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Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners | Top 10 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners For 2020


Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Today’s Review. Also Today I am Going To Review Top 10 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners For 2020. So Let’s Start To Review All Items.

  1. Shark Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
  2. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
  3. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum
  4. ONSON Stick 12KPa Powerful Cleaning
  5. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 17Kpa
  6. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Super Suction
  7. BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Stick Vacuum
  8. Dyson V7 Motorhead Fuchsia (227591-01)
  9. Hoover Cordless Vacuum Lightweight, Black
  10. Shark ION F80 Lightweight Stick MultiFLEX
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1. Shark Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Shark Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

This is the Number One Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I have a capable general use vacuum. I required one thing for fast-developing, notably underneath the eating space table, that I take advantage of double every day for uptake. The Shark has crammed my want for improvement up this space, while not fitting the regular vacuum, moving a table to plug it in, and reversing the method. It does, exactly, what I wished. This small vacuum is my favorite appliance. It’s invariably charged and that I run it over my laminate floors, area rugs, and even carpet. It runs twenty minutes, which is typically enough time to induce all the laminates to finish.

I use this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners every day a minimum of just the once. I have 3 of them. I likable the primary one such a lot that I bought another, and so a 3rd one. I take advantage of all of them at just the once or another. I even keep one out on the rear penned construction. This can be the simplest household appliance I have ever utilized in my life. If one amongst them goes out, I’ll obtain another one. I ne’er need to be while not them! I used to be a bit hesitant obtaining a little vacuum with having a shepherd dog within the house; particularly with him shedding such a lot immediately. This small vacuum has nice suction and picked things up while not having to vacuum over them multiple times.

Great lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaners that does the job!

My friend suggested the Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaners and that I am happy to say- it was the simplest recommendation I ever took. I used to be therefore stressed regarding dog hair in my house particularly with youngsters running around. This machine is light-weight, charges simply and might be used for a couple of minutes simply to stay my house tidy. I will even run it once my four years recent is sleeping in the dark. I’m excited and can persist with this line of products if I ought to want anything. Extremely recommended! The simplest very little Shark I have had. I have had mine a protracted time currently and get able to get another one for my different home.

This Cordless Vacuum Cleaners is my second purchase of this unit. Has excellent suction, performance! I originally bought once I stone-broke my foot (no weight-bearing) and it was light-weight enough on behalf of me to maneuver around the house. Have four pets all shedders, and this did a good job of keeping my house clean. It’s wonderful after you see what proportion hair, trash it will develop. As so much as hair tangling on the brush roll, affirmative it will, however straightforward enough and light-weight enough to show over, cut hair with scissors and peel away – just about same as serious duty vacuums that do not have the newer detangle kind brush roll.

2. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

This is the Number Two Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. Honestly, this is often the most effective cleanup tool to ever hit my lodging. We’ve got all wooden flooring with three women and there are hair and dirt everyplace, constantly. This Lil guy shines a light-weight on simply what quantity there’s (literally, the sunshine thereon is thus helpful) and somehow dusts at the constant time as reading everything else on the ground. To not mention it being a conductor could be a game-changer, don’t grasp what I used to be doing while not one before!! Extremely advocate this product.

This Cordless Vacuum Cleaners is a good, compact, powerful vacuum that will the duty in my tiny lodging. I believe it’s pretty appreciating the Dyson however rather more inexpensive. I really like however simple it’s to empty and clean. The battery lasts an honest} quantity of your time however it would be good to induce a second battery (some of the Tineco models escort two) to own a backup. I’m terribly pleased with my Tineco Vacuum and extremely advocate it. When reading loads of reviews for this et al, I’m more than happy that I selected this one. Its nice suction is comparatively light-weight, and therefore the 2 batteries permit American state to try and do the full house.

Great stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaners!

