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Best LCD 3D Printer Assembled Innovation


ANYCUBIC Photon UV LCD 3D Printer

Hello There! Today I review LCD 3D Printer. So, what you’re going to get today is an unbiased review of any cubic photon, I’ve been using it for five months down, I print 24/7. First, as you’re looking on your screen now, what you’re seeing is the people that helped me get into 3D printing and I want to give them a big thank you. Without their videos, I never would have even ventured into 3D printing. So, thanks to them and you’re going to get a really honest review.

I’m not a shill for any cubic photon. I don’t get paid. And I’ve been using it for five months. So, it’s not a review from one of LCD 3D Printer people who fires it up. Does your four or five test print and then gives you a review? This is from heavy, heavy usage. Printing 24/7 since I got it. So, you’re going to see. So, watching me talk. Which doesn’t help anything? I’m just going to show you prints. I’m going to show you a lot of prints that I’ve done. But what I want to talk about more than the successful prints I’ve had with I’ve had a lot.

Assembled Innovation with 2.8” Smart Touch Color Screen

I also want to talk about the failures, because when I’m reviewing the photon, I do think it’s unbelievable peaceful equipment for the price. I mean, I’m still staggered by what comes off my printer. And even though I’ve been printing for five months, 24/7, sometimes I take something on my plate and I look at it and go, damn, that that is just amazing. So, yeah, as other reviewers have said, the detail you can get off this thing is insane. But I also want to let you know that there is a learning curve to a lot of those reviews. They sound like they fired it up and then prints just started coming out. Amazing.

And I don’t think it works that way. Maybe their test prints, if you do that, come out amazing. But there is a learning curve and especially if you’re printing miniatures as I do. I had a lot of failures before I had my successes, especially because support placement is such a key thing and it does nothing to teach you that except experience, although I do have a series of videos on it that you should watch if you’re going to get one of LCD 3D Printer because it will lessen your learning curve time. So here’s an example, one of my first failures.

Off-line Print 4.53″(L) x 2.56″(W) x 6.1″(H) Printing Size

So the first few days I got a lot of this, which was depressing and I was quite frustrated because, despite all the reviews saying how easy it is to use, again, when I was trying to print complicated minis, I didn’t know what the hell I assume supported. So I had a lot of models just fail because my supports failed and a lot of my build plates came off, unfortunately looking like this. And when that happened, you have to take your bad ATM the machine and clean it, which I’m not going to get into. You can watch other videos on that but is a pain in the ass.

4k lcd 3d printer

It’s a big mess and it is depressing, especially when you’re first starting. You see pictures from people like me have all LCD 3D Printer gorgeous prints and then you’re getting nothing piece of crap coming off your machine and then you’re spending half an hour to 45 minutes cleaning the damn thing up afterward. So really, you need to learn how to support if you’re going to be printing miniatures, especially maybe if you’re using it for dental or something else, it might be a lot easier supports or a lot easier to do.

Great step up from FDM/FFM Printers, for small parts

But doing complicated models like I’m gonna show you here, you don’t want to end up with what you’re looking at now for the last minute. And I left up there on purpose for a long time because when you first get one, you might be seeing a lot of this. But the machine itself, I think the construction is great. It is held up, like I said, five months of 24/7. It’s held up great. This was a fail. I just want to throw this in here because this failed even after five months.

I still don’t know what the hell happened here. Somehow the middle of the whole middle of the model didn’t even print. I think I just had some support failures and that material probably just printed back on that lower level. And then because some of my supports didn’t fail. The upper level started printing again, but it looks hilarious. It looks like a model with half of it missing. I mean, when I posted this on Facebook, a lot of people even had photons for a year, so they didn’t know what the hell this was or how I did that anyway.

My new best friend Anycubic Photon

So I had some spectacular fails in the beginning. But once I realized what I was doing, I have to say the photon is an incredibly consistent machine ninety-nine points nine percent of problems with a photon. Especially because I follow a lot of Facebook groups and I’m looking not only at the Photon Group, but at the tabletop 3D printed group where a lot of people have photons and most of the problems I see are user error.

uv photocuring lcd 3d printer

So for a second, let’s look at this LCD 3D Printer bear I printed. It’s next to a D and D bear, which is crappy compared to this sculpt I was able to print. I look at this detail, you can see look in his teeth, you can see the indentations where the molars curved down. That’s the kind of detail I mean, the detail you get for miniatures is just mind-blowing to me on this model. You’re looking at super high, close rez, high res photo. That thing looks amazing. I mean, those teeth are so tiny in real life. I mean, just a micron or two and you can see them pretty clearly.

