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Best Led Video Light Kit with APP Phone Control


GVM Led Video Light 2 kit with APP Phone Control

Today I review Led Video Light Kit and this product brand name is VGM. And this is one of the best Led Video Light Kit ever I used. Let’s start my review of the GVM 50 RS RGB LED panels. So why would you want RGB lights as opposed to just a regular LED panels for me? And It’s because I shoot a lot with regular LED panels and I needed something that was going to add a little bit more interest to what I was doing. So if I’m shooting a music video or if I even if I’m shooting a corporate interview where I need a splash of color in the background, these are great.

continuous lighting for video

So you can use these Led Video Light Kit either like so check this out first off like. And how awesome is that so you can just turn these and there’s a knot in the back that you push in on and you can turn these to whatever color you want to turn them to and just kind of get different Hues and different saturations and things so one great thing about DBMS RGB lights. So Is there a little bit less expensive than some of the competition and they’re also really high quality two major things that I’m looking for when I’m looking for a light one is the quality of the light does it give me good light does it give me high CRI does it give me the colors that I wanted to work with?

This came first up this came in this huge box

Also for these, the answer is yes to both of those. So It has very high CRI with it’s just regular light like tungsten to Daylight mode, which these lights are completely serviceable as those kinds of Led Video Light Kit and being lit with the other light in the kit right now. And I’ve got some overhead lights on as well, but the catch light you’re seeing here is the other light in this kit with the diffusion in front of it. So Now this one what’s cool first off GVM. You guys are awesome with your packaging. So this came first up this came in this huge box. And when I open up that wasn’t this huge box and when I open that up all that was in this huge box.

on camera lighting for video

And then all of these boxes there’s like 50 boxes in this thing, which is hilarious because it’s just two lights in a couple of stands with the accessories but UVM you guys have your packaging game on point. So the two things I’m looking for when it comes to lights are quality and ease of use these lights pretty much hit all the points when it comes to that. So quality-wise. And It’s got a good sturdy build. It’s an aluminum shell on this it comes with a good sturdy barn door that you attach to the light which makes it pretty useful. So, If you want to direct the light whichever way you want that to go the yolk is pretty sturdy.

Master mode so you can so this light will turn up

And It’s aluminum comes with a stand the sand is it’s a packing stand. So, It’s not the best but that’s not why I bought the lights I have other stands I can use with them, but it’s good for something portable. And If you want to keep these with the lights at all times, they still win a case easily. So that’s a plus and as far as ease of use these I can leave the barn doors on them and just bring them out whenever I need a touch of color or an extra accent lights use on something but overall, I’m super impressed with the quality of these Led Video Light Kit.

music video lights

Okay. So one thing I’m super excited about is the way that these work together. So right now I’ve got this set on Master mode so you can so this light will turn up and down these knobs will adjust the temperature of the light from 5600 to I believe 3200, right? So you can match whatever color temperature you have in your ambient location right now. My overhead lights are 5,500. Also if I set this Led Video Light Kit to 5500 matches that’s pretty much what my over Like you’re doing if you push in on this button, then you get to rotate the Hue right and that’s going to rotate throughout the Spectrum.

I want to say it’s probably about five feet long

So that’s all of your Are you can see it’s got the purple the red all that stuff. So that’s how that works. And the other one turns a light up and down so increases the intensity of the light and these are pretty bright for their size. So I wasn’t expecting them to be as bright as they are but the color outfit or the light output on these is actually really surprisingly good so much so that you can throw the fusion in front of these and still have plenty of light the light that’s letting me up on this site has diffusion in front of it, which I’ll go over with you here in a second.

led video light panel

And the other cool thing about these lights is that you get first off the power cables included comes with your standard power brick the cable coming from the power brick. So I want to say it’s probably about five feet long. So If I had to guess I would like for that to be a little bit longer GVM if you’re listening just because when I raise the stand in the stands are Eat all I’m six-one and it gets over my head. Also if you raise the stand all the way the power bricks kind of dangling down now, they did include these cables which they’re like these safety cables in this Led Video Light Kit.