I additionally like having 2 heads and use one for my flooring and one for my pair of carpets. Overall, this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners unit wills duty well. Battery between charges is sweet, the storage system is compact and it sweeps well for this sort of sweeper. Client service is outstanding. After I visited clean the mud bin filter, it’d not take away thanks to associate degree alignment drawback. I according the matter via eMail to Tenneco and that they responded at intervals twenty-four hours. At intervals another twenty-four hours that they had a replacement mud bin shipped to American state. The replacement works simply fine.

Bought this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners to interchange a Dyson V8 Absolute. We have a tendency to use the Dyson for many years however the battery began to go and required a replacement. The Tineco A10 was pricing an attempt at the value compared to the Dysons. I’m terribly pleased with the performance of the A10. I’ve used it on carpet further as clean floors and it’s no drawback reading mud, dirt and cat hair. The battery has nevertheless to run out on the American state. The lights on the vacuum square measure a pleasant bit further. The sole issue compared to the Dyson is that the things vacuumed into the mud bin don’t dump out as simply. I even have to use my hand to induce it fully empty. On the far side that, I’m terribly pleased with the A10 and would get again!

3. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

This is the Number Three Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. This vacuum is extraordinary. I like that incontrovertible fact that it’s conductor then straightforward to maneuver. It makes vacuuming such a fun activity that I truly forestall to doing. It’s additionally super straightforward to discard of mud and dirt once the filter gets full. I solely would like the suction were a touch stronger: it doesn’t acquire larger particles simply. I bought this for my girl and son in law UN agency have an enormous dog and a cat, an outsized two floor apt and my girl could not have twine for health reasons. They LOVE it! My son in law showed ME the two suction functions.

He additionally adorned the vacuum on the wall thus it’s out of the manner that I did not are aware of it had that choice bracket that comes with it. I actually have associate older Dyson and fully love their vacuums. This Cordless Vacuum Cleaners is unbelievable! Besides the very fact that it is so straightforward to use, it created my carpets appear as if they were new. The dark areas got darker and also the light-weight areas got lighter. Apparently, I had tons of hair or mud totally ground into it as a result of I might vacuum with my regular vacuum and suppose that things were clean. I fully love the Dyson V8 Vacuum. I fully hate vacuuming. It’s most likely my least favorite task.

Awesome Cordless Vacuum Cleaners tool

I actually have all wood flooring throughout my house and got Roomba thinking that will be ample however sadly the Roomba simply cannot get everyplace. I had bought the Dyson V8 Vacuum for my mother as a result of my dog Greek deity a chunk off of her recent Cordless Vacuum Cleaners and she or he and my sister each adore it thus I believed I might provide it a trial. It’s far better than an important recent vacuum with the annoying cords and luggage. It’s still clanging however I will abide that. I actually have 2 cats and a dog com I required one thing that would handle all the fur that goes with being a pet owner.

The Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners has been good for my wood flooring, on the couch, on my bed, and even on my automotive floor mats. It’s thus light-weight weight and straightforward to use. The attachments build it a breeze to induce into those onerous to achieve places. Though I still cannot say I get pleasure from vacuuming I’m a disciple of this vacuum. This issue is awe-inspiring. Love however straightforward the attachments square measure to vary out. It’s light-weight. Would like that it might keep charged a touch longer however overall utterly happy.

4. ONSON Stick 12KPa Powerful Cleaning

ONSON Stick 12KPa Powerful Cleaning

This is the Number Four Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. We have a principal hardwood home with a couple of tiny rugs here and there. this can be an extremely handy vacuum for our wants. I particularly prefer to vacuum within the dark. I even have found that the lights on the brush head unit build it abundant easier to ascertain dirt and dirt that cannot rather be seen below traditional lighting conditions. The dirt instrumentation is simple to scrub. There square measure 2 speeds to decide on from if you would like a lot of suction. I realize that the low power setting works well most of the time. This can be an extremely nice home appliance.