Perfect for the Hobbyist! It’s a steal at this price!

So, yeah. Again, if you’re looking at whether you should get one of LCD 3D Printer because you want miniatures in high detail for this price. Again, mind-blowing detail. But let’s talk more about some things that go right or wrong with the photon. So like I said, the construction seems great. It seems very heavy duty to me. Looks like it could stand up to some abuse. I mean, to be too much abuse sitting on your tabletop right up here. I paint a mini now and then, which people don’t realize. I’m always posting prints, but I’m not a good painter, but just tears in my paint it up. Better just to show you.

And. The problems you can have with it due to construction. I had. You’re going to see it coming up in a minute or two. We’ll talk about a little bit more. I thought I had a failed LCD screen because an LCD screen on LCD 3D Printer things is consumable, meaning anywhere from, say, one month into people’s report, up to six months in. The screen needs replacing, gets damaged, gets burned out, and that’s replaceable. I think it costs around 40 dollars. I replaced mine early on because I had what they called light leakage.

Mind blowing print quality on a hobbyist budget

So instead of just printing, the model was printing excess material around the model that was that it wasn’t supposed to print. And that’s a sign of LCD failure. Also I replaced my old LCD 3D Printer screen because of this vote. And by the way, the photon customer service was amazing. I sent them some pictures of the light leakage, which you’re going to see coming up. And I sent it to them. They sent me a new screen out right away. And now they think about now that I’m more knowledgeable. I’m not sure when I see a lot of people’s pictures about LCD screen feet failure.

large lcd 3d printer

Some of it I don’t think it’s LCD screen failure because what I think I had. Now, looking back on it, because this happened to me later, I think my LCD cable inside the machine because of all the vibrations of the machine. And it’s not a lot of vibration, but it is vibration. I think somehow that cable wiggled loose just the tiniest bit. And if the cable attaching the LCD screen to the motherboard inside the machine gets a little bit loose it all, you get something that looks like LCD failure when it’s just your cable isn’t seated properly.

Just what I wanted! Great printer!!! RRO!

So the second time my LCD 3D Printer failed because it had been bought so new, I thought how could this happen? Plus the failure of the light leakage looks like there’s almost a geometrical pattern. And I thought if the LCD screen failed, it shouldn’t have perfect geometry and the failure itself. Right. So I opened up the machine resale to receive the cable on a hunch and my photons working perfectly again. Also looking back, I think the very first failure I had, which is coming up soon, that looked like Elsie, the screen failure might not have been I might have replaced my LCD screen and I didn’t need to.

So getting back to how that relates to review of the photon, I think it’s a much sturdier machine than even I thought. And basically, the parts of it that are troubling for me and other people and I’m not sure there’s any real fix to this. I’m not sure it’s that much of a negative. It might be the design of the plate. So I’m not going to get into how you level your photon. There’s a ton of videos on it. They’re all very good and very easy to do. But once your plate is level, what I found is I get such good adhesion to my build plate, by the way, which is great. I’ve seen people saying that the build plates aren’t good. There’s no adhesion.

A Tabletop Gamer’s Dream

I think that’s just user error. The bill plate has amazing adhesion. It’s so good. Oftentimes, you know, jamming my spatula onto the plate to scrape the models off. And if when you’re doing that, you can even though you tighten the ball joint, that keeps the plate in place once you’re leveled and theoretically once your level, you should never have to level again. But I think scraping things off with my scraper, I sometimes move a tiny little bit. I get a little bit of play in that ball joint no matter how much I tighten it. So I do have to re-level now and then and I guess there could be some design.

moai 3d printer

There’ll be a little better where that ball joint once it’s locked, would not move at all, even if you whack it with your spatula. So now we’re looking at this light leakage failure where I circled in red. This was very disconcerting when this happened to me the first time I printed out LCD 3D Printer port colored doors. And then I notice there’s like a little floppy, thin piece of the resin cured there. Also I said, what the hell is that? And, you know, I was pretty new when I did this and I just had no clue what it was. So I thought, you know what? That I don’t know. What do I feel?

There is a learning curve but the prints are amazing

Let me just point something else up, because, hey, the door’s printed out. Perfect. There’s nothing wrong with them. Just a little extra material on the side kind of floating around. So I, you know, happy go. Lucky me being stupid. I just figured. Let me just try my next one, my next print, which is coming up in a few seconds to lightly catch all of a sudden one from that tiny little bit to two huge floppy squares hanging off the side of my next print, which were stairs, dungeon stairs going down, you know, just a tile you can put in.

