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Best Fishing Rod Rack Portable Fishing Rod Storage


ODDSPRO Portable Fishing Rod Storage

Today’s review Fishing Rod Rack and this item brand name is ODDSPRO. Just want to do this review. Own the odd spiral Fishing Rod Rack. So I just wanted to kind of show everybody a picture of that right there. And what I’m going to do is do a review of this fishing rod rack. I’m going to put it together. So you’re going to read me in this article, put it together. And then at the end of the article, you’re going to give hear me give my final thoughts about it once it’s a symbol.

rack plans

And what’s it looking like and what are the overall thoughts about this Fishing Rod Rack? But what I want to share with you are some of the most of things here that are good about it. So one is simple to assemble. I’m looking here at the instructions and they are pretty simple. It’s like really only four steps to assembling it. And all the pieces are in the box. There are no tools required. So you don’t need any wrenches or any kind of screwdrivers to make this work.

Got more than one rod and reel

And everything is already there assembled. So this Fishing Rod Rack is a really good value for what you are getting. And I mean, is this truly is and it’s something that you can hold your fishing equipment on when media rods and you’re real. So like I said before, every fisherman out there if you’ve got more than one rod and reel. So Then you’re going to need a rack. And why not use one that is affordable and also looks good as well. So what we’re going to do is go ahead, get started with this one and put it together and I’ll give you my final thoughts.

diy horizontal fishing rod rack

So Once again, this is Tidewater Johnny always saying my phrase; keep your land tight because we need that top word lower. And It’s going to be a big bite. All right. And here it is the art sparrow Fishing Rod Rack. And Instructions and manuals, so it’s here. So what I want to do is just kind of show everybody the pieces that come with this fishing rack. As you can see, it’s pretty simplistic in what we’ve got here. And what we’re going to do is put this together and then melt our fishing rod.

All Types of Rod and Reel Combos

So this is got delivered and we’re just going to put it all together and check it out with some actual fishing racks on it. So as you can see, we’ve got the mounts over here. And The holders in the mounts. So it’s all looking pretty simplistic here. Also Nothing too complicated. So we’re going to put that together right now. So we’re going to go ahead and get started here, and as you can see, the first steps on here, right out the instruction manual are the side pieces and you have to twist them and fold them straight.

rod rack for garage

Also as you can see right here, this Fishing Rod Rack is what they look like when they first come out of the package. And Then you’ll turn these pieces right here and then it will look like this right here. So it will turn and it will look like this once it’s assembled. And Then what we’ll do is we’re going to put one of the mountains on there so that that is now mounted on there as well. So we’re going to do that in a few minutes here. As you can see here, this is what it looks like when it comes in the package. And this is what it’s going to look like. What’s one side of your fishing rack is set up.

These sleeves need to be all lined up straight

So all I did was simply take the middle piece right here. And This is the bass. And I slipped it right into the actual mountain pieces right here. So now it is all set. And then I’ll just simply do the other side as well. OK. So An important piece to note here. And When you are putting these pieces together, I want you to look at the bottom here. Notice that these two pieces right here. That is sticking out. Has to also be the inside here. So This Fishing Rod Rack when you slide it in this piece.

fishing rod holders walmart

These sleeves need to be all lined up straight because it’s easy to snap them together. And yours look like this. The two pieces are right there and right there. And you’re wondering why don’t why the other pieces aren’t connecting because you have it backward. So you’ve got to make sure that you do not slide it in this way, but slide it in this way so that you have these Fishing Rod Rack slits and these two mounting brackets all on the same side. So that’s something to keep in mind. You want it like this and not like this. Not like this right here.

