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Best Mirrorless Digital Camera Fujifilm X-T3 (Body Only)


Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Today I review Mirrorless Digital Camera and this product brand is Fujifilm. So let’s start this review about this Mirrorless Digital Camera. And I mean, I tell you why the Fuji XT3 is the best videographer camera for me. I mostly shoot weddings. So If you’re new here and if you shoot something else and this video doesn’t apply to you, then I’m sorry, but I’m going to be specifically talking about things that I have experience with regarding weddings. And I time-stamped the outline below. So go there for reference. This isn’t going to be a hyper-technical review. There are great channels for that. There are great technical Fuji XT3 reviews.

And This Mirrorless Digital Camera is more about my user experience. And again, specifically in the wedding industry. So let’s dive right in. So why did the Fuji XT3 interest me in the first place? And Well, I was looking for five things. I was looking for color. I wanted to good and put it right out of the box. But I also wanted to be capable of 10, be it for 2 to 1 in 4 cases 60. As simple as that. But I was looking to stay above micro four thirds. And I was looking for good luck. So Low light, also above micro, four thirds preferably. So I don’t have to do a lot of lighting for running gun situations.

I love list is the specs at the price

And I was looking for a small size still and user-friendly and I was hoping for it to cost under two thousand. So Diving right into the things that I love list is the specs at the price. And I got this camera and used off on eBay and the kit lens for fifteen hundred U.S. dollars and I know that you can get this kit brand new for I think eighteen hundred and body only for about fifteen hundred. It’s a great price for the specs. So The fact that it does 40 60 at APEC and then it does 10 bits for two externally makes it a kind of unique Mirrorless Digital Camera, especially at the price point. The second thing that I loved was the color.

best mirrorless camera for professionals

So Everybody talks about Fuji color and you can add me to the list. It is amazing. And You can use the great color right out of the box of this Mirrorless Digital Camera. So You can tweak some film simulations or use it, turn out and do a little bit more work in post. Or you can do a full dedicated post color workflow with 10 bits for 2 to take in through a recorder like the Ninja 5. And It’s amazing what it offers you. The Flog is incredible. The internet is great and the other film simulations are awesome. So yeah. Overall, the color is so good. So The third thing on the list that I love is the forecast 60.

It’s better than I expected

And It’s super sharp and I’m finally able to deliver four videos in 48 60 because I feel confident that the portrait footage isn’t going to get soft being in 1 20. So That said, the 120 on the Mirrorless Digital Camera is also really, really great. But forecast 60 is what I love most. And There is a one-point one eight times crop, but it doesn’t bother me too much. Fourth on the list is the low light. It’s better than I expected, and that’s why it’s on the list of things I love. So I can use the image comfortably up to sixty-four hundred and after that from eight and ten thousand.

best mirrorless camera for beginners

And I can use it, although I have to work with a little bit more and 12. Eight hundred and above two thousand eight hundred and above. So You may have to use Fuji is built and noise reduction or use it need a video or something like that afterward, but it still actually looks pretty good. Fifth on the list of things that I love is the Fuji lens options. And They are great and making glass and they’re the only ones making glass for their bodies right now. But it is really good. So They can’t land is an F 2.8 to 4 1855 and it is so, so sharp. I’m shooting on it right now to use this Mirrorless Digital Camera.

The extra three with the framer

And I’ve shot whole weddings on it. It is an amazing piece of glass and I didn’t expect that when I bought it. So yeah. So Fuji lends actions are really good. I’m really satisfied with that. Speaking of lenses. Sixth on the list is the bringer pro to adapter. This is an amazing adapter for canon lenses to the X amount. If you haven’t next T3, go ahead and buy that if you have any canon glass at all. It’s amazing. And I use the Sigma 18 to 35 seamlessly. It works perfectly with the autofocus. It’s just an amazing adapter. So Even using the Sigma M.S. 11 on the Sony system, you know how good that NC 11 adapter is in this Mirrorless Digital Camera.

mirrorless camera vs dslr

And the Sony autofocus says and the extra three with the framer, in my opinion, outperforms my experience there. So, yeah, it’s so good. And I would just tell you to go ahead and buy right now if you have an X 2 3 and if you don’t, it goes on the pros list coming right off. And That is point number 7, which is that the XT3 autofocus is good. It’s not being talked about nearly enough because Sony is so good and Canon is so good and Panasonic is getting better Mirrorless Digital Camera.