So it looks like you have a down stairwell and flipping off to the side. And you can see there’s a lot of extra material because the print is just supposed to be that big square in the middle. Everything to the left into the right is just extra stuff that should not be there. Now that I’m looking at this again, as I said previously, it’s geometrical. Those are two big squares attached to my model. I think maybe my LCD cable was just unseeded. But this is when I emailed any cubic support. I sent them LCD 3D Printer pictures.

Great printer with amazing build quality

And to their credit, two days later, they sent me out a new LCD screen. Looking at this, I don’t know why they didn’t tell me, hey, receipt your cable that they should have looked at this maybe and said it might not be LCD failure. So anyway, the customer support was a. Amazing. I mean, they sent this out to me with no hassles at all, literally one email I sent out with the pictures and boom, they just sent me a new LCD screen. So props to any cubic actually for actually having some. Some of the best customer service that I’ve encountered. I was expecting a lot of pushback. And do this. Do that. Try this.

anycubic photon dlp 3d printer

Try that. But no. So once I got that new LCD screen in again, which I might not have needed, I went back to my painting and I’m showing you some more prints. Just so you can see, you’re not 5 test prints from a guy on YouTube, but someone who’s using it. You’re seeing hundreds of my prints. And the other thing you’ll notice, my prints are very clean. Again, that’s because as I did this more and more and started messing around with different supports, I kind of became very practiced at placing supports on complex miniatures so that the miniatures would come out looking like this.

Simply Incredible 3D Printer, Perfect for Jewelers!

When you get miniatures like this off your photon, you look and you say this machine is incredible. Worth every single penny. I mean, if I was getting miniatures of this quality from Reaper, I don’t even think Reaper can give me the stuff of this quality, to be honest. I think I’m printing higher quality than what I’ve ever gotten from Reaper. What’s wrong? Whiz kids like nozzles, nozzles, marvelous miniatures. The detail I’m getting on LCD 3D Printer is better, and when I remove supports I have less damage and stuff to clean up all my models than mold lines from a GW model or whiz kids model or reaper or anything like that from their mold.

I mean, look at this. Look at the ball, Rog. Slash bloodthirsty or slash pit field. I mean, unbelievable stuff. So the photon is capable of giving you models at home, basically, that is better than you can buy in the store. In some cases, substantially better. And there might be some games, workshops, goals that are so more neat and complex. Yeah, those cost one hundred and twenty dollars. I printed out that that demon you just saw cost me about a dollar to two dollars in resin maybe.

My Amazon Picks LCD 3D Printer

So once you buy this machine and start printing everyone, LCD 3D Printer figures you’re seeing here, it’s costing me somewhere around a dollar may be on the huge models like this beholder. Maybe it’s a dollar fifty to print, a little less. So you’re talking incredible cost-effectiveness out of this photon. Here’s a dragon I printed multipart. So yeah, something like this on a photon, you know, takes you maybe a full day of printing because I think I do this in three separate prints because one of the things you should know about the photon, the print bat is not huge.

So once you get into bigger type models, you either can’t do it or they have to be split and keyed. But if they are, it’s no different than assembling a multipart model from Reaper, from Games Workshop or one of those companies. So you still come out with an amazing model. And like I said, no more lines to deal with at least. And if you watch my videos on support placement and how to properly support models to minimize damage. Wait, let me interrupt myself.

Resin smell isn’t anywhere near as bad as people let on

I loved that goblins. This is just a great print because who doesn’t want the goblins? Your clean up on LCD 3D Printer models is way less. I might spend less time cleaning up these models than I did when I was buying games, workshop and reaper models and whiz kids and trying to scrape off the stupid mold lines. So there are a lot of great artists making sculptures for these too, so it’s just a great time to be able to print that home. So getting back to the full time though, because this is a review, once you know what you’re doing, you can pump out models like you’re seeing across your screen here.

zortrax inkspire vs formlabs 2

I’m pumping LCD 3D Printer models out. And the average model like, say, these two guys here, it’s maybe a four- or five-hour print. So I’m pumping out three prints a day. This kobold is only 20 centimeters tall. So those print out in about two and a half hours. So you can print out a ton of figures and I load the plate on this. You know, some people say you shouldn’t, but it’s crazy. I love my plate every single print. So when I print this cobalt, I print anywhere from 12 to 15 at once. And I rarely, have failures. I think once you know what you’re doing with your photon, you will rarely ever have failures.