I was considering obtaining a Dyson conductor Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, however, I could not justify payment upwards $300 on a vacuum. To ME the foremost necessary distinction that sets conductor vacuums apart is battery technology, i.e. duration, power, and time to recharge. I used to be not merely convinced that Dyson’s battery is value $200 of the upgrade for every class compared to the current item. I would be wrong, however, from the expertise of the others UN agency I do know exploitation Dyson, this vacuum’s power, battery life, time to charge is within the vary of 8/10 compared to Dyson – and that is adequate for my basic use while not pay another $200 for immeasurable improvement.

Great Cordless Vacuum Cleaners with good battery life

Great Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for the cheap tag. Most likely best for smaller jobs because it may be a conductor and also the battery wouldn’t be ready to handle an oversized home. However, client support was nice once the motorized head on mine stopped operating and replaced it during a} very timely manner after they technically weren’t needed to as a result of it absolutely was outside of the coming timeframe. Solely factor is it doesn’t do nicely on hardwood floors therefore I simply use a sweep and clean them that approach then reconsider it with the vacuum. However, it’s a really convenient product because of the conductor feature.

Each time I commence this light-weight, straightforward to use a Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, I say “Onion, you’re the brother of Dyson, let’s do this!” Seriously, I even have a little one sleeping room house with hardwood floors and this small guy will the trick of cleansing each the hardwoods and space rugs. It’s a “power” suction mode that basically will increase the cleansing power (but will drain the battery faster), therefore simply note this. This can be NOT the vacuum to bang around, drop, etc. it’s extremely light-weight and deserves care therefore as to not break any bits and items. So, if you are looking for one thing economical and battery reversible, this can be your vacuum! Love it!

5. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 17Kpa

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 17Kpa

This is the Number Five Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. This is a good conductor vacation. It’s two suction levels, it’s simple to add/remove accessories and alter it to a hand vacation. It simple to maneuver and simply gets below article of furniture. The pinnacle lightweight is sweet, however not bright enough to be terribly useful. Like all vacuums that have to be compelled to have the dirt collector empty typically if you have got Associate in nursing sturdy aversion to presumably obtaining your hands dirty, you may not like this – or the other vacuum. You’ll perform the standard emotion of the dirt collector while not an excessive amount of dirt mature you, however after you clean the filters, your hands can get soiled.

I like that the pinnacle of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaners are often simply removed and replaced with one in all the enclosed brushes so you’ll reach high spots and vacuum spider webs, etc. I’ve solely had this a month, but so far, I really needed to search out a pleasant red vacuum to match the space and code everything. I owned a smaller hand-held by the identical company that was nice quality and worked well for my wants, therefore I buy another one hoping the standard would keep on. The packaging of the box is sweet. Color and appealing box. You’ll see they took the time to style it. Once I opened the box it exceeded my expectations. It feels very well designed and also the end is gorgeous. once vacuuming it picked up everything I ran it over.

Light but powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The hairs did get aroused within the brush however it had been simple to get rid of. I prefer that the battery is detachable and you’ll have extras. After examination of various conductor stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaners cleaners, I made a decision on the MOOSOO conductor vacuum and I am glad I did. Light-weight and main body alter you simply close up from the floor to high places, and comes with three serviceable attachments for intercalary skillfulness. Swivel steering style freely rotates, folds it all the method all the way down to go below the article of furniture and bed, and cleans each corner of the house. The suction is extremely sturdy and also the battery lasts the complete time I clean that I actually have a fairly giant home, therefore, I used to be pretty happy this.

Overall I’m very happy with it. Love that it’s a conductor since my previous one did have a wire and it’s a problem to own to wrap it up when. This is often way more time economical. I love with this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners and it’s totally definitely worth the cash. The most factors are that it’s conductor, however still very powerful. The pinnacle will reach any spot within the house because it is kind of versatile. The vacuum isn’t loud in any respect, therefore neither my cat nor my baby freak out. You’ll additionally amendment the speed mode if you would like. The opposite advantage is that it’s therefore light! I actually have ne’er seen a light-weight and a robust vacuum before.

6. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Super Suction

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Super Suction

This is the Number Six Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. This product may be a very well designed! It’s flash weighted, and straightforward to use. Merely place the items along and that they Maine sure able to go!! Took me five minutes to assemble and begin exploitation it when I received it. It cleans very well too! Its well worth its worth. Would positively advocate it to my friends and family. I have bought a vacuum of this sort before. I take advantage of it on the carpet, I will see heaps of dirt and my hair, and it’s cleaned up! I currently got to obtain another one to use on my floor. This new vacuum has a lot of power than the previous one, it’s terribly straightforward to use and also the noise is appropriate.

The Cordless Vacuum Cleaners is super helpful. Its light-weight designed for hand-held use. The machine is intentional, appearance pretty cool once I place it in my area. All the accessories match the machine. I take advantage of it each couple of days to stay my area clean and it works dead. This vacuum can create your daily clean work a lot easier and more fun. I might positively recommend my friends to shop for it. I had this conductor vacuum for pretty much a month and that I completely find it irresistible. Compared to the Dyson V8 we’ve, it works quieter and has a new reversible battery (totally of 2 reversible batteries), that I prefer the foremost. It’s lightweight weighted and straightforward to maneuver around.

Well designed Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Great product.

I’ve been within the marketplace for someday for a wireless Cordless Vacuum Cleaners chiefly for my steps. Currently, I own a Dyson and it’s, therefore, exhausting to vacuum the steps and check out to hold the vacuum up with Maine. This vacuum is therefore awe-inspiring for stairs. It’s very light-weight creating it terribly straightforward to hold, particularly up my well. You’ll be able to minimize the dimensions for the step or use in deep crevices. The suction is high notch likewise. And that I love that this comes with such a large amount of tools as well as a blower. And since you’ll be able to compact this vacuum, it’s excellent to be used in your automobile.

There’s an attachment which will enable you to urge between the seats and in deep corners, it will even be used for the seats of your couch. I really like the look of the bottom and that I additionally get pleasure from the very fact that the Cordless Vacuum Cleaners charge is fairly quickly. For me, the battery lasted a touch beneath AN hour that was quite enough time to complete my whole house. This is a reasonably handy and quiet vacuum compare with my massive Dyson, some busy rough morning I pull it from the bottom, think again room floor real fast as well as space beneath dining chairs then jump to my automobile run to figure. It’s reasonably lightening my day.

7. BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Stick Vacuum

BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Stick Vacuum

This is the Number Seven Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. We love this vacuum! It’s thus light-weight and maneuvers simply. We tend to keep this within the basement to quickly develop once youngsters, parties and also the dog. All of that is not any match for this vacuum. It charges quickly and empties simply with no mess. And the diode lights create it simple to check once vacuuming underneath the couch or in a number of the books and crannies. We’ve got another conductor vacuum that price a small amount additional – however like this one. It goes simply from carpet to tile and picks up everything in its path. You actually can’t get it wrong with this one!

This Cordless Vacuum Cleaners was a pleasant addition to our home; we’ve got an outsized retriever that perpetually sheds. Placed the Bissel within the garage of the room and use it very similar to we might a brush on laborious wood and tile floors. Smart suction power overall and talent to regulate the suction) settings. One charge is nice for all the laborious surfaces however with multiple carpets most suction would require battery recharge. Simple to scrub and eliminate rubble – love the no bag system 3-speed suction power led’s area unit terribly bright thus you’ll be able to see a rope on the floor that you cannot see commonly. Consumer reports gave a distinct model a decent review higher than shark and Dyson for batter power on lowest settings will a decent job these things perhaps a bit heavier than crumbs.

Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaners and High Power

 So you increase speed to second for spider webs highest settings. Edge cleansing typically the top of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners pushes stuffs toward edge increase power no drawback. Rather well created. Takes apart simply as a result of it conjointly incorporates a hand vacation. They need smart support on Bissell. Terribly maneuverable. I have one space furnishings that you’d use the upper speed. It’s created for pets however mine died a read year gone. Easy to scrub it took Pine Tree State three weeks to induce the drop of it. The simplest half it’s comparatively quiet. Once you get onto should be charged initially

Set up was simple. It maneuvers nice and fits in places my last Cordless Vacuum Cleaners could not. It’s nice bright diode lights. It is easy to empty, simple to charge, and I now not have to be compelled to worry concerning reaching the tip of the twine or tugging around a significant vacuum. I actually have a retriever and a black laboratory and hour carpet, 20% vinyl, two hundredth hardwood. The battery lasted long enough to quickly vacuum one, 200 of house. The sole criticism I actually have is that once vacuuming close to the stove or refrigerator it does not have the sideways uptake power to suck the dirt and hair from underneath the front of the appliances like I am wont to.

8. Dyson V7 Motorhead Fuchsia (227591-01)

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum

This is the Number Eight Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. Great vacuum powerful sensible quality. If square measure you’re conversant in Dyson they invariably systematically observe merchandise that is slightly expensive. The sole factor I want regarding this product is that the canister was a bit larger and therefore the batteries were interchangeable. Sensible if you have got a medium to little home and pets not nearly as robust because the upright vacuum is however sensible for touchups and stairs, this is often the second Dyson stick vacation I even have bought and it’s as powerful as several full-sized vacuum systems I even have bought within the past.

Excellent for wood flooring and therefore the attachments build stepping into corners and tight areas simple. I have had this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners simply over fifteen months currently, and that i don’t have anything negative to mention. I even have a dog and a cat. This items picks up everything – not simply fur however what my dog tracks in. My cat doesn’t depart however makes up for it by copious shedding. I solely have 2 5’x8′ carpets thus i do not know however this machine would work on wall-to-wall or massive rugs. It’s nice on hardwood and tile, runs a minimum of half-hour on a charge, is straightforward to empty and simple to work.

Highly recommended Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

What i favor best is that if somebody says they are returning over during a jiffy, I will grab my faithful Dyson and run it through the house. It comes with several accessories; I purchased one alternative specifically for article of furniture to get rid of cat fur. I’m utterly glad. I am glad I finally set to get this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. I even have a handful of indoor kitties and with the clay bounced around and fur on my furniture!! It’s so simple to drag the vacuum off the charger that I even have hanging on the wall and BOOM go look out of it. I even have tile floors, carpet and space rugs and it will an exquisite job thereon all! Battery life on the lower power works simply nice and can go in all probability thirty min.

I am sometimes drained twenty min for my whole house (1400sq ft.) however I still have power to spare. But if it’s in high power it’s regarding ten to fifteen min however i don’t would like the upper power except seldom. Love the vacuum, happy I bought this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. I waited to grant a review to ascertain however I felt when victimization it a moment and that i don’t have any complaints! We bought this to stay in our motorhome. Between a pair of dogs and therefore the dirt at campsites i used to be always sweeping the floors. i used to be excited to possess this on our last trip. Simple to stay things clean.

9. Hoover Cordless Vacuum Lightweight, Black

Hoover Cordless Vacuum Lightweight, Black

This is the Number Nine Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I love this moveable vacuum. I have a central vacation within the house and use that for significant duty cleansing however the hose is large and a duty to drag out for tiny cleanups. I exploit the Hoover catamount every day particularly within the room wherever crumbs square measure perpetually slumps the counter. It’s light-weight and has sensible suction. The switch is handily placed and you’ll switch between suction solely or brush simply with one hand. The dirt cup is simple to get rid of and empty. A good product at an affordable value.

So far, I’m glad about this Cordless Vacuum Cleaners item. It serves the precise purpose I used to be searching for. It’s sensible for lightweight daily vacuuming to stay the dog hair (from our shepherd dog and pit-boxer mix) from overwhelming the house. The suction is extremely sensible and works higher than I expected on the ground rugs we’ve got. I will vacuum the primary floor of our house (3 massive rooms) on one charge and still have much battery power to spare. This protects ME the effort of lugging out the large vacuum every day, specifically what I used to be hoping to avoid!! I do not arrange to use it on stairs therefore I could not fairly rate it on it.