You don’t have to be anymore

But the XT3 does not get nearly enough attention and the autofocus arena is fantastic and photo, but also especially in the video for me, I have had no trouble at all with it, even adapting lenses. So that makes it all. Pros less the face and the IAF work nearly seamlessly in my experience. And I’ve been impressed by them and they work in every mode. So if you’ve ever been frustrated by that, then you don’t have to be anymore. And The face and the IMF work all the time to this Mirrorless Digital Camera.

best mirrorless camera 2019

Eighth on the list is the menu, the quick menu, and the function buttons. Coming from Canada Menu Systems and Sony is quick buttons. So I was expecting Fuji to fall a little bit short. Their menu isn’t the best. And the number of click function buttons isn’t the best. But between the three of them, the quick menu, the personalized, my menu and the function buttons, I would say that it’s right up there next to Canon and Sony in terms of usability. It’s been a really easy switch.

MYKI handled grip on there

And then you add the top command dials that you can either use manual or you can switch them to full electronic with the dials and the overall user experience is nearly flawless. So I love the menu. The quick menu and other things like that. It’s made the camera user-friendly. And Ninth on the list is the size of the Mirrorless Digital Camera. It is not that much smaller than the A7 3, but it is small enough for me to notice a difference that I had to add an MYKI handled grip on there. It cost me about 50 dollars and it is worth it for the size.

best mirrorless camera under 1000

And Eventually, I’ll add a cage so I can mount the ninja five on the camera. But honestly, the size for me traveling as much as I do is well worth any tradeoff to ergonomics. So I’ve enjoyed having a smaller Mirrorless Digital Camera and with the smaller body cams, much smaller Fuji lenses. So that’s been nice. I’ve been able to travel with the 18 to 55 on and just throw this in my backpack so I don’t have to have too much of a heavy system just to pull out of my bag and start shooting right away. Speaking of the smaller body, you might think that overheating would be a problem, but it’s not. I have loved that.

Shooting an hour-long wedding ceremony

And I have not experienced overheating on this body. One time I’ve shot into the California desert, I’ve shot in the hot Kansas humidity, and I’ve pushed it to its limit. Outdoors at weddings. But I’ve not had any overheating. So That said, I don’t shoot any long-form clips. So if you are shooting an hour-long wedding ceremony or anything like that, you might check another review. I’m mostly shooting clips throughout the day, but at times I will shoot 5 10-minute vows or toasts and I’ll push it with forks 60 during the portrait time, which is out in the heat.

So take it from me that in those scenarios it does not overheat, but it may overheat in another setting that I haven’t tested before 11th. And On the list of things I love is the Fuji firmware updates. This isn’t specific to the X 2 3, but the X 2 3 gets lumped in because Fuji is well-known for their updates to the firmware and it keeps older cameras relevant for longer. So I’m excited to have bought the XT3 Mirrorless Digital Camera and hopefully get some longevity out of this camera because I know that they’ll keep updating it and they’ll give it the best chance it can to survive with technology as it progresses.

It’s customizable and that it’s so easy to use

And Talked on the list is a silly one, but it is the fact that it’s fun to use and it’s fun to own. I love having a film style of body. It looks just like someone the film cameras that I own. And it’s just a lot of fun to get asked. Is that a film camera or are you shooting digital? So I love getting asked that. It’s also just a joy to use because of the top dials and the fact that it’s customizable and that it’s so easy to use in post and you can do as much or as little as you want. It’s just a great camera. I’m sure you’ve heard from photographers that the J. Peg is oftentimes more fun to work with than the raw.

sony camera

And If you’re not looking for extreme flexibility and it feels the same way with video, I can shoot video off of the camera and be almost as happy with it as if I had shot a Flog and denigrating workflow. So yeah, it’s just a fun camera to use and I know that’s a silly one. It’s intangible. Lastly, 13th on the list is that they thought about the small things. It seems like Fuji Mirrorless Digital Camera pays attention. Right now I’m looking at the tally light to make sure I’m still recording and I could adjust the settings on the tally light to blinking steady friend back.

My Amazon Picks Mirrorless Digital Camera

And You name it. They also went so far as to make the side door for the power and the mike removable, which I appreciate. I hate the Sony dangling side door. It bothers me. So yeah, it seems like they thought about the small things that the eye and face an f working in every mode you can use precise shutter speeds. It’s just great. Yeah. There are internal and external audio recording levels. It seems like they thought about almost everything and they just put all of the settings in there. Even if you don’t need them, and I love that they thought about all those small things.

