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Best MP3 Player Bluetooth FM Radio Voice Recorder


Hello There! Today I am going to review a new MP3 Player Bluetooth.  All right, this is a review for the MP3 Player Bluetooth digital music player. It is a clip. MP 3 player that also has voice recording and it also apparently supports W or me or waveform and flak. Which is good because I have a lot of stuff that isn’t black, has a menu, Records says it has longtime playing battery.

And here’s our compatibility is a drag and drop. Now, the first impression I have is MP3 Player Bluetooth comes in a box that is factory sealed. A lot of times when I order, you know a note or off name brands, you know that I’m not. No, I say off the name. I mean ones that I’m not familiar with off of Amazon. Sometimes the packaging isn’t so nice. The last player that I got off of Amazon was kind of not great. But I’m already impressed by this because it’s actually in a nice box in the sealed. I ordered a new product and I got a new product.

Clip Mp3 Player with Bluetooth 4.1 8GB Lossless Sound Music Player

So here is the box. Now I’ll go to unpacks, a plastic wrap off the box, and from here I can open this MP3 Player Bluetooth up. You see that once you open the box inside another box and you have inside the box. The player snaps nicely in a full of plastic, extremely clean. Think about it as a clip on the back seat, the micro SD card and put their volume toggles micro USP for charging down at the bottom and transferring and tactile buttons. Also in the box, it’s a fairly nice box. You have a piece of Styrofoam there to help keep everything tucked in and inside you have a new pair of.

Ruiz, who branded headphones. See, this is oh, MP3 Player Bluetooth is actually and I sort of notice this is a non-zero cable. So if you have a speaker set that takes out or a car with that kind of input, you can use that. And my curious cable and a pouch for your player and all that, you have the instruction booklet and the warranty card. So let’s see. Is there any. Juice on this, if I try to power it up, there is some juice built-in. So you can see. And then music, a video, Bluetooth, F.M. radio, pedometer recordings, deep book pictures and tools and settings, and a folder view.

mp3 player apple

Find out that, Scott, I haven’t had anything yet. But that’s what you’ve got there. So I’m going to load this up with some music comes fully charged. So it’s just about ready to go from the get-go. Oh, wait for a. Though MP3 Player Bluetooth has. A couple of songs built, it looks like. All right. So just looking at the music player functionality, for now, I’ve added some flak files and believe it or not, they registered and it works. And I added some Beatles songs so you can see them. The MP3 Player Bluetooth came with a couple of songs that I pointed out in the previous song, but you can see those to either side.

With FM Radio Voice Recorder Video Earphones for Running

Now the Beatles and here’s all the albums, the album names Duke cut off, but they are all there and they’re separated. And you don’t have to go to the full review to see them, which is a nice thing. The song names do scroll through. So that’s kind of nice. And I’m a big fan of the second half of the Abbey Road album, so you can see it does have the album Art in I noticed on a couple of the tracks that came with it. If there are pre-programmed lyrics in the file, it will scroll those lyrics. I don’t have it with this file to show you, but that capability is built-in volume rocker. Even with the included earbuds gets plenty loud.

My only real complaint about the included earbuds. You’re not top-notch. This MP3 Player Bluetooth very rounded. The sound quality for being throwing earbuds is not bad. They’re a little uncomfortable. My only complaint about them, but compared to some models I’ve gotten, it’s pretty good. So I’m going to give raising some credit here for at least including adequate headphones with their player. And I’ve noticed that instead of going to a blank screen, you get. I haven’t set the date on this inaccurate, but you get the date and the time you will have the set.

mp3 player amazon

This today is not. It’s not 10, 15, 18 and 720. I’m 19. But other than that, you have that and then it goes to blank. So the basic play functionality is as advertised and this MP3 Player Bluetooth does play FLAC. So that’s a big bonus. What are the things I will be checking out a little later is what happens when I add an SD card and how it reads those files, but it’s going to give it an A-plus for the price range on music experience. The next scene I want to check out in this Bluetooth, so I’ve taken off the headphones. One thing should be noted if you pull the headphones out, it does not stop. It does continue to play. So it’s not a deal-breaker, but something you want to be aware of. So I’m going to go back now.

Memory Support up to 128GB

By the way, solve this dishonors playlist. You can create playlists. I haven’t. I’m not a big playlist guy, but you should mess around with that and see how that works to your liking. I’m going to go back over here to Bluetooth. And I want to see how well this works. Searching for a tooth, it’s found by Beats Pill Plus, which is the speaker right here. And let’s give it a try and see how that works. And I’ve got a connection. They can control the volume of the. That’s independent, no, the Bluetooth speaker, so the butcher, the speaker cannot impact the visible while on this, but this does impact the volume on the speaker. And then I just have to go back over to.