The actual bracketing right here

Ok, next on here is number three, where we take the actual the actual spot that holds the rails and put it into the mount. So here is our piece right here. That has to be put on. And as you can see, I’ve got it right here. Now I want you to check something out here. When you put this on, make sure that the actual piece there is a piece here. This Fishing Rod Rack little piece right here that you see right here. Now I’m going to show you right there. You’ve got to push that in and you got to make sure it’s not. It’s on the bottom. So as you can see right here, mine is on the bottom.

how to build a fishing rod holder for garage

So when you put this piece on and you slide it into the actual bracketing right here and right here, and that’s why this knob moves, make sure it’s on the bottom because there’s a hole in the bottom where that piece will poke out and you’ll see it. Once you have this actual device, the actual piece of equipment here. But it’s important to make sure that, as you can see its right there and it’s on the bottom because it’s so easy to put it on top.

My Amazon Picks Fishing Rod Rack

But you put it on the bottom so that the other part, the other bracket that holds up the other side can snap right on to this Fishing Rod Rack. So let’s go ahead and get started with that. OK. Something that I noticed here, as you can see, I’ve got a panel. I’ve got one side already set up here. And notice how it’s smooth on this side right here. This is how it should be set up when you get it in the package and you start opening things up. As you can notice, the holes that are right here are upside down.

homemade fishing rod holders for boats

So, in other words, it wouldn’t. These holes should not be like this. As you can see right here. So I’ve got to spin these around. So that’s why you see right here, you see the actual the little bolt and a nut right here. You’re going to have to take this off, remove it is just a nut and a bolt. Take it off and then just turn it around so that it’s facing down. Because this is the part that is up and displayed where you can see everything. So this Fishing Rod Rack should be on the bottom and not on the top.

What a few snaps you can put this together

But right now, it’s on the top. So I’m just going to simply take this. Off here. Take off the. Take that off there. I’m a to turn it. So that it’s actually. Notice right here and then you see this right here. So I’m just turning it so it’s down instead of up and put that back on there just like that and take the little washer, just put it loose at the washer back on again. Take the screw here. And put that back on. And now it’s ready. This Fishing Rod Rack one is ready, as you can see. Now it matches the other one.

in ground fishing pole holder

So I’m going to do is do that one to the bottom one as well. And then we will be able to put the final assembly together. All right. And as you can see, it is now all assembled. So basically, what a few snaps you can put this together. All I did was bring those two pieces together on both ends, pushing them together, as you can see under the bottom here. I’ll just show it to you. You can see them once you push them together, you just push up and then it’ll go through that little slit.

Increase the size of this as well if we wanted

And then this little it’ll pop out right here. As you can see, that’ll pop right out and that will lock down your two pieces together. So then all of a sudden you will have your entire thing in one solid piece here. So I just wanted to show everybody that. And that matches, as you can see, that’s it right there. It looks just like it’s completely assembled. And apparently with these pieces right here that can come off, maybe we can even add something to it and increase the size of this as well if we wanted to Fishing Rod Rack.

diy horizontal fishing rod rack

So there might be at least some accessories that could be added to this. So I just wanted to show everybody that this Fishing Rod Rack is what it looks like when it is assembled. All right. And now you can see it when I put in my spinning real, this is what it looks like inside Derek falls into that slot. Nice, neat. It’s got him pretty good for bait casters as well. You know, bay catchers have a few more nodules to it, so it sits in there. Pretty good for that right there. He holds it in spots right there. And so that’s what it looks like. So now you see what it looks like.

My rods and real leaning against the wall

Wood is spinning. Then you’ve got a bait caster. So now you can see what the finished product looks like. Overall, I would say that the odd spirals actual fishing rod rack are going to be useful because normally I just have my rods and real leaning against the wall, whether in the garage or the house. So this will be a nice little thing to be able to sit my rides and rails in and keep them from leaning up against things. So what I recommended. Yes, I would recommend this Fishing Rod Rack.

So once again, if you are looking for a fishing rack to hold your rods and reels. Check this out. You can probably more than likely if you’re reading this article order right off Amazon, get access to it and enjoy it. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for me. Want to connect with me? Of course. You can always find me at top-water, That’s what I do. That’s what I enjoy. So once again, I would highly recommend this fishing rack to store your Fishing Rod Rack. So check it out once again.

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