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Best Convertible Top Cleaners | Top 10 Best Convertible Top Cleaners For 2020


Best Convertible Top Cleaners Today’s Review. Also Today I am Going To Review Top 10 Best Convertible Top Cleaners For 2020. So Let’s Start.

  1. Chemical Guys Convertible Top Cleaners
  2. Bamoer [Upgraded] Scratch Remover Cloth
  3. Forever Black Convertible Top Cleaners Gel
  4. Bestop Top Zipper Cleaner Lubricant Package
  5. Premium Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
  6. RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit
  7. Porsche Cabriolet Top Protestant and Waterproofed
  8. RaggTopp 2141 Fabric Protectant (2 Pack)
  9. Protex World Convertible Top Cleaners Soft Canvas
  10. Forever Black Top Gel and Foam Applicator
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1. Chemical Guys Convertible Top Cleaners

Chemical Guys Convertible Top Cleaners Top Protestant Kit

This is the Number One Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I was excited for the merchandise to indicate up and extremely hopeful it might take away the tree sap or tar that had fallen everywhere the automotive many daises’ a gone. Cleaner went on well and once a touch cleansing I got involved as a result of a number of the spots turned bright white on the black convertible high. I did a touch additional cleansing and spraying then hosed it off. I in all probability used Associate in Nursing Oz of the sixteen on the bottle; I had no plan however potent this is often. I in all probability used triple of what I required to use.

I believe I hosed it off for ten minutes and thought I had all of it. Because this Convertible Top Cleaners was drying I wiped my give it and elements of {the high the highest} became white indicating that I still had soap within the top. The spots were all gone. The product is impressive. Solely reason I’m informed this out is, like several products for the primary time, it is usually best to use less then additional if required. I ought to have done that and can next time. I used the horse brush they sell singly and it worked well for this Convertible Top Cleaners. I even have not tried the protectant nonetheless. I will be able to once it dries from the cleaner. Purchased existing trifold bed cowl and applied chemical guy’s convertible high cleaner and sealing material on that to hopefully prolong this sort of canopy.

Works great Convertible Top Cleaners Less is more when applying!!

I rested a wet open umbrella on the bed cowl within the garage overnight and detected water puddles. Many days later with the truck put within the garage, the puddles were still not absorbed within the cowl. I have a 2002 Mercedes four30 CLK carriage and till my female offspring took it to school 4 years ago it had continuously been garaged. Since being within the weather, it appeared the highest was attenuation somewhat. I used this Convertible Top Cleaners product and was fully astonished at the quantity of dirt that came out. The consequent week my son came home and aforesaid “Dad, once did you replace the top?” Enough aforesaid. It’s an excellent product.

These Convertible Top Cleaners things work nice. Cleans well, and also the water-repellant works superb. Simply explore my photos. If you overspray, simply wipe off with a microfiber textile. You don’t have to be compelled to tape your trim up or something forceful like that as long as you wipe it off like a shot. I used a soft brush and brushed in each cleaner and conditioner. I’m more than happy with the manner it protects the material convertible high on my 2018 Camaro. As you’ll be able to see within the Photos the rainwater beads off my cloth convertible high sort of a smart coat of wax on a painted surface. I extremely advocate this Convertible Top Cleaners product simply ensure you apply it as tutored on the spray bottle.

2. Bamoer [Upgraded] Scratch Remover Cloth

Bamoer [Upgraded] Scratch Remover Cloth

This is the Number Two Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I wasn’t expecting abundant for the worth however I adore this scratch removal towel. Upon gap it was not spectacular, appears like a tiny low rag in some resolution in an exceedingly nada lock bag, gloves enclosed for hand protection. however when laundry my automobile and taking this tiny rag to quite a few bumps and bruises my aging automobile had I used to be affected with all the contact paint it aloof from different vehicles dinging Pine Tree State and the way several scratches I used to be ready to buff out. My automobile appearance is far better than before for sure!

Got this Convertible Top Cleaners for my beau he contains a little bit of a tangle collection automobiles well vans and his issue is he did not desire a new car bill thus he bought used currently he required components vans to mend the used vans currently we’ve nine vans affirmative I child you, not nine freaking vans and affirmative are they’re} purchasable seven of them are Kia Sedonas and that I am going mad with automobile parking space envy i do not ever have a spot. Anyways that this rag will its job it will its magic very little job of erasing scratches and marks not the massive one’s mind you however it values it! He simply washed the cars however next time we tend to do them and it is not dark out I will be able to take some pics and share with you all.

