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Best Hydrating Facial Mask Paper Mask Sheet


Dr.Morita Deep Hydrating Facial Mask

Hello There! Today I review Hydrating Facial Mask and now I’m going to be reviewing a Hydrating Facial Mask. I did end up getting a full box of the sheet masks. This is from a Taiwan brand or Taiwanese brand. It’s been in business for a lot of years. This is from Dr.Morita. They just rebranded their stuff so that it could be sold in the United States. It’s more like English branded instead of in their natural language. So this Hydrating Facial Mask is the moisturizing highland acid facial sheet masks. I do have like super, super dry, sensitive skin, and so when they reached out to me via email, the lady was super nice.

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She was very quick to reply. We had a lot of back and forth. The only thing that bothered me about the entire situation was that on Amazon, when you look at the ingredients, it just says, Hyla, Roddick, acid and on. These are all of the ingredients. So there’s a lot more than just Hyla on the gas it in here. I did open it just a crack so I could do a patch test on it. I have been letting my face settle for a couple of weeks. I the past three days in a row. This first time, I’ve worn makeup in like two weeks because my face had like broken out bad.

Moisturizing 30ml Hyaluronic Acid Essence

My face is like super sensitive and dry right now to the point where in my skin on my face hurts. So I don’t know if it’s because our weather went from hot to like rainy for several days to chilly, too hot to rainy in Florida. I should be used to this by now. I’ve lived here my entire life. So I was letting my face like, calm down. I’m not quite sure what was causing a reaction. I have an idea of what I think it is, but I’ve been kind of scared to use it since my reaction to it. So I’m I need to do patch testing. It is fine. I didn’t have any problems with the patch testing it.

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But once I, like, spread the product over my face, that’s when I have problems. And it wasn’t like immediate. It was like the next day or the day after. So did the product cause me to break out? So I didn’t want to test this cheat Hydrating Facial Mask out while my face was already freaking out from something else. So now that, you know, all of these are like they’re just red spots from where they came up or there’s a couple that are still dry like dry patches like in here, I figured this would be a good test of this sheet mask.

Sheet Mask Face Skin Refreshing

I’m going to go ahead and cut the thing the rest of the way open. And these do have expiration dates at the very top. Each product has not only batch code on it, but it says here that expires December 14th of 2021 and that the website provides or I should say that the Amazon page. Oh, it looks like complete smut down there. Oh, that is interesting. It looks like it’s in my chair and I’m going to open with without the camera lens. It looks like there’s like the sheet Hydrating Facial Mask, but there’s another sleeve that sits on it.

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So we’ll have to see what that is when I pull it out. But there were two different types. There was like a full face sheet mask. And they had this pretty like a butterfly looking eye mask that is supposed to like cover your eyelids and under Irene, that kind of stuff. So I ended up getting the full face sheet mask. I still need to write my review online, but I haven’t tried it out yet other than doing the patch test. And I did. It patched us for a couple of different times and I did one on my John line, I did one on my inner arm and a diploma behind my ear just to make sure highly ironic as it is actually super good for keeping moisture and retaining moisture in the skin, especially for people like me that have very dry skin.

Collagen Paper Mask Sheet 8 Pcs

And I looked at the ingredients. There doesn’t seem to be anything in here that would give me an irritation, but one of the like is the third to the last ingredient. They’re soggy in here. Soggy? Yes, soggy. I was like, oh, so there’s eggplant extract, saki hydraulics, collagen, which that is the last ingredient. There is castor oil in here, which I’m not too happy about. I do not like using products that have castor oil or mineral oil in it because I find that my skin just doesn’t like those ingredients. But there’s not cinnamon in here. There are all kinds of different hydrating ingredients for the skin.

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So I’m a shut up and I’m going to go ahead and pull this not random thing out. As many of you know, I do not like using sheet Hydrating Facial Masks because they are. Oh, yuck. Because they look and feel like snot to me. I didn’t like playing with slime as a kid either. This is so weird. OK, so it is. Ok, so there is a little thing on the back that you peel off. The sheet mask. Nothing at clean counters spaced out, so I didn’t get stuck on anything. And usually, I end up having to cut the nose part out because I have a huge nose. So let’s see how this works.

You need it in your life!

