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Best Microwave Rice Cooker Progressive Microwaveable Cooker


Hello There! Today I am going to review Microwave Rice Cooker! Anyway? This is an Amazon product review or this? It’s a microwave rice cooker. I think this is one of the best Microwave Rice Cooker ever. It’s for the prep solutions like progressive microwave rice and pasta cooker. 16 piece set, including measuring spoons and cups, rice paddle steaming insert Costa and it’s sold by Amazon. This was fifteen ninety-nine with free shipping with Amazon Prime.

So this is all came and did not come in an Amazon box. It was just delivered in this box. But it’s sturdy. I’m not worried about breaking it. It’s fine that they shipped it just in this box. You see like the shipping hose section is right on there. So. Here it is something that comes with a. To get up to 12 cups. So this is on the larger side of a rice cooker. Twelve cups of rice is a lot. So that’s it. That’s all that comes in the box. And then everything else is just inside of here. There’s a lid thing for steaming in a basket for steaming vegetables and stuff.

This Microwave Rice Cooker has some measuring cups, measuring spoons. So I guess when they say 16 things, if they’re counting each one of these four spoons as a single thing, maybe this ring is the fifth thing. They’re turning this stirring thing, another stirring mixing spoon thing. Some instructions. This is a who’s helped. We should keep this. This has instructions on how much rice how long. Now he’s put in the microwave for. You can see that enough. So this is not just junk. You might want to just use a magnet and stick it on your fridge or something just for future reference. So.

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker

This is useful. This lid is useful. This piece of paper is useful. Honestly, in my opinion, the rest of this stuff is junk. I bet everybody watching this video already has measuring cups. You all have measuring spoons. You don’t need these. This theming thing in this theming thing. Maybe you guys will use it, but I personally never will. Here’s another thing with legs on it too. So you can raise the vegetables a little bit. They don’t get soaking wet. So, again, in my opinion, this is kind of just a waste. All this plastic giant. It’s just going to clear up your kitchen if you have a nice set.

I’m not sure I’m ready with all this junk. You set this aside. So I like this Microwave Rice Cooker. I like all of this stuff. This was 15 hours, 99 cents for this. And you might be thinking to yourself, hey, he just unboxing the rice cooker. How does he already know that he likes it? Ok. I know that I like it because this is the fourth one I’ve had. My own four of these things. I bought my first one several years ago when I was a different color. This is the old color version of it. It’s the same thing. Like, I’m pretty sure the lid is going to fit exactly in the same, the same mold. If fits in there, fine. So it’s all the same thing.

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker

This Microwave Rice Cooker is just different color and reacts to the new color. This one needs to clean a little better. So that theory kind of would have been nice if they mixed up the color again. So we have four different colors instead of having two that are the same within two they’re different. But anyway. I have four of these because I like them. Here’s the microwave a lot. I like rice. I like pasta. It’s really good this. You can get like a bag of the microwave, a bowl, chicken. Toss it in here. Stick in the microwave. Like you can make soup in here. Good news. You know, ramen noodle-like so much stuff in this. And the great thing about these things is it’s so tall, you don’t have to worry about you don’t worry about liquids and sauces splashing out because it’s so tall.

All the sauces just splash in size. You don’t worry about cleaning your microwave. Later on, my one little complaint other than the extra junk they include, my one complaint is that these are not very stucco. They do fit inside of each other a little bit, but it could be way more stackable. It would be way better if it was like one here and then one here. Instead of all this wasted space takes up a lot of space on the shelf. So it would be nice if these were stackable. But other than that, a lot of these things that had.

16 Piece Set Includes BPA FREE

Smaller rice cookers in the past, and like I said. When the water if the rice is bubbling a lot of times with the smaller ones, it will just bubble over the edge of it. And you end up opening the microwave door and. You don’t have any water all over the place and it’s also from the steam. And honestly, this says 12 cups. I would recommend doing maybe, six cups of rice at most just because of the steam problem. Like I was saying. But, Don. You know, I’m happy to have a fourth one of these. Sometimes I have three dirty ones and I don’t want to clean it right away. So I’m not going to have to be to use the fourth one. Now it’s an area. I have no problem meeting that.

Microwave Rice Cooker is pretty much yet. It’s also good for us for storing stuff in. This one just has a bunch of water. But it’s such a big container that it can hold a lot of water known. It’s also good for mixing up solid. This a big bowl. It’s I’ve got a really big head. Here’s a true scale. Here’s a computer mouse. For reference, it’s the size of a. So it’s a big mall. It’s not too big. It takes off like all your room in the fridge keeps you and on fresh slices up a couple of days ago, it’s still fresh. I don’t work for this company. I’ve not being paid to do this review. I just like the product.

The first one of these I bought. Was twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents. I think this was the first one I bought over the years, it stained a little bit. This used to be a lot more white. I don’t know what I was cooking. Probably better. Here’s the thing. I bet it was cooking rice with a bunch of soy sauce and other sources. Me bet it steamed. I mean it. Stay in this one. I bet that’s why they switched to the darker color. I bet. You bet you. That’s it. So with a darker color, the stain is going to show up less like white stains very easily. So like I’m saying. I think this one was twelve dollars and 19 cents. I think this one was fourteen dollars and nine cents. And then these two.