My Amazon Picks Led Video Light

So if you want you can wrap the power brick over this cable and then put that on your stand. And I think that’s what they’re for the student these weren’t mentioned at all in any of the documentation or the packaging or anything. So I’m guessing that’s why they included these the other thing these come with besides the Super useful barn doors. And I like having barn doors on all my lights is this diffusion. So it’s just a piece of you know, eight-inch plastic that goes in front of the Led Video Light Kit and it mounts on here’s the cool thing about this these screws.

best led lights for video

And I can get those in frame these screws that you screw into the top and bottom of the light to put this in front. Also, they don’t come out of this which is cool because I’m used to having all kinds of little parts that I would lose when it comes to you know, little accessories like this. So I typically wouldn’t even use them because I’d be afraid of losing the Pirates or I would have already lost the parts and have to look for them. But these come attached which is great so I can just throw this in the bag with the lights and if I need to Fusion instead of barn doors, And I can do that the thing that I don’t like about this though is it’s an either/or scenario.

This Perfect solution for that I would run

So You can have the barn doors or you can have the diffusion but there’s no way unless you completely close the barn doors. This in front of the light but that’s how that would set for the lie. So just screws in at the top and the bottom the, oh, the other thing that I wanted to mention is the batteries. So if you’ve been doing filmmaking for any length of time chances, are you have a few of these lying around and these are just these Sony think they’re in P. Yeah Sony in peameal batteries. And the cool thing is you can just throw these in here and operate this completely wirelessly off of two Sony and P batteries without having to have a plug anywhere around.

continuous lighting photography setup

So if you want to set these Led Video Light Kit somewhere where you don’t have power or if you know, you’re in a running gun scenario and you get it like drag lights around with you. And This is great for that. I’ve been in so many situations where it was just a hassle to plug in or I didn’t bring along enough cable or you know, you had to move from one location to the other very quickly and if that’s the case like this Perfect solution for that I would run on batteries all day if I could I haven’t tested how long these last on there. It’s going to depend on the capacity the batteries you use but I love that.

Regular lights so you can turn these

And This is an option for this. All right. So the light in front of me is being controlled right now with the app. The cool thing about this app is you can just rotate your finger around and it rotates the color of the light. So The other thing that’s cool about this is if you set this light to slave now, whatever you make an adjustment to that light this light will adjust to let’s get a little bit of a delay and these were capable Wi-Fi network, which is crazy because it’s almost like there’s a router built into to the lights so they build their Wi-Fi network another cool thing.

continuous lighting vs strobe

And You can treat these just like Regular lights so you can turn these just two fifty-six hundred K or thirty-two hundred K. And That’s what this slider does Once you turn the color to what you want. Also, You can adjust the saturation. So if you don’t want to quite a saturated you can slide that up and down so we get supersaturated or not quite so much and then you’ve got the brightness so all the way down so it took me a little while to figure this out but the way to operate this app, if you want these two to have different colors is to first set on channel 0.

The lights to Wi-Fi the other lights

And This is your channels over here first set your lights to whatever color you want this one to be right. So your secondary Led Video Light Kit the slave light so set that to whatever color you want that to be when you want to change the channel and there might be a better way of doing this GVM. And If you’re watching you want to comment on this let me know. And then you switch the channel and then when you switch the channel, it only operates the one that sets a Wi-Fi.

So you want to set one of the lights to Wi-Fi the other lights a slave and that’s how you control both of them with the app. Alright, so this has been my review of the GBM 50 RS RGB LED panels, that’s a mouthful. And yeah. I look forward to using these lights on my next project. So I think these are going to be a lot of fun to work with and they’re super versatile. So I’ll probably be bringing these on every project just in case I need them. And All right, so I think this Led Video Light Kit will help your all projects.

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