So Now for the. Things that I don’t love. The first thing on the list is that the app is terrible. I hope the food you start taking their app more seriously because it is really bad coming from Canon and Sony. They both have moderately good apps. Sony was able to transfer videos from the Mirrorless Digital Camera to your phone, which was so fun for me on wedding days to be able to show my clients just a little bit of a teaser, at least a few clips. And now I can’t do that with the Fuji. But that’s OK because the rest of it is so awesome. So yeah, the app could use a lot of attention, so I hope Fuji knows that.

There are not a lot of third party lenses

So The second one is that there are not a lot of third party lenses. When I said lenses are in the pros column, it’s because Fuji makes great lenses, but there are very few third parties making any lenses for the X amount system. But I haven’t been too terribly displeased about that if it continues to be a problem. It’ll be a bummer. But for now, I’m satisfied because Fuji Mirrorless Digital Camera Glass is great and it’s pretty cheap. Okay. Next on the list, if the battery life. It is pretty bad. And these don’t help very much at all. These are third party options that I found. Wasabi and amen.

Amen. Shuts off about halfway through the battery. And the wasabi just lasts only about two thirds as long as the Fuji brand battery. But that said, and the final thing that I said on my loves list is that Fuji considers the details. So I was able to buy a 20 dollar anchor battery off Amazon and a ten-dollar USD cable. And I’m able to use the Fuji battery pretty much exclusively on a 10 hour wedding day. So the battery life hasn’t been a huge bummer for me because you can power it externally, but I hope that Fuji Mirrorless Digital Camera takes that ass off of the name of their batteries so that third party companies can make good batteries.

Crank that ISO as high as I want and never have to think about it

But in the meantime, I’m happy because I can charge it while shooting. The next one is the ergonomics. It’s easily fixed with an MYKI drip or a cage. But the ergonomics aren’t hurt by the size of the camera. I don’t need to say more than that, but hopefully, they get better in the future. But keep the small size or I can just keep fixing it with the extra 3 grips and or the cage, whatever I need to do. Because right now it’s an easy fix. Fifth, on the list of dislikes, is the low light. I wish that were as good as the Sony full-frame bodies because I can just crank that ISO as high as I want and never have to think about it.

best camera for travel

But it’s a crop sensor body and I do have to think about its Mirrorless Digital Camera. So it’s on the list of things that I don’t love, even though it does perform well. I wish that I could get incredible low of performance out of it and just crank the ISO and not have to consider how high I’m going and think about noise. So anyway, it’s on the list of things I don’t love, but it is good. Sixth on the list of dislikes. Probably the one you’ve been waiting for is that there is no IBS. If you like a handheld look, then you’re going to love this camera. And that is me.

Gimbals or use model pod tripod

I’d love a handheld look so I can use these stabilized 18 to 55 kit lens or I can use the sigma 18 to 35 and unstable sized footage and I can get either look that I’m going for. But if you want a perfectly clean, smooth, stable look, this either is not the Mirrorless Digital Camera for you or you’ll have to invest in a glide cam or a gimbals or use model pod tripod, whatever it is that will help you get that stable footage. So, yeah. Anyway, it is what it is. There is no ibis. If that’s a killer for you, then they XY3 is not the camera to invest in because Fuji does not have a ton of stabilized glass.

camera canon

The kit lens is about it. So no, I miss 7th on my list of dislikes is no dual card and recording. This is a pretty big deal for wedding videographers, but I still think the cameras are worth it. So I hope that tells you something about how great it is. But there are no Joe Carter recording settings except for photo. So if you’re looking for that, you’ll have to invest in me ninja 5 to get the double media. Otherwise, there are no options for that. However, on the list of things I love was Fuji firmware updates.

I wish the touch functionality was better

So the fact that it has dual card slots tells me that may be possible and maybe coming in a future update. And Finally, the last thing on the dislike list is the no flippy screen. I wish that I had one. And I wish that the screen was brighter. So I wish the touch functionality was better, but it doesn’t have any of that. Also I just have to live with an average screen, which I think is pretty much true for all muralist and SLR Mirrorless Digital Camera. So banking on the Ninja 5 to help me in that arena. But in the meantime, I just live with a moderately. Okay, scream. All right.

And That’s pretty much it. I’m hoping to release more videos about the X23 Mirrorless Digital Camera and more videos in general. If this wasn’t as comprehensive as you would have liked. And I’m sorry. Hopefully, more videos can help you out there, but you found this one somewhat helpful. So If not, leave a comment below and ask a question. I’d be happy to answer. And yeah, I’ll see you in the next article when I get around to it. So now you can buy this Mirrorless Digital Camera from Amazon.

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