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Best Hobby RC Trucks Waterproof | Shockproof | Anti-Skid


Hello There! Today I am going to review Hobby RC Trucks. This RC Monster Truck Brand name is Hosim. I think this is one of the best Hobby RC Truck. Okay, Take the bidding war. This is the queue. 9 0 3, this is a brush loses one-sixteenth scale RC Trucks. It looks pretty good. This is a four-wheel drive. It has a breathless motor. Looks like a 380 size. I’ll have to look at it when I open it up. And it’s a 35 amp EFC. Has it says fifty-two K m8. And I think that’s going to be like 32 miles an hour it’s supposed to go. So we’ll have to see when I test run it. But let’s open it up and see what’s inside.

But first I want to show you guy the side of the box so you could pause it and see all the info. Ok, here’s what comes in the box. Here are the instructions, they give you a little card here. Support and stuff. Here are the instructions. Looks pretty good. I looked through this. Just make sure you read it. And I looked in the back. They got all the parts and stuff and it looks like it has full metal gears, deaths and everything in this model. So just take a look at this. There’s the wheelie bar. See what else to get here. Inside the bag, you get like a wheel wrench here. This looks like LCD lights. I guess you put them in the front hair for body clips, extra ones and the USP charger here to charge the battery.

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Off-Road, Waterproof, Shockproof, Anti-Skid

All right. Let me put this aside. Let’s look at the radio. The radio looks pretty good. This Hobby RC Trucks feels pretty good, it kind of reminds me of a fly sky. Three days for the batteries in there. And we got steer in direction, stair, and trim. Normal reverse steering. And then we have a high and low-speed mode. I think it goes from high speed to full speed on high. Now let’s take a look at the up here. Here it is. It’s where the body is like smoke. See-through so you could pry paint this in the inside, make it any color you want. Here’s the wheelie bar.

Feels pretty sturdy and there’s ready LCD go in. Has regular spring shocks. No oil. Let’s take a look inside the body here. They could see the bodies not painted in the front. And over here, so you could probably paint this any color you want, make it look like your own instead of just out of the box. That’s pretty cool. Here’s the unit here. This is a thirty-five AMP unit for the Brussels motor here. This is the EFC and their receiver unit built-in. And it looks like the 380 sized motors, maybe a 280, I’m not sure. See what it gives you deans connectors, which is nice.

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Here’s the battery compartment. Undo that, This Hobby RC Trucks pops right out. Let’s see what we got here. We got a 1000 million A to us, Lebo. So that’s pretty good. I feel pretty smooth. As I said, it has all-metal drive shafts. And it’s got metal gears throughout it, so should be pretty good. The grand plan is pretty nice to stick your hand under. A wheelie bar is pretty nice. Spins up easy. Almost feels like there are ball bearings in that beauty. Tires have foam in them. They feel pretty soft, so they should work. OK.

Jazzy, feel strong, flexible in the front. Flexible in the back here. You could see so that shouldn’t break. It’s got a serval saber. All right. I just want to show you, I plugged the LCD in, there’s a little more on the ELC receiver unit. I ran the wire around under the shock like that until the front where the LCD push in. They just push in. So you’re going to want to use some see a glue or shoe glue to hold them in from falling out. OK, I just want to show you guys how it sounds. The battery is stuck out of the box, so that’s probably only 50 percent charge. So we’re gonna turn on the radio.

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And then the power on the car. So you had steering goes pretty quick. Now let’s test how smooth it sounds. That sounds smooth. Sorry I to get this out and run it. I’m going to give this a speed run. I’m going to test it in high because low is half speed. And according to the specs on the box and any instructions, this should go like 32 miles an hour. So we’re going to see what this does. I have my G.P.S. unit right in there. Okay. Here goes the speed test to the wholesome 2 9 0 3. Let’s see if it could hit 32 miles an hour. Got this long stretch here. So let’s go.

All right. See what she did. Twenty-three point three, so it’s far off from being a 32 miles an hour. So you ain’t going to hit what they claim on the box. Sandy? Really? Okay, I’m back home with the wholesome 2 9 0 3, and you’re not going to get the 32 miles an hour, it got twenty-three points three, but for the size it is, it’s still pretty quick. It feels powerful. Doe’s wheelies and everything as you’ve seen in the product when you use it, I beat the hell out of this thing as you’ve seen on their YouTube video. That rock I run on is really bad. Even one eighth scale trucks have problems on it.

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So for the size and scale of this, it did well. The one problem I noticed is I chipped some of the wheels up. But it’s to be expected probably for how I was running it on that rock. Normal running is probably OK. And you want to check your tires and maybe see a glue them on because they came all off the wheels. So check them out and maybe before you run it. If they’re not glued on, I forgot the check. Just see a glue them. The motor fell cool and I felt it. So it runs pretty well and cools.

It’s tough as anything. If you look at it, I beat on it. So everything’s okay on it. The only problem I had was, like I said, these wheels mainly on the rear ones, I guess because I was flipping it so hard on that, a rack like that. So normal drive in their prime gonna is okay guys. That rock, I’m telling you are bad. So it’s pretty cool. It’s a nice little truck to have. You want to take out and bash around and a little speed demon for its size. It’s OK. So You can buy this Hobby RC Trucks from amazon.

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