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Best Portable Ceiling Fan Mini Desk Fan with USB


Portable LED Camping Lantern with Tent Ceiling Fan

Hey There! Today I review a portable ceiling fan. And this is a Portable LED Camping Lantern with Tent Ceiling Fan. This portable ceiling fan -4400 mAh Battery Powered Mini Desk Fan with USB Charging Input-Survival Kit for Hurricane, Emergency, Storm, Outages and today I’m going to be reviewing the calm life camping fan. There’s a lot of different camping fans out there that use a very similar concept, but a lot of them use different methodologies to achieve the same result.

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No, I chose this fan in particular over a bunch of other models that you can get on Amazon for really one particular reason. And that’s because instead of using something like double a battery, which usually tends to have a capacity of around a thousand million hours per battery, depending on which one you use, these use 18650 batteries, which can top out at around three thousand five hundred million hours per battery.

Tent Ceiling Fan -4400 mAh Battery

And instead of just using one, 18650, like I’ve seen other models of these fans use, they use wait for it to 18650 batteries, which is a huge improvement for the lifespan of the fan per charge, which, yes, they can be charged without having to have a separate device to charge the batteries.

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I have a 18650 battery charger that I used for all my rechargeable batteries. But as long as you have a USB cable, which it does come with one, you can charge the batteries directly through whatever phone charger you want just by keeping the batteries in here, which leads me to my next point about why I like this particular portable ceiling fan.

Powered Mini Desk Fan with USB Charging Input

Let’s look at the back of the fan here that tells you the power consumption rating of the unit. It tops out at around three-point five watts. It’s not all that much motor working current is less than one amp that’s relatively efficient. And they can achieve this because this is a brush with motor compared to brushed motors. They use significantly lower amounts of the electricity to achieve the same effect in this portable ceiling fan.

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And that ties into another a little neat concept that I’ve been playing with using this fan that works. So the fan is powered by those two 18650 batteries. However, you can take those batteries out and just using whatever standard phone charger or you have laying around, you can power directly with this cable so you don’t need the batteries. But if the batteries are in there, they will hold a charge and you can charge the device while using it because the fan is efficient enough that you can do both at the same time in this portable ceiling fan.

Survival Kit for Hurricane, Emergency, Storm, Outages

But the fun doesn’t end there. It doesn’t have to be plugged up to a wall charger. It can be plugged up to something like my big battery bank. Now, this battery bank is 30 thousand million hours, so you can get a lot of fun time with that. However, it gets even better because I have confirmed this on my end that it works. This right here is a portable cell phone charger. It is solar panels and I can get twenty-one watts of power to come out of the solar panel in this portable ceiling fan.

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And that’s is way more power than the fan consumes, which means I can use this fan in the sweltering heat of the day and not use the batteries in fact, to be charging the batteries while using the fan. Or I can forego the batteries completely and simply run the power from the fan right off of the solar panels. This thing doesn’t come with a battery bank or solar panels, but if you’re going to go camping, it’s not like you have batteries laying around. So having two big batteries in here, which I’ll get to in a second.

Perfect for camping or home use!

They total up to four thousand four hundred million. Powers are the ones that come with it. You can get better 18, 650 50s to get something much higher than that. So what I’m getting at is I can use and charge the batteries with my solar panel during the day and then use the batteries in here at night. That’s a. Pretty good concept and it works now. That being said, there are many different 18650 batteries out there. The standards between them are kind of wonky. So these are flat top 18650 batteries.

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They do not have a button top. And I do not believe these are protected cells and each of these batteries is two thousand and two hundred million AMP hours. As you can see here, when I benchmarked to the batteries, they exceeded their rating by a good margin, about two to three hundred million-amp hours above what they’re rated for which for batteries that are included. That’s not half bad. Now I have used protected button top batteries in these and they fit, which is great because protected button top 18650s are taller and in some devices, they just simply don’t fit in this portable ceiling fan.

Quiet and easy to adjust at any angle

You can get batteries that are three thousand five hundred million power in the 18 650 form factor, which means you just get that much more runtime. Now the estimated run time for the batteries that are included is about four hours when running this thing at full bore. That being said, there are three different fan speeds. Those are controlled by these buttons down here. So there is one button for the fan and another button for an LCD because this isn’t just a portable ceiling fan.

12 volt fans for camping

This is light. There are two modes for the light and that’s low, medium and high. We’ll get into more detail about how effective the fan is at blowing air in just a minute. But again, there are more features with this. So inside of your camping tent and usually near the pointed part at the top, there is a spot to place alight. This simply clips on to wherever that light would be. So now you’ve got a camping light and a camping fan. It does two things at once. But then I hear you saying, wait a minute, what if I need it to blow in a certain direction?

My Amazon Picks Portable Ceiling Fan

Well, have no fear, because take a look at this. It can swivel 180 degrees and it can swivel in this direction. One hundred and eighty degrees for the most part. Yeah, hundred eighty degrees. So you’ve got all the adjustment in the world once it’s placed exactly where you want it. And that makes it extremely versatile. All these features make it a really good option for a camping fan. And the fact that you can upgrade it with better 18650 batteries means you can get more run time out of it. Tonight, let’s talk about how well the portable ceiling fan blows air.

After all, that is kind of the main point of this whole thing. So there are three modes for the fan. He got low, medium and high. It starts on low. You press that button there. And when facing the fan, you know, at a distance like this, it’s a light breeze. And we’re about maybe 1 1/2, 2 feet away and it’s OK. But chances are you’re probably not going to be using this fan on low mode. So now let’s put our medium. Now, the medium is a big difference compared to the low. And. I’d say we’ve definitely got a bit more distance and a lot more volume of air coming through, but the distance is kind of the thing here. I turn it on high.

Well-designed and constructed

We get a pretty decent amount of air being moved now. I don’t know the exact cubic feet per minute of air that is moved by this fan. But I can say that it is significant enough to make a difference in my hammock. I use this on one of the lines above where the hammock is placed. And I’ll lay down on one of the more hot days and I’ll have this blowing air down at me. And it helps keep me cool, you know, days that are just a bit too warm in this portable ceiling fan.

12 volt fans for camping

Now, this does more than just blow air, as you’re saying before. It’s also a light. It’s got two modes for light. It starts on high. Then it goes to low, but it goes to off. There are two different buttons. One for the fan. One for the light. Now, one thing to keep in mind about this fan is unlike a ceiling fan. That tries to disperse air in a large volume area. This fan is very directional and that may have something to do with the way the blades of the fan are designed. But instead of dispersing air outwards, it’s kind of focuses it in a particular direction, whichever direction it’s facing.

Tent Camping Size; Multi-tasker, Rechargeable or Battery Powered

So in a small tense, it’s much easier to get that fan to blow your way because there’s less variation in the big tense. All those little features we talked about how to adjust it and all that is going to come into play. And you’re probably going to be using it on high mode. And when you do that, you can traverse a pretty decent distance. I think I got about eight feet when I last tested this from a sitting position here to where. I was until I couldn’t feel it anymore in this portable ceiling fan.

Now, granted, those are under optimal conditions in a controlled environment inside of this room when you’re outside. There’s a lot of different variations with the wind that could throw off the fan’s airflow. So that being said, I still think this little thing is cool. It does all the things that it should do well and it uses what I consider to be the best batteries to do the job for its form factor. So do I recommend the product has the thumbs up for me?

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