Quite. But during. Ok. I’m going to sit with this on for the 15 minutes of the recommended. The Hydrating Facial Mask is too big for my face, but I have a very oblong face, so I’m going to trash that right. It’s not off my counter and then I will be back in 15 minutes like it recommends and I will take it off of you guys. Just wanted to add in here really quick that the sheet mask, after I used it this day for about four days after me using the sheet Hydrating Facial Mask, my face felt like a baby, but soft. It was a moisturizer. It didn’t hurt. And It didn’t itch. It felt amazing.

So I will continue to test these out and give you an update after I have tried them more and longer. And I will do like a one month and a two-month update on these sheet masks for you. Ok, I just I had to get it off my face. It’s been on my face for at least 15 minutes and my usually kind of like fold them back up and stick it back in the package as there’s usually more snot in the bottom. I will take this and stick it in a Ziploc bag and switch all the air out of it, stick it in a fridge. And I and it’s still really wet. So I wouldn’t technically even need to put it back in here.

My Amazon Picks Hydrating Facial Mask

But my whole face is, look, so you see how much product is on my face. I have so much product on my feet just sitting on my under I area. And I don’t know how this is going to work dried down on my skin. I mean, I just massaged it in my neck and my arms, my face. And I will have to keep testing these out. This is just a first impression. This is the very first time I’ve used this. And other than the fact that I don’t like the way she must feel on my face or like super itchy heat there. It’s weird. I just I don’t like having them on my face. It’s nice and cool with the fanning.

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Right now, I didn’t have any problems with like itching or burning. I mean, I edged a little bit, but that was because I was being poked by the sheet Hydrating Facial Mask. So I just relocated it and it seemed to work just fine as far as like plump skin or hydrated skin. I won’t have to wait till the stuff like dries down a little bit more on my face because like. I have so much stuff on my face. I probably have enough stuff on my face to do both of my legs. When we do my thighs.The backs of my legs.

Very moisturizing and easy to use

I tried to keep it away from like my direct eye area until just now. Ok, now that I’ve got it worked into my skin. And my face is like super tacky. That’s another thing I don’t care for who shape masses are like super tacky, and I don’t like that that stays on my face, even if I try and put a moisturizer over it. Usually what I’ll do is I’ll run over it with a washcloth, but just warm water on it, just kind of like press a washcloth on my face and just kind of just press it into my skin.

And that kind of takes away some of the tacky feels. But this is just a first impression. It is nice. I have eight more, but usually, I use sheet Hydrating Facial Masks more than once. So I know a handful of this guy, but because this is how I fold them, I like to wrap them and then I’ll squish it to make sure that the product is evenly dispersed over the sheet mascots inside. And then I will stick it in a Ziploc bag and stick at the fridge. And because I live in Florida.

Look younger and more vibrant

When you play the end of the day or at night or even late in the afternoon, if I just kind of want to relax and lay in bed with a book for a little bit, I would pull out one of the sheet masks from the fridge and put it on and just kind of sit back and read because not only are they nice and cooling and refreshing, but it gives me a chance to like relax and cool down a little bit because it gets really hot here. So I will have to test this out again. Again, this is just a first impression. I will leave the product for Amazon link down below. I believe the box itself was like 1899.

diy hydrating face mask for oily skin

The eye masks and stuff were I think seventeen ninety-nine. So if you don’t want just the whole sheet Hydrating Facial Mask. But I mean my face does feel a little bit. Plumper. I mean, there’s nothing I can do about my under our area, this is naturally hollow. Anyways, kind of wish that I could put something there and pump it up a little bit, then maybe my dark circles wouldn’t be so bad. But I don’t suffer from like eye bags or anything like that, I never really have. And what you see down here under my eyes, this is part of my eye.

Great For Aging Faces

So it’s not a bag, it’s part of my eye that sticks out the bottom. So if somebody tries to tell you that that’s an eye bag, go see a dermatologist and ask them, because nine times out of ten, you probably won’t be. It’ll probably just be where your eye protrudes enough that the under-eye area sticks out a little bit like mind us. So anyway, this is just a first impression of the Doctor Merida. This is the moisturizing Highland Onyx sheet masks. I think for eight of these and if you use them twice as I do, I think 20 bucks is reasonable just for a cheap Hydrating Facial Mask.

But if you can get 16 uses out of them, that makes them basically about a dollar. One dollar twenty-five a mask if you can get to use out of them or, you know, they’re like two to 25 to 30, something like that if you will use them once. So I will leave everything right down below. Hi, Rebecca. Reset. I will keep testing these out. And then after I have used at least half the box, if not the whole box, I will come back and do a final review on it.

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