good Posthole Diggers Exceptional Service

I had no problems with Posthole Diggers breakage that I used to be honestly disquieted concerning once reading others’ reviews. If something, my drill started smoking sometimes it had been operating thus laborious. Proud of the auger and saved I load of your time on my project. Until we tend to purchase this auger, I had simply control our tiny front-tined tiller as vertically as attainable and let it churn away till the opening was deep enough for the plant’s root ball. This worked, however, was labor holding the tiller and therefore the ensuing hole was a lot of wider than we required. We stony ground and required to form twelve quart-sized holes for brand new plantings on a reasonably steep slope.

Mistreatment the tiller was out of the question, thus we tend to buy Posthole Diggers the auger and used a 1/2″ drill to power it. The drill is Associate in nursing old stool 574 rev geared-down monster that has 2 handles thereon and it will break your arm if it catches you right. It had been the right tool combination. The auger went right into the rocky soil with no issues. Drilling was solely blocked if a rock was larger than the diameter of the auger, and if not precisely targeted, the auger would work its manner around then push the rock out of the opening.

7. AMES 2703200 Post Posthole Diggers

AMES 2703200 Post Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Seven Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. Very prime quality with sharp edges. The sole downside is that my partner currently thinks to dig within the exhausting desert could be a breeze. She buys a plant every week. Assume I’ve sliced an anatomical structure. She has American state dig this long 3′ x 6′ space, down thirty inches. She says it’s for a hedge, however, it’s found it irresistible would be excellent for my body. If you see a unique with the title, Death by Post Hole Digger, you may apprehend the reality. Do not buy one in every of these. It makes it too straightforward to dig holes even within the exhausting desert.

I have used this Posthole Diggers specific auger to plant in way over 1,000 bulbs, its quick and simple and also the sole thanks to planting giant amounts of bulbs! 100 percent works nice and saves plenty of your time; drill down plunk a bulb in kick the dirt back in compact done. Or drill multiple holes promptly supply the bulbs, cowl and done! Even higher still one person drills and also the alternative plants! a minor issue the square finish that get in the drill snapped off when for a while, which given the quantity of force and force placed on it I used to be not surprised, simply reground a brand new sq. and sensible to travel!

Good quality Posthole Diggers and good price

One issue to bear in mind of once exploitation this Posthole Diggers or any auger if you get into a tree root or catch a rock it’ll stop it dead in its tracks and twist the living daylights out of your wrists and arms! be ready for this if you recognize you’ll encounter roots or rocks as a result of it will and can hurt you if you’re simply planting in garden beds it’s as straightforward as pie. One issue I did in areas with roots/rocks was to lock the battery finish of the drill between my knees whereas conjointly holding it with a death grip saved my wrists. Its initial task was to dig a pair of holes to mount a paving mailbox.

Long shank allowed this Posthole Diggers 70+ girl to put in mailbox quickly and the job looked skilled. Currently on to the flowerbeds. Marvelous for girl United Nations agency isn’t ready to get on her knees and has got to stay standing. Wow, what a distinction. I planted bulbs last week within the middle of the winter season in Chicago and this small guy digs through the cold frozen dirt. I used a powerful twine drill that conjointly helped; however, this didn’t break or bend. Extremely suggest this product. The length is simply right thus you don’t get to bend the maximum amount. I am mamma regarding fifty holes.

8. Hiltex 10245 Steel Earth Auger Bit

Hiltex 10245 Steel Earth Auger Bit Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Eight Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. Where I live, there’s very little soft soil once excavation and victimization post whole diggers can virtually knock your fillings loose! And, because of the rocks, a whole 8″ wide by Associate in nursing depth takes a minimum of quarter-hour to an hour. I required one thing to dig a whole deep enough for a 20′ lightweight pole; therefore, it required to urge down to a minimum of 36″ deep. I could not justify shopping for a gas or electrical auger for $300-$400 and ought to get facilitate to use it. I purchased this auger when reading the reviews and seeing that I might use it.

This Posthole Diggers auger cannot be overwhelmed for the value, to create 6″ holes in the dirt. Our property is all soft clay, therefore I patterned I ought to be able to drive this with a 1/2″ conductor drill. Ideally, I wished to drive it with my SDS rotary hammer, but the force safety clutch therein prevents it from being well enough. I browse a bunch of reviews on here to envision if anyone custom-made this for a 1/2″ chuck, and located that a couple of folks did – however did therefore by fastening onto the auger. I did not need to rule out victimization this with different instrumentation within the future, therefore I most popular to not weld on to it.

Works great Posthole Diggers for tough soils

This Posthole Diggers bit is well created with 2 3/16 in. thick cutting blades welded to rock bottom. I was custom-made it to use with my huge pipe-handle 1/2 in. metropolis drill. I ground down a bit of 5/8 in. rebar to 1/2 in. in diameter, concerning 1″ from the tip. This fits within the drill chuck. The rebar fits loosely into the 3/4 mounting hole of the bit. I trained a hole within the rebar to just accept the pin that goes through the bit. Note my 1/2 drill is that the one with the 12′ pipe handle, to be able to manage the extensive force and kinetic forces. I might NOT use this bit with a drill that doesn’t have an additional long handle.

