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Best LED Video Light Kit Dimmable LED Panel


LED Video Light Kit – 15.4 Inch Bi-Color 3000k-5800k

Hello There! Today I review the LED Video Light Kit. This is just an amazing product. Let me see what have in this LED Video Light Kit bags. This is the most bangs for the buck LCD panel kit. I was searching on Amazon for the most budget one. There are some other LGB kids, but either there are two panels or there are light bulbs, but none of them are complete and the budget is this one and also has very high CRT. This one is rated 95 plus. First of all, I may tell you you’re getting for the price of three panels. You’re getting as a bonus because if you had to get each one of the panels by itself, the cost will be just as much as the kit.

So if you think about getting through the panel, just get the kit because you’re getting supposing for free. The entire king bag, which uses a fantastic carrying bag. You getting the tripods and you get the well, let’s say the power supplies would come with it. But the killing bag has like to reinforce straps with buckles. It has two separate compartments with a zipper that opens all the way. That’s nice because you don’t have to go in the searching silo and dig and find for what it is that you need to find. So that’s what’s nice about this LED Video Light Kit. So it has three pockets. Each one of the packages holds an LCD panel.

45W Dimmable LED Panel Adjustable Light Stand

So you have one, of course, to three of those. Nice. It will come out OK. And we’ll get to those panels in a minute. I just want to show you about the carryon bag itself. Sorry about the noise of the chair. So this is one side and then we few switches sides. Then you have you’ll find a second compartment and pretty nice with actually with the tripods. It was nice about the tripod. Have they have those Velcro straps. They’re very durable. And when they hold the tripod, just think maybe a slide for one point or another, but you can even slide even more and that should say.

led light kit for cars

But I mean, it’s just custom made for this specific LED Video Light Kit. So this is a quick mock compartment by itself and so limited. It’s a little bit of white into the LED Video Light Kit I don’t want if list feels that way. And over here as well, you have the power supplies and those adapters. Now, as far as the swivels, I got different ones because I’m going to use that with an umbrella just because in general, you know, every light needs a diffuser. If you’re looking for this soft skin type of light. Then you need a diffuser regardless if it’s tungsten or any other LCD lights.

Canon Nikon Pentax Camera Camcorder Studio Shooting

And those early delights come with diffuser built-in, but it’s still harsh like any other light. So I used an umbrella to diffuse that. She had just got the umbrella. I’m going to use it for my next gig. Now you can use an umbrella. You can use a third party softbox or you can use any screen as a diffuser. Now, the tripods by themselves are not heavy duty. These LED Video Light Kit Tripods are actually. So, by the way, they’re flimsy, but they are okay for those type of lights. This is a lightweight LCD light elderly panel and this is good enough.

Do you know what it is? I mean. It just doesn’t spray that much. Why? I mean, this is how wide it will spread. And so, you know, some people are concerned that this is not stable enough. And it will not be stable enough for big lights. I’ll just give you an example. This is one photo that I have for years now, 15 years. This is how good like Stone should be. As far as how wide it should open. And this is the one you’re getting from this LED Video Light Kit. I got the entire light key just because I’m doing a lot of long-distance gigs. I fly a lot and I need something that will be lighted by the spar as the bag.

Amazing lights, with really cool unexpected features

It came back complete. You know no problem at all, though. It was not to, you know, Rip. You know, I don’t know if I’ll recommend doing that. I just wanted to do it for the test. Just that I could show you guys how durable it is. It is durable, but I would not do a trip with that over and over and over. No delight as far as output. It is enough for doing interviews. It’s more than enough for doing interviews. The last interview I did, I couldn’t go more than 20 percent. If I had to go more than 20 percent, it was too bright. More than that, I have to defuse it now. That’s one drawback. This line has it can go down to 20 percent, only verse other flights that can go up to 10 percent.

panel 2x2

This LED Video Light Kit one goes to 20 percent. Now, I can assume they the dealing want to go more than 20 percent, maybe because of the light collars will shift or something like that. So they just read it to live it. But the light quality is really good. As I said before, it’s rated ninety-five CIA, which is great. Some lights rated 97 plus. But you will not see the difference. I mean there’s no green or magenta color to it. It’s just great light. As I said before, you will need to diffuse the slides. If you’re looking for the soft skin image, if you’re looking for harsh, then it’s good enough. Now, this allergy panel is a by the color panel, which is great.

These lights are of very high quality at a cost that is incredibly affordable.