This Convertible Top Cleaners Removed smaller surface level scratches

Before shopping for, I used Convertible Top Cleaners to be disturbed that purchasing a chunk of material at such an inexpensive worth wouldn’t be effective. However, it works perfectly! The tiny scratches on my automobile all disappeared when being worn out. It did not solely disappear for a moment when 5 days I checked my automobile once more, the scratches didn’t appear. I conjointly used it to assist my friend close up her automobile (two cars square measure similar color, all near to blue), and also the result is clear. She was stunned however this fabric is thus superb. I believe if I save well, I ought to be ready to use it for an extended time. I don’t shrewdness I got it; however, there was one long line scratch on my driver door in some unspecified time in the future.

Convertible Top Cleaners was bothering Pine Tree State since. And I bought this scratch remover fabric hoping it’ll work and it DID. So I do not see the image. But I am going to add an image as before long as I notice before the image of the scratch, I am positive I even have. Also Solely issue is PLEASE making certain you set on gloves before you apply the material. And I purchased this for my new (newer car). So I purchased a rather used automobile a few months ago and have since noticed some tiny scratches within the paint. But I bought this as a result of it was cheap and patterned it was value an attempt. Aslo I used to be stunned at however well this worked. And I gave my newer automobile a fast wipe down with the material and so centered directly.

3. Forever Black Convertible Top Cleaners Gel

Forever Black Convertible Top Cleaners Gel

This is the Number Three Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. First time I used this was on my 2003 motorcar auto in 2011 and that I solely recently felt it required freshening up. Most of these years were spent in a hundred and ten degree dry summers, position outside, and also the rest in a very rainy. Snowy climate, additionally position outside abundant of the time that could be a tribute to however well it delayed during vary of utmost weather. Here’s a suggestion for those obtaining a streaked result. What I did nowadays has erased that issue: Assuming you is applying this to an auto (no plan however it’d work on a soft top), attempt ‘stippling’ the merchandise onto the surface, rather than brushing it on in strokes.

I used an inexpensive disposable Convertible Top Cleaners brush, however next time I would obtain an honest quality 2″ wide loose-bristle brush to figure with, as a result of budget brushes simply shed thus badly. I had to stay choosing those very little hairs out of the onerous high as I worked. Not an enormous issue, though, as a result of its super simple to hide errors with this method. I saw this product on YouTube and thought I’d provides it an attempt. I found it most cost-effective on amazon. I even have a canvas high (soft topper) on a 09 urban center. The canvas is concerning three years recent. The truck is usually positioned outside the sun. It began weakening and began to get blotchy in some areas. I applied this forever black. I solely used concerning 0.5 the bottle. It seems like new immediately.

Used this Convertible Top Cleaners on my faded black Jeep Wrangler hardtop

So this Convertible Top Cleaners and then it rained consequent day, hard. I assumed I’d see black streaks running down the edges of the truck, Nope. And also the canvas still appearance new. Upon gap the merchandise it smells find it irresistible has to ink in it and no matter bonding agent. It’s delayed currently for concerning two months, still appearance black. I exploit the leftover on the bumper trim the high plastic cap bed rails and also the aspect mirrors. The highest caps look innovative, and also the bumpers aren’t dangerous either. Can or not it’s forever black? I doubt I will see it lasting two to -3 years with good results. Overall I’d suggest this product.

Bought this Convertible Top Cleaners hoping to bring some life back to the fifty-year recent vinyl high on my sixty-nine Geococcyx Californians. Night and day distinction. Used perhaps a 3rd of the bottle per the directions. I browse some negative reviews however those people should have an upset as a result of it’s easy to use and nets unbelievable results. Ensure you wear some rubber gloves and garments you don’t mind devastation. I applied this product to the black canvas high on my Saturn Skyline. I’m very happy with the results. I do not skills way it goes on vinyl superior, however, if you’ve got middle to full-size canvas high, you’ll in all probability have to be compelled to get 2 bottles.

4. Bestop Top Zipper Cleaner Lubricant Package

Bestop Top Zipper Cleaner Lubricant Package

This is the Number Four Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. The previous homeowners of our 2009 motorcar Wrangler Sahara ne’er had the highest down the complete time they closely-held the motorcar, therefore I had a tricky time once I tried to unfasten the zippers. Victimization this Soft prime Zipper cleaner & fill did wonders – we’re merrily zipping (and unzipping) away now! This stuff very has improved the zipper gap and shutting on my motorcar prime by eightieth a minimum of. I exploit to struggle with it, particularly around the corners however since I have additional these things to that the zipper glides all over them.

