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Best LED Ring Light | Remote Control | With Stand | Bi-Color Dimmable


Pixel LED Ring Light with Remote Control

Today I review LED Ring Light which brand name is PIXEL and this is very nice and very programmable LED Ring Light. Now I am at least sharing with you my review of the 19-inch ring light that is brought to us by Pixel and I got this light just because I’m doing a little bit more videos for my profession. I’m trying to stockpile some good tutorials and interview vids. And I’ve just had some issues with lighting. And when the opportunity to buy this came to my awareness, I said yes. I’ve never had a ring-like before or any other professional style lighting for that matter.

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And, Although I’ve tried in the past, I’ve had some flat LCD bad lighting and I’ve had a big one of those big umbrella canopy style tents that light up and I’ve had those. And they’re just they’re a drag. They take up so much space and they take a lot of time to set up and they cost a lot of money. I mean, I spent several hundred dollars on a pair of lights to do basically what this one does, which is light a subject. However, this one has so many more ways of customizing. And so let me go through those with you to start. The packaging was pretty, pretty good.

Perfect Design Adjustable Light

And I mean, this LED Ring Light came in a really big box. So then inside that box, there was in another box and the bulk of the weight came from the stand, I believe. And then the light and then all these other little pieces it comes with. It’s just really, really helpful. The stand folds together in a really sweet way. And it’s got these three rungs that allow it for three different layers of extension, which makes the light available to be like really tall. Add to my estimation, the stand itself goes about six feet up. And so the light being almost two feet itself makes it so you can have a pretty high LED Ring Light.

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And It comes with a travel bag, which I’m excited about it. I have to carry around the cardboard box and the not many instructions, but not that you need them. The title I think I’m gonna use for this review is Pro Features Amateur Simplicity and basically, the instructions just told me how to fold out the stand, all the other stuff. Is that self-explanatory? I mean, there are sturdy mounts that it comes with and thankfully there are two different variations. There’s the straight amount and then there’s one that kind of has this Gimbel pivot.

Carrying Bag for Camera, Smartphone

And this LED Ring Light the one that not only I like the best, but is the one that I’m gonna use the most just because I film all my stuff on a cell phone. And so the camera lens itself is not center. If I just use the square stand and so you’ll see me be able to tilt it over to the side with the standard that they included and be able to make it. So the lens is basically in the middle fold of the light itself. And so that was important. But they provided a way to be able to make that a possibility.

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And There’s a long power cord. The power cord runs the length of the unit and then it has an extension that’s about 10 feet long. So this means you could use this stand in any average room and be able to reach an outlet. Of course, if for some reason you’re shooting or something like that, there’s no battery to this LED Ring Light. It’s just a DC 15 volts. And so you will need a wall extension or some sort of extension cord for it. But like I said, there’s a 10-foot extension and then about six feet or so. So it’s a good amount of its good amount of cord.

YouTube, Makeup, Self-Portrait Shooting, Photography, Live Streaming

And There’s a handy remote and the remote has all of the same controls like the back of the light unit itself. And what it controls is it controls a luminosity intensity. So from one to 100 percent brightness, which is good because different scenarios call for different brightness is. But there’s also the color temperature range that you can control outside of the brightness. So between 3000 and a fifty-eight hundred is what the description on the site says. However, the remote and the unit itself show that it goes up to 8000.

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So three thousand. Eight thousand. No, I don’t know if that was a typo or if this is just an extra perk that we got a little bit more rain. I’m cool with it anyhow, and so, yeah, it’s Demerol. This LED Ring Light got an adjustable tripod, the color temperature range is decent. You don’t want it more orange than its orange UST and really no need to have it be brighter than its brightest. And so either through the remote or on the back, you can create and have saved forty-eight different channels of information for the light to just jump to. It’s kind of like you’re saving a preset.

My Amazon Picks LED Ring Light

And It’s a lot of functionality in the remote. The lamp itself is easy to setup. I believe it will come with the cover over it, but a few of mine fell out in transport and you just simply slip it back in. You line up the one at the bottom. It’s got a little extra roundabout and you just go from there. It’s super simple. What I will say is if you’re using it for the same thing, meaning you have some set like maybe your room or your studio that you’re just always going to use. And it’s a very controlled environment. This is great for that. I mean, granite, it’s got all the ways to customize this LED Ring Light.

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But this is just a way to be able to have a plug and play version of great lighting to be able to get your shot the same way every single time. If you are always changing your set, like maybe you are using this for a freelancing gig or some sort of job that you’re always on a different set or you’re always doing a different shoe, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to have the features to be able to get the lightness and brightness and temperature correct for this LED Ring Light.

Professional Features, Beginner Simplicity

But what I would say is you might want to take a small wrench so you can truly secure one of the dials on the stand that allows you to hold your phone. The reason being is I just found it. Once I got it right, my fingers would just slip and not be able to loosen it up. Now, this doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it. I would just have made a little bit better of a finger hold for you to be able to crank around the dial. But like I said, if you have a wrench on hand, a lot of people carry tools with them anyhow for these types of professions.

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And I would say that that would be a good idea just because sometimes you’re holding a really heavy camera and to be able to get the grip to hold sturdy and not skew at all with any shaking or just the natural gravitational force that comes from a heavy phone or an awkward angle in this LED Ring Light. I would just make sure you have some sort of wrench tool to secure it down. And the last tip that I would say outside of this, because this whole thing is so cut and dry, simple that, you know, it’s a light and you can make it brighter. You can make it darker. And You can make it warmer.

5 starsEasy Assembly And Very Wide Spectrum Of Usage

So You can make it cooler. And you can control it all with the remote and you plug it into the wall like it’s really simple stuff. But I would say, you know, if you’re doing this on your with your phone, you’ll have to get the hang of it. For me, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out. But, you know, like you are lighting yourself with a bright light potentially. And so just make sure you’re on point with your exposure. But as long as you can just double check your shot before you go for LED Ring Light, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Perfect Design

And, If you have a DSL LA and you’re using this, I mean, that’s great because you can manually adjust the exposure and the ISO. But on phones, you know, it always does the readjustment. Whenever there’s new lights in motion and stuff on subjects and so much like you would with anything, get the hang of it and get after it. So I will say that in reviewing through all of this. Not only has this calmed my nerves with such a big investment, but it’s given me a little bit of confidence for these videos that I have coming up, whereas I’m going to have good lighting that’s consistent and I’m going to be able to have better clarity on my videos so people can see my gorgeous face a little bit better.

Easy to use. Makes a big difference in photo / video quality.

And so now I have this reliable light that this LED Ring Light is probably one of my most official pieces of equipment. Now it is bra is my most official piece of equipment now for my YouTube being and other various types of recording. It’s my only light. I think it’ll be my only light for a while. I don’t understand why I would need any other light until I have much larger projects going on. This will be able to cover me for the foreseeable future in so many ways. There’s not a whole lot of reviews on this and I thought it might help the company if I left a review.

Adjustable Light

And The best way to improve your photos or videos is to start with the right lighting. It’s not just a question of the amount of light, but the “temperature” of the light. Some household lamps give off a warm, orange color, while others give you a cool blue color. This light ring helps you compensate for these color differences and enhance the color to give you just the right look. For example, if your room has cool florescent or LED lights, you can easily add just a bit of warmth by dialing up a lower color temperature, giving your photos or videos a more natural look.

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