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Large Hiking Camping Backpack Foldable Lightweight


Hello Everyone! So this will be a quick review of a Hiking Camping Backpack. And so this backpack only costs 17 dollars and free shipping by Amazon Prime. I bought this Hiking Camping Backpack a couple of days ago and as you can see, the price over here is fourteen ninety-nine for this color is the fuchsia of light purple color they card and arrived. You mean two days since I have Amazon Prime. And the advantage of this backpack, as they say, is that it’s super lightweight and it’s also water-resistant.

So I should be able to block the water for a few seconds. If it rains and it’s all on lightweight and packs a bowl, apparently it’s also. And also Hiking Camping Backpack has an easy to access water bottle area right over here. So I got it today. And take a look. This is a 40-liter backpack. It’s not even any larger than the palm of my hand. The size of my hand, again, really, really peekaboo. So we’re going to open up the backpack and just take a look and see what’s going on with this backpack, how it looks like and how it feels like. So it comes with a little single side of the handle right over here.

Foldable Lightweight Backpacking Bag Water Resistant

And I was I assume this is the material the use looks like in Milo. Right. I just opened the pouch and it’s a single zipper pouch. It’s got there. So the brand is G for free. And the model number is the Prospero 40 liter large hiking, camping backpack. And they have the logo right over here. They also have the logo right over here. Seems like they really care about their branding or the mold of this backpack and it’s packed inside like that. Interestingly, this whole pouch is integrated with the backpack itself.

So we open this up. This Hiking Camping Backpack opens up like that. OK. And it just expands itself over this way. Take a look. And this suddenly expands to a very large-sized backpack, really, really large, pretty large measure. So my cat is going crazy. OK. Let’s use a ruler measured quick and the length is about twenty-one inch and the width is about fourteen inches and sees if it’s going to hold a camera. So interestingly, that’s where you fold once where you fold the pouch. Let me try to fold it. So I don’t forget how to fold it back in there again. OK. It’s like that and I put this in here and then I guess I put this back in here. So far, nice.

Hiking Camping Backpack

If you don’t use it, you got folded into a very small, compact little pouch. Now I’m going to open up again. So basically this expands like that. And of course, the one thing you need does I think it’s going to be a trouble for a lot of users are using the straps. There is no padding at all. So it’s going to hurt like hell. You have lots of super-heavy stuff in the backpack. And so hopefully you’re using this for cold weather travel. So you have some padding in your clothes. So you’re not going to be hurt by the hand, but they’re strapped because this Hiking Camping Backpack doesn’t have any padding at all. Look at that.

It does have a chest strap. If you have heavy stuff. You can, you know, put the strap on so it doesn’t fall on your back over there and so on. The main compartment, there are two large zippers, very easy to operate at least. And of course, you have some tension in the system over here. You just gonna have to do some. So you can open it up like that. And that’s what they claim. A 40-meter backpack. Ok. So I’m going to put it on my bag, on my back so you can see the relative size of that backpack.

G4Free Prospo 40L Large Hiking Camping Backpack

Of course, it’s empty, so you’re not going to see Hiking Camping Backpack fully stuff. But maybe later I’ll post a or find something to stuff it and then you guys can see how much stuff it can hold. So just going to put it in the back. And again, it’s very light in itself. So if you don’t have a lot of stuff, it’s very comfortable. The strap fits pretty good adjustable strap, of course. And if you look at the front, they have a chest strap over here so you can head just to your liking for if you have heavy stuff. But I think it’s pretty comfortable, actually, like without even with all the petty that the strap fixing to your form very nicely. So even I apply some weight.

Like, I don’t think it’s gonna be super uncomfortable even with weight. So, yeah, this is a pretty good Hiking Camping Backpack. The choosing material, again, it’s a single layer nylon construction, just like what’s on the outside of the backpack. So I’m wondering if you can. Oh, the cool thing is, once you take it out of the pouch, you can use this itself as a little storage pouch. The downside, of course, is it’s a single zipper designed. So your stuff might get lost over here. If you have a zipper-like you, you have a double zipper design. You can have the zipper left on the top.

Hiking Camping Backpack

OK, so that’s the only downside. But it doesn’t work as the additional storage on the front of the backpack. You also have those. Or how do you call this? But those are used to support some additional stuff on your backpack. Once you have that inside stuff as well, here’s a side profile. So this is what it looks like extended. Let me go. Let me go find some stuff, too. Putting the backpack. See you guys. Going to see how much stuff we can hold. I’ll be right back. Kim.

All right, so I just went upstairs. I found a whole bunch of Tom stuff in the Hiking Camping Backpack. And now the bag is 40 stuffed, about 30, a leader stuffed. So here’s a side profile and I’m sure you guys. And it’s a good like eight, eight to 10 pounds of weight, you just back. So it’s pretty heavy now. I’m gonna put it on and then when I give it a try. So here’s what it looks like. And just the strap a little bit. And as you can see, it goes all the way below my waist. So it’s a pretty large drag actually, 30 yards back, 40 meters. And of course, with the added weight now de France shroud becomes useful. You can put it over here. We get just a little bit like that.

My Amazon Picks Best Hiking Camping Backpack

And quite surprisingly, the shoulder strap, the shoulder strap is very comfortable. So scratch my comments about no patting on the shoulder strap. It’s wide enough that it and it’s very a form-fitting. So it feels like the backpack is actually with like one piece with your own body. I think even for longer, longer wearing and for long-distance walking and hiking, there should be a comfortable backpack.

So actually, let me take all the stuff out so you guys can see for stuff I put there. Again, this is mainly the single compartment Hiking Camping Backpack. There is one little area over here in the front, so you can put some credit cards, wallets, and stuff in there. So my only concern I have was this kind of backpack. It is light. It is very comfortable. But it’s not theft-proof. It’s not theft protected.

So if you look at some other travel backpacks, some of them feature a mesh wire in the front of the backpack. So if you’re traveling, especially in the Europe area or the Asia area, where what I heard theft is very common, those kinds of anti-theft backpack might be a better option. But if you’re just hiking around on the trails and or you don’t have any valuables in your backpack, you don’t mind if your things get stolen with a knife slashing through your backpack. This 15 dollar backpack is totally fine and it holds a lot of stuff.

It’s 14 liters. OK, so go ahead and open it. And the opening on the main compartment is very large as well. So you have easily access a lot of your stuff like instantly. So over here, that’s come how many paths I’m putting there. One, two, three, four, five. I have five large towels all stuffed over here in this little Hiking Camping Backpack. And so you have all the stuff out. Again, you can just quickly open up your little secret pouch and just put the backpack itself into the pouch. Right. Realistically, I can remember how.

So the interesting thing is, once you use it, once it doesn’t want you to want it going there as easily as when it’s always brand new. So you might have to fiddle around a lot of it to get it in there. You can see like once you use it once. It just doesn’t go that easily. But regardless, it’s still forcing through a very small piece over here. Okay. So there is the portability side of the backpack. And also one last thing. Remember I mentioned that it features a large water bottle area. So here’s your water bottle area.

I wouldn’t say it’s that large, but it’s large enough for maybe a 30 to. 32 owns water bottle. Maybe it’s not the largest I’ve seen, but it should hold fairly, fairly large water bottles on each side. So there is another area over here on this. But again, if your backpack is stuffed, I don’t think you can put any large water bottles in this area as well. So the capacity of the water bottle might be limited by the amount of stuff you’re putting, though, in the Hiking Camping Backpack.

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