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Nooie Outdoor Security Camera Wireless IP Camera 1080P

Today I review Outdoor Security Camera and this camera is Wireless IP Camera. And this Nooie camera 1080P HD Home Surveillance and  Weatherproof Bullet Camera with Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, And Theft-Deterrent Alarm, Compatible with iOS Android System. I just wanted to make a quick review for this cam outdoor. I just received it today. And of course, I’m going to update my review and I want to show you after I installed it. I just wanted to show you the box and the back edge.

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And It came, as you see, and recycle an environmentally friendly box with all the information on it. So Here you can see the name. And Here you can see some of the. So The one hundred and eighty. And Ten eighty. I’m sorry. So Full HD, waterproof motion detection. And Two-way audio cloud or SD card and night vision. So Here you can see this year the number and the model and the input. So I just wanted to show you the box. And now let’s do the on packaging for it. As you can see, the box is really simple, easy to open your son card information sticker as well. And then the manual.

HD Home Surveillance Camera Weatherproof Bullet Camera

So Now I own the indoor camera slash baby monitor. I own two of them from the same company from Norway as well. And I just love them for the price. And It’s something you can beat, honestly. So this is the camera on the Outdoor Security Camera, and it’s very simple. And Let’s move this. So this is the camera. Of course, it has its plastic cover on it. Can. Remove the. And what I like so far is the mound. So basically you can move the camera in any direction you want. So This is the power cord that comes with it.

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And It’s that’s what sold in the box and let’s move forward. So this is after literally five minutes an installation. And it gives me the view that I wanted, which is to protect the second entrance of the door from the. From the back or the front porch. And this is just, you know, when added security, I got to just to monitor any movement, if any movement, you know, would happen and now in here. So the main purpose I got paid for is basically to be next directly to the.

Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Theft-Deterrent Alarm,Compatible with iOS/Android System

And Balcony door or the bathroom door? So this is mine. No, he can. 360 that I have it above the crib for my newborn. So I use it as the main baby monitor. And It’s terrific with the sound and movement duplication in a brief time into my phone. I also have a mother Outdoor Security Camera in the room. And it’s this is just to get the picture for the whole rule. It moves 360, as I said. John. So now I’m going to show you the app. So this is that I know we can. If I click on it, it’s gonna give me all the cameras I have and my house connected to the Internet.

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And I have three cameras. So The first one is the baby room. And The second one is the one. So I just installed the outer door and the third one. It’s offline right now, but I use it. And multiple rooms. So When I when I leave the house and I need like, for example, to keep an eye on the cat or dog. So I just. And It’s very easy to move around. I just plug it in and it connects directly to the Internet and boom, I can see the feed. So this is the Outdoor Security Camera we just installed, as you know, extremely quick to give me the live feed. So This is a bigger picture.

My Amazon Picks Outdoor Security Camera

And The clarity, I don’t know if my video gives it justice. SoIt’s full a 1080 P. So it’s perfect. And as you can see, it has a section of the door, which is the main reason I installed the camera just to keep an eye on this door, which is the back porch of my condo. So if I go here, if you click on I’m sorry, the light reflection is here. So if I click on this, I will hear everything going outside. All the noise is outside. If I click on this, the microphone, I can.

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And It’s two-way communication which I can hear what’s going on and see it’s even picking up my voice right now. So In my case, I don’t need it because, you know, no one is going to be hopefully coming in from the balcony over or the back patio. But if you decide to install it on your front door, you can talk with anyone who is on your front door and Outdoor Security Camera. And There is an option to take a still photo. So you just click here and a photo is safe.

The sensitivity of the motion detection

And two pictures. So Same thing in this Outdoor Security Camera. And You can take a full video. There is an option to subscribe to the cloud. So To the cloud. And The prices are reasonable. So Five dollars a month, which is much cheaper than any other cameras I owned. And here you can change the settings, the sensitivity of the motion detection, the sound detection, the storage. Also I have the SD on both of them. So Both of them this Outdoor Security Camera. And I have one hundred and twenty-eight-gigabyte storage.

best indoor security camera

So Another feature is the camera sharing that allows you to share it with and you’re wanting one. And The nice thing is, is that if you share this camera if I shared this camera with my wife, she will only get access to the Outdoor Security Camera. Also I specified. So each camera has its setting. So if I go back and I choose. And if I share this with my wife, she will not have access to this camera, the baby or on camera, just for example, or the third camera.

The price is just perfect and the quality

And If I want anyone to have access, I need to individually go and share the camera with them, which is great. So All that they need to do is just download the ME app and I give them access and they can see what I see the live feed I want. Also to note that this is the baby room right now. And I have it. I have blackout curtains. So it’s pitch black. And this is the night vision. It’s just perfect, too. And the night vision. And of course, you have all the options here in this Outdoor Security Camera.

outdoor security camera

So I can talk to my baby, soothe him and. And I get real-time motion and sound detection if he’s crying or anything else. So that’s about the AB. It’s really simple to use. I have three cameras from them. You know, I think I’m going to buy more because the price is just perfect and the quality is amazing for the price. It has everything I need. I’m really satisfied with all my Outdoor Security Camera is from them.

Great customer service!

Give it a try and their customer service is perfect. I spend a lot of questions and less than 24 hours. You know, all my questions get answered. It’s perfect. And their customer’s services are so good. Object and Outdoor Security Camera comes up short is amazing as well. So I hope, you know, I helped do this Outdoor Security Camera review. Just ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to answer in the comment box last on the post. I actually purchased their baby camera first from a lightning deal and was very impressed with the camera that I decided to look into the outdoor one.

And I wanted a camera that can monitor and use an app for to see before going outside (bears, etc). I am impressed with the company. So I contacted their customer service a couple times and they responded quickly and very friendly. That’s a big deal in my book is customer service.The camera itself is very sleek! I love the shape and it looks quality and not on the cheap end. There are other cameras that cost a lot more yes, but I didn’t want to spend a ton and since I had the first camera, I wanted to try it out. I haven’t been able to test it out fully yet, but am very excited!

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Nooie Outdoor Security Camera Wireless IP Camera 1080P

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