Great LCD 3D Printer Outstanding Customer Service

So that means you can pump out a ton of models. Look at the shark, right? I mean, this thing is just gorgeous. Gorgeous. This I printed alone on the bed with just a couple little things on the side because it’s a pretty big model and complex-wide supports all over the place. But I don’t know that I can get some like this. I think Dave’s workshop put out some like this. I probably paid one hundred dollars for it. It’s on the whole amazing printed just in two parts, the head, and the body and it printed out all at one time.

So I think this one took about seven hours on the photon and you can see the quality you’re getting here. So the photon time someone said to me, do you recommend the photon? It’s a hundred and ten percent. Yes. I think once you know what you’re doing, this machine is is amazing and worth every single penny. Yes. There’s clean up to do. Yes. That’s a bit of a hassle. Yes. You will have some failures from how good you are at this. I still have failures because sometimes I try to get too cute supporting my models where I’m.

10 MICRONS! And MUCH easier than expected.

Always trying for minimal damage and the cleanest looking model I can, so I push the limits and I get failures. When I get failures, you have to clean out your vat. Now and then you get failures and realize you need to re-level your bed, which only takes five minutes. Not even you have to clean out your VAD again. If that’s the case because you might have some resin stuck to the bottom, whatever it is, now and then. The other consumable side we talked about the LCD screen and changing that out. By the way, I was very intimidated when I went to do it.

It took me 20 minutes after watching a YouTube video. It was quite easy, so don’t be intimidated. I’m non-technical and this machine is very easy to take apart when you need to. The other thing I had to do, which I was scared to do at first, replaced the film at the bottom of the VAT, which is called an F E P film, and that film prevents the prints from sticking. It’s a very slippery material and lets the prints stick to the bed, but that is consumable. It gets dinged up, used up and by how careful you are, how good you are at this. You will have fails. So it starts to get dense.

Consumer friendly out of the box

It can even get a puncture, which is bad. I had a small puncture. Luckily, none of the residents got through to damage my photon, but I did clean up a bit of a mess. Changing the FP again harms non-technical size. Kind of scared to take the VAT out and take it apart and do it. That took all of about 15 or 20 minutes also and was easy to do. Again, there’s is very clear and good videos on YouTube, so I think maintenance on the machine is very easy.

The only other thing is on what they called the Z rod. The rod that goes up and down where the build play travels on might start making a weird sound about three months in and I had no idea what it was. I was really scared. Turns out all I to do was use the paper towel to wipe the rod off that somehow some dust or some build up on it look like I’m not sure from what. Because I keep a pretty clean workspace, but I just wipe that off, put a little white lithium grease on that ze rod and it was printing perfectly and making no sounds after that fact when I was making the sound and still printed it just making a weird sound as it went up and down laboring sound, it sounded to me.

Good choice for begining your resin printing adventure

You know, it’s making a weird sound like that you can’t burn out your motor or damage something eventually. So yea, something like that. You just want to go grease up your rod right away. So overall maintenance for this machine has been I’ve had it for five months printing night and day and I’ve spent maybe three 4 hours on its maintenance and that’s only because I’m non-technical and I was very slow taking it apart and changing things. I need to change because I was really scared and I didn’t want to screw up my machine.

So overall, I actually couldn’t recommend more highly. I mean, I don’t I’m not comparing it to other resume printers because the only one I have. But if you get this one, you’ll have done the right thing. I mean, very low maintenance, incredible models. I think once you know what you’re doing, you should educate yourself by watching videos. If you get one of LCD 3D Printer like mine on support placement, but also videos on leveling the bed and replacing the FCP and all kind of stuff like that, then if you educate yourself on what to do to clean your models and all that stuff, it’s not as messy as people say, because if you’re organized and prepared, it’s not so bad.

Truly impressed by this little machine

Maintenance is very little and the results are mind-blowing. The only other thing about the results you have to all residents is different. There is a zillion different reason out there. So you have to go on the Web. You have to make sure you research resident settings for different reasons and then test them out. You might get I got some resident settings online from the photon community and turned out they weren’t optimal. I changed a little bit to get better prints and then a resin test print. You can do what you’re good, which will help you. But I just did mine by trial and error and I found the right settings for my resume, which is elegant grey at the beginning of this array of blue.

Now you see everything’s an elegant gray. And once I got my settings dialed in I have no failures anymore. You know, now and then I will say I got a little failure because I’ve moved my print plate when I’m trying to scrape prints off it. But other than that, the machine is extremely, extremely reliable. So I would highly recommend anyone who prints minis get a photon. You won’t be disappointed. Just do your due diligence, do your research, learn what you’re doing and the machine will reward you. Look, look at this shot right here. LCD 3D Printer models came out beautiful. That amazing. I’m so happy I had this machine.

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