And This MP3 Player Bluetooth playing nicely out of Portuguese speaker. So good job. I seem to have that. I’ll check with a couple. I know that that’s a concern of a lot of these lesser-known brands, is that they don’t always connect. With just three years after. So, amazingly, outside of music, some other things are on here. You’ve got a video player now you have to convert these files. And there is software that is on the device that you can download to your computer and play. This video will not work with Bluetooth. You have to wash through your headphones.

mp3 player amazon

So the video quality is decent for what it is, but the screen is really small. So I don’t recommend for like long term video viewing unless you’re pressed for a video player. I’ve also got we’ve shown you the Bluetooth setting. The F.M. radio setting only works if you have a headphone plugged in. I checked it and it works. All right. I don’t know if you’re outside of a major metro area or what it’s like, but here in L.A., you can get all the regular stations. And I’d imagine in most metro areas you’d be fine with this. So the service can be a thing to have. This MP3 Player Bluetooth does have a pedometer and it looks like you can keep track of steps, distance and time. So say exception now let’s just say no.

Recordings. So I can start a voice recording and say. Looks like it takes a minute to fire up the voice recording. And it looks like as soon as it loads up, it starts recording automatically. So few are going to try to take vocal notes with this. Just be aware of that. The only thing is, is, oh, OK. Right here on the bottom, just to the left of that is your microphone. So just so you know, that is where it is. And I’ll say that to listen back to later. Then you’ve got those tape recordings and then you can do to make it away from a recording or an MP 3 recording. And you set the bit rate of your reporting.

The higher the number on that, obviously, the better your rate will be. The e-book function that I would be reluctant to use this as an e-book, as an e-book thing. But yeah. Pinch. It looks like it only reads text files, but you’re welcome to try. EPub, I won’t get into that again. The screen is a bit small, but it looks like in a pinch you may be able to read little documents, any books on their pictures and these are all saved. Plus, it looks like my album Art wound up on here.

My Amazon Picks MP3 Player Bluetooth

So you can see This MP3 Player Bluetooth looks to set up slowly. And then tools, you have a calendar. It’s nothing fancy, it’s just that. And then a stopwatch. And then your settings. So this is where you can change your language if you need to. This is your date and time settings so you can fix it to the proper date display so you can choose a brightness, you backlight time and your screen saver. We have that digital clock screensaver like I have or none. Those are your two options, shutdown settings, so where you have your pat power management.

And you know, this gives you your option for how long it takes to get to that in your sleep. Timer. Keep that in the off position for now. Information so you get your system info on the firmware that shows you your memory. So how many songs, how many pictures? That’s where you can format your advice back to the factory and your default settings as well. And that’s about it. So I’ll have some concluding thoughts once I’ve had a chance to plug an SD card into this thing.

All right. So just some final thoughts on this unit. I finally got a chance to get an SD card in here or a micro SD, which fits in that slot right there. Make sure that it’s facing away for a year. We put it in. One thing that I have noticed is when I restart, it’s only going to give me the artists that are on the physical drive. If I want to listen to music on my card, I have to load my card folder and then create a list that when I create this list that it takes, it takes a couple of minutes to get it.

best mp3 player 2018

Not too long. I’ve allotted about 60 gigabytes worth of music onto the card and typically about three minutes. But the issues I can no longer access the songs that are on the main part of the device. I can only get the stuff that’s on the card. So if you are going to use the 128-gigabyte card option. Be prepared to have all of your music on the card and be prepared to load it up whenever you turn the device on. So that’s a little bit irksome. So my one recommendation to reserve for what is honestly otherwise a really solid product is in a future firmware update.

If they can make the software slip such that it remembers what is on the card and doesn’t have to do this search thing, and if there was a way for it to play both what is on the card and the device at the same time. That would be great. So that’s the one little drawback I’ve noticed. Other than that, this device is really good. I’m impressed, frankly, with the quality of it. So that’s the one little thing that I like to see different. The other only other thing is, is, you know, if I’m listening, the headphones get pulled. Then the MP3 Player Bluetooth doesn’t stop playing. Battery life is much better with wired headphones and wireless.

And there is something where you can only do wire headphones such as radio and video. But for all of these devices, really good. And I’m going to say that I do recommend that you consider buying it. Just be aware, you know, it’s got a couple of limitations. It will hopefully be fixed with a future from our upgrade. And that is all I got. Again,  So you can buy this MP3 Player Bluetooth now! Thanks.

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