Great little Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The Cordless Vacuum Cleaners works nicely on blank floors and low pile carpet. I favor that the battery may be charged individually from the vacuum, therefore I do not get to keep the vacuum next to Associate in nursing outlet. Also, the switch works well, the vacuum is pretty lightweight however to not lightweight, and also the edge suction is pretty sensible. The suction power doesn’t equal that’s a full-strength vacuum, however, it’s nice for a fast lightweight cleansing. I’m happy with the vacuum. This is a good light-weight vacuum! It’s a tough time stepping into corners however that’s not very what it’s designed for. It wills a reasonably sensible job on floors. We’ve got animals, therefore, I still deep clean occasionally, however, this vacuum could be a nice facilitate daily.

Also I bought Cordless Vacuum Cleaners my initial Hoover Linx a few years past once searching for a reasonable conductor vacation for my hardwood floors. And I straightaway most popular the look and battery placement compared to different, usually dearer, vacuums wherever the motor and power square measure housed at the highest close to the handle…I did not need one thing that might feel high significant. So I used to be additionally trying specifically for one thing that I might take away the battery for charging. But I had a special conductor vacation with a moorage station that worked well till the moorage station did not connect well to the vacuum any longer.

10. Shark ION F80 Lightweight Stick MultiFLEX

Shark ION F80 Lightweight Stick MultiFLEX

This is the Number Ten Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. This issue is great. It is not loud, and therefore the couple clean vogue double brush roll system is as nice here because it is on our unsmooth Shark couple clean carrying Away. The sole deficit here is that the comb rolls are narrower than the total breadth of the ground head by associate degree unexpectedly great amount. They do not go close to the sting on either finish, not to mention only 1 edge as anticipated to create a manner for a belt. No edge to edge roll like on a definite different pricey vacuum line this competes with, a number of that priceless cash.

This Cordless Vacuum Cleaners is an excellent very little vacuum! We’ve got a Roomba to stay up with the dog hair, however, we tend to still need to sweep/vacuum once we do deep cleansing and Roomba cannot get into corners. I bought this supported a Wirecutter review. This was the competition to Dyson however it had been suggested for hardwood floors and for those that don’t desire to possess to carry down the Dyson trigger the whole time. This has been nice on our hardwood floors and will a decent job on our space rugs still. While not a twine, I will vacuum our entire house in concerning twenty minutes. And therefore the battery lasts long enough that I have any time left over to use the crevice tool and obtain altogether the nooks and crannies.

Super Cordless Vacuum Cleaners And easy to use!

Which Cordless Vacuum Cleaners is another Brooding again point? The sole negative is that I do need to dump the cup a few times per vacuuming session since it picks up such a lot of dog hair. However, overall I am more than happy with this purchase. I love this vacuum. Ne’er had a conductor before and its life dynamical. Having 2 batteries could be a should therefore we tend to were proud of this one. The suction power is awful for a conductor however we’ve got noticed for large messes it solely works well going forward and pushes the play a bit whereas actuation back. The super suction mode is nice for top traffic carpet areas. Super simple to maneuver around.

Would like it came with additional attachments however I am certain they sell them separately. Quite a pain to dump and that we do sometimes need to pull the dog hair out by hand however the Cordless Vacuum Cleaners works, therefore, well it’s worthwhile. Remember to scrub the filters frequently, particularly if you’ve got pets or it will lose suction power. This vacuum is lightweight and maneuverable! I bought one for our cabin as a conductor I might use on our pontoon & exhausting floors & carpet. I likable it such a lot I bought another for our house & it works nicely on hardwoods and rugs! My favorite vacuum in fifty years of cleaning!


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