You know you could some of the 80 pounds, either daylight or tungsten. I like the bag. I like the bike color. Just because when you do interviews, especially when you don’t know what kind of interviews, where it’s going to take place, which is most of my work, I fly a lot. And I do, you know, I get hired by companies. They send me to do interviews and I’m not sure where I’m going to be. And there are times that I’m I have no control on the lights, especially on the back of the lights. Also there is tungsten or they have daylight. And I need to adjust the room that I’m interviewing or the place that I’m interviewing to the back, like.

light panel

So this LED Video Light Kit is nice to have either tungsten or daylight to adjust that. And also, when I noticed the sweet spot, if you’re looking for the brightest part, it’s around forty-two hundred forty-two to forty-four. That’s what I notice if you get the brightest spark. But lights I prior. Just like that. It’s just amazing. You know, they’re bright enough, especially if you need it for interviews. And You cannot go wrong. You can power the slide either by batteries or any type of batteries or external power supply. But it’s nice to have batteries that way. You don’t have to rely on the power supply or any electricity pens where you have to trace for Sony batteries. And there is also a release button over you to think those out. So that’s great. It is.

Great addition for my huge studio area

You don’t have to worry. That will come out. As I said, there’s also a way to put a power supply over here and switch off. Turn those on. Beautiful display. Beautiful display. This is so good. And of course, you can adjust the intensity, OK? You can adjust intensity. Mean. Sure, guys like that. Or you can adjust the temperature. Again, has a battery indicator, which is nice, and you have the channel indicator and the group indicator and also nice. And I did not talk about the remote control, which I like so much is your remote control. There is only one and you control all the three lights. And let me tell you what I like about it.

kit diy

There are so many kids out there. When you get wet when you get the be like you also getting assigned remote control. For example, if you get three of those, you’ll get three remote controls. It’s nice. But also. And also, you can use one remote control from the circuit and control the three lights, I think. And I’m not talking about all lights, but some of the other cheaper LED Video Light Kit. They don’t have fat. And I’ll tell you what it is. You can turn off each one of those lights one by one, but the remote controls still work. So in other words, I could turn off the key light and adjust the kick light or the outerwear on so I can turn it off.

Best LED Video Light Stand Lighting Kit

Let’s say this feel light, the key light and work on the hair light and, you know, do the adjustment. But some other emotes, one, you kill one of the lights. You also kill the remote. And so you can do the G adjustments. So you have to use three remotes to do this adjustment. Now, for me, it’s crucial. And I’ll tell you why. Because I’m the gaffer. I’m the. Oh, you mean I’m the videographer? I’m the interviewer. So pretty much. I don’t have to help her with me. And if I have to do the setup of the lights, I have to do it by myself. And until now, either you can either use a light meter, which I don’t have, to be honest with you guys.


Or you have to pretty much dial the light as much if you think to sit down by the chair and record yourself. Go back, see the recording, see how does LED Video Light Kit look and do the adjustment. And that could take three, four, five, four times. And this is me. Maybe you guys have different tricks, but this is me. And for me to sit down on the interview chair, take a monitor and do the adjustment one by one. This is amazing. And more than that. Let’s say that you have one person did you interview? And then there is a second person come to the same place and he could be lighter-skinned. It could be a bald guy that has a huge hot spot on his forehead or whether or ever it is you get into the adjustment right there.

Between this or Elgato key light, this every time.

You don’t have to check it and readjust this LED Video Light Kit. You just do it right away. So I love the part that this remote control can turn off each one of those lights and still work with the other ones. It’s also big enough. Nice enough. It feels good in the hand. Works amazing. I love it. So to set up the group on the everyday life itself, you’re going to have to hold down the dimmer turn on the light first and one more time. And the groups change from a to F, which is six groups altogether.

three point light

And if you want to change channels pressed down again and it goes all the way from one to 19 channels, I set up my lights to group A, B, and C and also mark my lights A, B and C. So we’re going to press channel A. I left it all. I’m sorry, I left all of the lights on channel one, group A and then again, groupie and group A, Group B, and Group C, turn off the light will turn on the light again and we have it sink to the remote control itself. So now the remote control is the master, which means that I could, for example, if I had to dim the slide to fifty-five and remote control, it says eighty-eight.

My Amazon Picks LED Video Light Kit

But then if I had to make any changes. So we’ll jump back to whatever used the remote control. And I think to mention if you had to turn off the light and turn off the remote control, remember it’s on eighty-nine. And then turn on the light again. It keeps on eighty-nine and doesn’t matter how long it’s going to be. So has his memory and it will say over an eight eighty-nine as well. Now to change a group’s take on a group it goes a, b, c d e f which in any you can control six lights. Now the thing is if you want it to change. So this is how you change your group. OK. So it says of a group and you have the intensity, which is right and left.

You have the Kelvin, which is up and down era, and if you had to hold down the center, then you can control the channels. I’m sure. Right! I’m sorry. Channels are up and down and right and left are you turn off the LCD screen, the display screen. I felt wanted to be on for some reason I live. I left it on. And that’s as far as the remote control goes. So that’s it. This is a review of the village trucks V L two hundred light kit and hopefully was the informative article for you guys. I will leave the link below of the LED Video Light Kit as well of the light adapter.

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