This Posthole Diggers wills specifically what I hoped it might do: boreholes within the ground for 4×4’s. As others have mentioned, I took a 5/8″ bolt and turned a part of it all the way down to work a 1/2″ drill chuck. Then trained a hole through the bolt for the auger pin. I take advantage of a “real” 1/2″ drill, one in all those who rotate at concerning one hundred rates. One will have to be compelled to brace oneself whereas in use as a result of if you hit a rock or different obstruction, it might rip Associate in nursing arm out. However, that’s a risk with these huge honking’ drills anyway, whether or not boring holes within the ground or drilling holes in concrete for anchor bolts- hit a stone and you recognize it.

9. XtremepowerUS Posthole Diggers

XtremepowerUS Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Nine Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. The only issue with this can be that the labeling is on backward. Has the ability to travel through most stuff. I mammary gland fourteen holes in a very few hours. That enclosed setting up the 4×4. My ground was a mix of loose dirt and arduous clay. Some areas were arduous clay some were loose dirt. Went through the arduous clay pretty straightforward, created nice clean holes. The loose dirt I had some minor problems with. The holes required clean out with a conventional post whole digger, not a giant deal.

My loose dirt wasn’t clean fill sort dirt. If there was a rock or brick larger than my clenched fist it should or might not pull it out. Sometimes it caused the top to spin and also the Posthole Diggers auger to square still, moving Pine Tree State with it. I weigh 240 pounds. I might take away the digger and dig out the rock by hand and return at it. Most holes were mammary glands the total length of the shaft underneath a second. Got to admit I used to be simply a small indefinite quantity distressed that this affordable tool would baffle. I was wrong!! Foremost, the corporate was SOOOOO quick to deliver Associate in Nursing there have been NO issues out of the box!!

This Posthole Diggers Exceeds Expectations

We tend to were a bit taken back by the 30-to-1 gas combine however there was an enclosed instrumentality to help. And hey- it’s sort of a terribly bit of gas however we tend to used hardly any Posthole Diggers. We tend to had a project that required12 – 4×4″ 8’tall posts to be set 2′ deep for a grapevine arbor. The value for hiring another project was a MINIMUM of $450 only for them to bring their instrumentality and it had been a bigger project thus I went therewith but for this one, I made a decision to undertake this. WOW!!! Our ground is Virginia mineral and is tough to dig even a couple of inches but this post whole digger was the BEAST!!!

OMG my husband was astonished Posthole Diggers took the US longer to mark the right location than it did to dig the holes!! We tend to are older and that I was involved it’d not do the task. I do not suppose it took US 0.5 Associate in nursing hour to try to all of them and used hardly any gas. We tend to SAVED most cash and currently don’t seem to be intimidated to figure a couple of a lot of comes. This issue is amazing. I trained eighteen post holes the opposite day with it. It chewed during the bottom. I had one slight issue with the 6″ auger blade pinhole. It had been slightly off and that I could not get the pin through. Straightforward fix with a drilling bit. I was confused about the gas/oil mixture.

10. PROYAMA 2 Stroke Posthole Diggers

PROYAMA 2 Stroke Posthole Diggers

This is the Number Ten Best Posthole Diggers. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I am very happy with this product. But I used to be stunned however well the engine performed with the 8” auger in onerous clay. And I might advocate this to a do-it-yourselfer I required to form larger diameter holes thus I purchased a 12” auger. This product had no downside turning the auger in onerous dry clay it starts straightforward each time. Has lots of power even in clay with the 8″ blade and extension. Have mamma concerning sixty-five holes up to now and still going sturdy.

I am a contractor and I’m victimization this Posthole Diggers product to put in over four hundred signposts on the facet of the road, uncalled-for to mention that it’s obtaining well used. i used to be interested in the merchandise as a result of it came with three completely different size augers at what I viewed as an affordable worth compared to others in stores or on-line. The machine itself is lightweight weight and simple to use, has enough torsion to bite into the bottom while not stall, it helps to travel slow and take little bites out of the outlet, begin with the smaller size drill then work your far in size if the bottom is tough.

Great Posthole Diggers as advertised

I had some queries about Posthole Diggers denote them to facilitate the assistance} line and forever received a prompt fast reply and am terribly glad about their help, to American state that’s an enormous and, after I would like answers I typically would like them quickly to stay downtime to a minimum. This is an excellent unit for the value. It does not weight a lot of in the slightest degree (One person will handle it fine) and in “normal” soil you’ll be able to get a three-foot hole in seconds. It isn’t the simplest at busting through sedimentary rock, however what shopper model is? All the microscopic “this and that” that goes with is sweet too.

This Posthole Diggers is a robust very little machine. I exploit it to line fence-posts in Northeast Pennsylvania, voluminous rocks below grade. Begin with a little bit, and work my far. This auger gets the duty done. Nice client service. Its works nice saves plenty of your time if you’re within the landscaping business. Plenty less shoveling. I planted a thousand plants with it already and it’s still going. The sole issue is taken care of roots or it’ll spin you around and it’ll hurt. Worked because it ought to. Would like a pair of folks to use if it gets stuck within the hole. Overall extremely no complaints. Trained eight holes these days while not a difficulty.


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