16 Piece Set Includes Measuring Spoons and Cups, Rice Paddle, Steaming Insert, Pasta Measurer and Locking Lid-12 Cup Capacity BPA FREE

Microwave Rice Cooker is the most recent two. Think these two were both fifteen ninety-nine. So you know, over the years they’re slowly raising the price of these things. So if you see it at fifty-nine nine you might want to get some before they raise it again. Says microwave use only. Freezer and dishwasher are safe. Do not cook oils, butter or high-fat foods. I have cooked butter stuff from here before. Maybe I should know. It’s why I abstained. Maybe it’s because I used butter in there and it was my fault. Does anyone see a? No one says the same thing. I swear, I bet this is the same old. I see nothing different on these.

Here’s a nice little touch. See, there’s a little groove there. There’s a ring around here. There’s a ring around here. So we’re on a wet counter, the whole bottom is not touching the counter. So this little ring lifts it, but there’s a little notch there. On all of them, I’m on the bottom also. So that when you clean this in a dishwasher, the top doesn’t fill up with water because it has that notch for the water to escape off the sides. That just a nice little touch.

Designed Specifically for Cooking and Reheating

Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna throw in a hammer, throw this away right now. Need this. I guess this other stuff. Maybe I’ll donate to Goodwill or something. I don’t know if anybody can use this like on its own. This is probably throw away. So anyway, that’s not a view of the. Rice cooker. The article saying I take a look at the other news, three older people much, sir. So, OK. Wow. Yeah. Has 19 reviews. And. It’s ninety-five percent of five stars. Five percent, four stars. And see what the four-star guy says made eight cups of rice. Use the measuring cups and measured it. Twenty minutes later, I got fluffy rice, had a smaller generic one I bought from a thrift store that worked. Same way after they get this one because I needed more rice.

Also, shit in my Microwave Rice Cooker. So why did this get why did this guy even give it four stars? He didn’t even have any complaints. OK. I’m going to go ahead. And look at the old version of versions of this product with the other color. See if anybody has any complaints there. Because I think this is such a good product. I don’t know what anybody would complain about the white version. The white version has five hundred and one reviews and it has a four-point five stars. So slowly, the one stars and see what people are saying. Someone says the first one arrived with TAB. Which seals the lead? I don’t know what that means.

Somebody says the handle broke on it. I’ve had four of these. I use them very regularly. I’ve never had a handle break on. So when he says the path is primarily as a rice cooker, it caught on fire the third time they use it, even though they cut the recommended amount cooking time and half, that doesn’t make sense. They probably are. If that’s true at all, he probably the problem with their microwave. Somebody else from 2014 says it melted in the microwave. They say that I cannot believe it. The thing melted in the microwave, I mean melted the bottom just melted right out.

Leaving in the microwave create a horrible smell. That’s never happened to me. I for these I’ve never had the melt. And these people saying that it melted never include a picture of it now seems like. She melted. Include a picture. Somebody says in 2007 says missing instructions, I just opened it and I showed you guys the instructions and I was like I was talking about. Samuel says. They will not use the product for rice, but pasta came out much too soft. Several occasions, I don’t know about that. I mean, I. Maybe that’s true.

My Amazon Picks Best Microwave Rice Cooker

Somebody says I’ve used the progressive cooker several times, cooked rice. Is always cooked. I always keep my rice in the microwave, it made a mess so disappointed I would not recommend purchasing. Kuchar, unless you like to clean the microwave every time you use the product. Like I said you guys earlier if you do twelve cups of rice in this, it will overflow a little bit. I would recommend maybe six cops at most. Which is still a lot. So maybe they are doing some false advertising by saying you can do 12 cups. It can’t be done, but six cups. Rice’s. So a lot. So let’s have all those negative reviews. That’s like the only valid one. Take a look at the other one. Right.

I’m looking at the clear version on Amazon, which is not for sale anymore. But I want to see what the reviews say. Microwave Rice Cooker got three-point nine, so the clear one has the lowest rating of all of them. See? But it has. It doesn’t have a lot of reviews. The only one-star review says makes a good steamer, though. Even though used as directed. This boils over every time I try to cook, rice makes a good steamer, though, so it’s the same issue as the other guy. My guess is they’re trying to do twelve cups, total, total cups of rice. It’s so much rice.

So I think a clear one, even though it’s the lowest-rated one, I think it looks the best. I think just, in my opinion, it looks the best. The second place I would give to the white one until it got stained. And the third place I give to this. Maybe is your color racism. I’m colorblind. What is this, brown or something? That’s kind of weird. Like they still use this clear plastic for the lid, even though they don’t do that for the base anymore. Maybe they have a surplus of is given out. But the nice thing is this has holes in it. And this. To escape, so if steam comes out of the top, it’s generally going to collect the waters and collect here.

Because there’s like an in-depth here. So Microwave Rice Cooker a dual purpose and it gives you. Handled or lifted? There was also a little collection bowl for the steam. They go straight up to that. Steam goes straight up. Condensation collects inside the handle and then goes back down and goes back inside of there as water. Because good is good design. And again, with these holes you clean up in the dishwasher, you’re not gonna have a bunch of water on top because the lawyers may go back into those holes. So it’s like, again, good design. So. That’s it. How long has this been way too long? Jeez, it’s almost 20 minutes. Jesus. Okay.

So a lot of good stuff to say about it. Again. Just in conclusion. It’s a great product. I don’t like that the price is going up. I don’t like that it’s not stock. A boy cannot easily stock in a cabinet. And I think they’re kind of false advertising when they say you can do 12 cups of rice in there because it will overflow a little bit. Six cups are maximum.

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