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Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Watch


Hello There, Today I am going to review Kids Fitness Tracker. And is is one of the best Kids Fitness Tracker I think. All right, kids, it’s time to get fit. He owes Kentucky Ranger I got a new fitness tracker. This was for kids. Kids. They can be rambunctious and full of energy and everything. Still, it’s cool too, you know, help them get into a healthy lifestyle. So I thought, this is cool. This is from YoYoFit. It’s waterproof. It’s fitness. Fitness tracker. It tracks your heart rate, your steps distance. You’ve walked. It’s going to alarm clock sleep monitor. It’s got all kinds of bells and whistles. It’s only twenty-nine. Ninety-nine. Course you know who’s going to get this space. Girl. You see.

See all these street lights or some bright. Turn the light off. I think you see it better. We’re going to see the display. There’s a clock there. That’s your footsteps. Stabs your heart, right? And behold that long-press it to do your heart rate automatically sets for your sleep. You don’t have to do anything and has the exercise so you can monitor your exercise. Kids Fitness Tracker also has an app. So I’ll break. Now I talk about to you the app. This is a nice app.

Activity Tracker Waterproof Pedometer Watch for Kids

I was concerned with that. The other one that I have that the Bluetooth was making my wrist hurt. I don’t know if that’s the case or not. Anyhow, it’s I don’t think it’s the insurance, but it’s one of those things. Plus, this isn’t gonna be constantly monitoring stuff. Are trying to connect to a cell phone. Plus you can turn the Bluetooth off. So with little kids, you don’t have to have the app, in fact, sheets. She doesn’t have a cell phone. She’s too young, but I’m sure her parents do. And I’ll show her how to show them how to hook it up to the way you charge this on this Kids Fitness Tracker.

Kids Fitness Tracker

And this Kids Fitness Tracker holds a charge for at least six days. I’ve had this and had it on because it’s too small for my wrist. But I’ve had it on for five or six days now and it’s still about half charged. So, yeah, you see on display there. Whoops. Go back. See, it’s still half charged. So that’s pretty cool. And the way you open this up is you have to pry. I can’t remember which side. Oh, it shows on here on the back it says the U.S. Whoops. Sorry about the later show. What you do is you pride down a little bit on that and you can see it starts to come loose.

Digital Kids Alarm Clock Step Calorie Sleep Health Tracker as Best Fitness Gift

The more you pride on that, pride down and then you peel it off. You come in there and you just pop that off. And there’s then there’s the USB port out laser show, it’s Wanda and you just plug that in the U.S. Beatport and charge the Kids Fitness Tracker. Another thing, you can get different color bands. So both sides come off the same way. You just pull it, pull it down so you can get the different colored man. I just think it’s cool. Too simple. Like, say, twenty-nine nine nine-thirty bucks. It’s cool for kids. The instruction manual. Another awesome instruction manual.

Nice big print. Easy to read. I like that. I like that. But you just download the app, let your kids go do their thing. If they’re old enough and they have their cell phones and you can have them link it to their cell phones. But I don’t know kids now. Thanks. The younger and younger, they had cell phones. But this is cool, isn’t pink, because as you can see, we’ll give this to space, cat girl. You can’t see. Just a second. Nora, come back and wrap this up.

Kids Fitness Tracker

Well, everybody here she is not me. That’s me. Faith-based cat girl and I got something for you. You know, open it up. Let me help you. You go. Pull it out there. Here, this Kids Fitness Trackers something pink. It’s a watch. It’s a fitness watch. Yes. Touch screen. Here you see the little oval man there. You just touch it and see. Each touch those different things. As you can see, it does different things. There’s the watch part anyhow.

And this is the direction to give it to your mommy and let her sink this to her phone. And that way she can keep track of your fitness so she can keep track. You got a phone. We’ll have her or you want to bring it over. I can do it for he or she can do it, but doesn’t need a SIM card with this. It just needs Bluetooth. Every phone I get. I’ll get my body. Cool. Let’s put this on. Which are. Oh, Bob Goldberg. She’s just fine. She’s dead. They don’t want to die. Yeah. Pier. I have a 20-minute video watch on there. I want to go down. There it goes. I like that. Cool. Well, let’s bring that strap around.

My Amazon Picks Best Kids Fitness Tracker

There we go. That’s locked in. Cool. I want to have her out because it’s sink to my phone. That’s me. That’s a m s m s message. Just when you think this to your phone, you can get phone calls and you can get the text messages and all that cool stuff. But anyhow, this is the instruction manual. Yeah. Thirty-four steps. You haven’t even started yet. So we’re gonna have her run around the woman. I want to tell you the app or we’re gonna details you that app for it. Looks like once she’s gotten some data in there so we can see what it how it gets your heart rate on this Kids Fitness Tracker.

You know, what you do is you hold it, you go to the thing that you want, like the heart rate. Hold it. Don’t know. Go back. Tap it back over. That’s the exercise. OK. Now put your finger like this press and hold it and watch the press and hold it. There goes one on one. Your heart rate’s up. Now see, Tappan, it gets you to the next screen. You got to hold it. Press and hold. There you go. Now, what a bill. It’s already a bill, it. It takes a few seconds.

Kids Fitness Tracker

It’ll show your heart right before there’s your heart, right? Right, go run around a little bit and then we’ll come back and we’ll show the app in action. So let’s go have fun. You run around. I can’t run around an hour later. Well, did have fun. She would run around to doing setups and carrying on. I think we’ve got some data in here. So let’s open this app up. Seven hundred nine. If you’re reading math, don’t read my text, which is not a well, we’ll fix that. I had to sync it to my phone so we could show everybody how this works. Let’s say I turn the screen recorder on.

Here we go. Three, two. One. OK. OK. Keep the screen. Corey quarter keeps cutting out there. It shows you the progress of what you’re doing. Steps and stuff, your heart rate, sleep duration. She hasn’t slept any with this Kids Fitness Tracker. That would show her her average sleep duration. It’s just cool. Well, it’s summer. You don’t have any school. Yeah. That’s right. Sleep all day or stay up all night. Okay. I guess that’s right. I’ll give you a soda. I sure will. Anyhow, that in a nutshell, is it? She’s gonna enjoy her. Fitbit or fitness tracker should call it a Fitbit because it’s a brand name. But Plank thing.

Hope you enjoyed this. So what do you think about that? How many space cards? Ten space kids. Was going to give it five rangers. I gave it five rangers. She gives it 10 space cards. So anyhow. God bless her. She stared at the wing on the couch or wondered cat space cat. Not fridge cows. There you go. Katie ending the Save the app. It records what they’re doing. So you can if you’re a parent, you can keep track of how active your kids are if they’re getting a decent sleep. Stuff like this, actually, it’s pretty good. Help devise. Anyhow, links in the description. Appreciate you watching. Stay tuned for whatever. Next thing I might come across on Amazon. Gutless. Thank you. Goodbye.

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