This Convertible Top Cleaners are Great product to assist builds my zippers on my ten-year previous soft prime last longer than I expected. I place this cleaner on my soft prime zippers every few weeks to form them glide higher. This very helped the zippers on my 2001 TJ motorcar prime. They were obtaining SOOO exhausting to maneuver and once applying this, they are virtually like new. Or a minimum of as near to new as they’re going to get! It will what is it’s speculated to do. Keep your prime and windows wanting like new, and it works well. I have bought many of them. It’s vital if you own a soft prime motorcar. It works nice and could be a sensible product for the value. A good treatment for the zippers and appears to assist with binding.

This Convertible Top Cleaners stuff really has improved the zipper

And this Convertible Top Cleaners the most effective use is to use it simply before storing the highest for the winter months. My zippers were very giving Pine Tree State plenty of hassle. I used this and BOOM they worked once more a bit like they’re supposed to with very little trouble. Nice clean fluid. Will an honest job of lubricating. Created my JK car window set up a breeze. Our soft-top cowl zips a lot of easier with this. Solely my husband may work a number of the zippers before, however currently I (middle-aged female) will truly work all the zippers, even round the prime of the rear window. That had ne’er happened on our alternative Jeeps. The device is way higher than spray kind. It got the stubborn zipper going quicker than alternative merchandise I’ve tried.

So this Convertible Top Cleaners is okay would really like wish to notice one thing higher. I have to keep reapplying when I need to unfasten the rear window. The stuff will work, however, you’ll notice higher and fewer expensive than this. I might not decease once more, ought to have given it two stars however it did work. Excellent product! My 2012 JKU soft prime sounded like it was broken. It had these mold/ rusty wanting spots that would not come back off with my regular automobile wash. I decided to get this kit since I would not be commutation the highest this year. I believed it might a minimum of look a bit higher. I’m in awe the highest sounds like it’s new. No, I’m not exaggerating. Its very appearance is new! I’m very pleased with the results.

5. Premium Convertible Top Cleaning Brush

Premium Convertible Top Cleaning Brush

This is the Number Five Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. Just clean my cloth high with 303 cleaner. The comb worked swell. The bristles square measure soft enough to not leave you curious if they are too aggressive, however, they are doing an excellent job cleaning. Between the 303 cleaner and this brush, my high appearance higher than it’s in ages. The statement within the 6/16/2018 post from Leonardo, “It’s not low-cost, however, neither was your fancy roadster” convinced Pine Tree State to travel ahead and pull the trigger and purchase this dear brush. I recently purchased associate Audi S5 Cabrio convertible, and though it’s garage-kept, I would like to be ready for our wet Maryland winters.

I used this Convertible Top Cleaners brush together with 303 Convertible cloth high cleansing and Care Kit; the comb is so excellent for its supposed purpose. The dimensions are sweet and large, and therefore the bristles square measure the right stiffness for the fabric high. The highest is currently pristine (although it had been not too dirty to start with). I did note many inexperienced strands, however, I’m attributing this to the “break-in” of a fresh brush; however, there have been solely a few- not regrettable in any respect. Overall I am all proud of this purchase. I antecedently used horse hair brushes to scrub our convertible warship. The matter with the horsehair brush was finding hairs and selecting them off the highest once it dried.

More than one use for this great Convertible Top Cleaners product

I purchased this Convertible Top Cleaners concerning three months ago and are mistreatment it ever since. No hairs on the highest and it are gentle on the material. I seldom order one thing for one purpose and so realize that it’s even higher for one more. I even have a vinyl convertible high on my 2013 pony. I realize this brush to be effective in cleansing the highest. My automobile is white and that I realize that once laundry their square measure problems with road tar and bugs and god is aware of what else on that, notably on the bottom of the automobile beneath the doors and on the front. Continually a drag out of the blue once doing the highest it had been still wet with saponaceous water and that I control it facet ways in which and applied pressure to the bristles so the bristles rolled over the tar and bugs and no matter and it came off therefore simply.

But I used Convertible Top Cleaners to be surprised. Also I don’t grasp why however it did with terribly tokenism effort. And I keep my automobile show-room clean. So I did not notice however dirty my black artifact high was till I used this. Came like an expert repacked each by the manufacturer & Amazon. The handle could be a bit massive & awkward on behalf of me; however, I even have imaginary being handed true. You do not grasp that you just want this, but you do. Opt for it! I used this brush with Chemical Guys convertible cleaner. The fabric did not look unhealthy before; however, it’s fresh on a currently four-year previous automobile. It’s larger than expected; however, a smaller one would not clean as with efficiency.

6. RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit

RaggTopp Premium Fabric Convertible Top Kit

This is the Number Six Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. This weekend was my initial time mistreatment this RaggTopp cleaner, preserver and brush kit. The method is straightforward enough however it takes time. On Friday I washed the highest of my automobile. initial I used a household appliance to get rid of something on the highest, then I applied water with the hose, after that, I used the cleaner and therefore the brush. The comb worked o.k., I used it in circular and little line motions touching initial in one direction, then at a ninety-degree angle. The comb solely lost regarding 2-5 bristles within the whole prime. Once I finished applying the cleaner and had clean the opening prime, I applied much water to induce the cleaner out.

After that, I used the Convertible Top Cleaners 2 enclosed microfiber cloths to dry the highest. After this, I let it dry long. On a weekday morning, I checked to substantiate the highest was dry, I then coated the full automobile except the highest with plastic, this can be not extremely necessary per the directions, however, appears like the simplest thanks to move to make sure you don’t miss improvement any overspray from the paint and plastic. Once the automobile was coated, I used a lint roller to get rid of any further stuff from the highest. Then I applied the RaggTopp preserver, initial covering the full prime in one direction. I waited twenty minutes and applied a second coat at a ninety-degree angle.

Great Convertible Top Cleaners for the money with an excellent brush!

Finally this Convertible Top Cleaners, I had to depart and came back a handful of hour’s later and applied a 3rd coat in a very diagonal direction. While I even have not used one in all the opposite brushes created out of horsehair, it looks that everybody complaints those loose too several bristles. The comb on its own prices over $25, therefore if you’re out of the cleaner and preserver and hate your current brush, this can be a good kit to get for the value. This kit has it all. Best brush for improvement and doesn’t shed. The cleaner works utterly. The spray material preserver is nice however take the time to hide glass and encompassing space because it may be a bear to induce off glass and paint. However that same the tip result’s outstanding!

A friend told ME this Convertible Top Cleaners product did not work; however, all my analysis had everybody laudatory it. Glad I attempted it anyways!! I cannot believe my boring prime simply went from zero to hero, bam! And that I considered obtaining a less expensive brush, this one makes the kit therefore pricy, however, trust ME you would like this sturdy nevertheless super soft brush for this task, it’s key with the cleaner. Works sort of a dream it created my convertible prime look latest once only 1 improvement a requirement have cleaner for anyone with an artifact convertible prime. Lasted ME for a while and that I wish to mention the things extremely work well. I own a Porsche Boxster and that I attempt to condition the highest the maximum amount as I will, looks good.

7. Porsche Cabriolet Top Protestant and Waterproofed

Porsche Cabriolet Top Protestant and Waterproofed

This is the Number Seven Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. My Audi therefore high was beginning to leak at spots so I purchased this to shop for Maine a while on exchange the highest all at once. When reading reviews announce here and alternative reviews on-line I made a decision to allow this an attempt. I taped up the rear window and used significant tarps to hide the body and frame of my automobile. It sprays equally however if you are doing this in an indoor space sort of a garage confirm it’s well aerated and that I would recommend sporting a mask. It’ll be thick within the air and also the smell is extremely robust chemically.

I used Convertible Top Cleaners to be able to let my automobile within the garage for two.5 days however when checking it when on a daily basis it appeared completely dried. This rainproof does not modify the color of the highest. I brought it out and poured a cup of water over all elements of it (especially hassle spots) and it’s wonderful to look at. The water beaded and danced off the highest. Extremely recommend this waterproofed from what I’ve seen thus far. Time can tell and that I can update this review if my opinion changes! This high protectant is awesome! Simply consider my photos & video for proof! I used the “Wooly German 6½” Horse Hair Brush” to use & I taped off all the windows trim etc.

Just Convertible Top Cleaners my baby needed!

Basically I use this Convertible Top Cleaners, open the highest a small amount slide place some plastic or paper to safeguard the windows and shut the highest and windows. Then you simply got to tape off the rear window and also the base of the highest. I was searching for an excellent product to use on my combat ship Convertible. When observance numberless YouTube videos and reading reviews, I believed sure as shooting a Porsche created product would be sensible. I used to be right. The beads and water protection of this product square measure outstanding. I extremely suggest laundry and prepping the highest properly 1st and permitting to dry. I used the complete will by applying lightweight coats and permitting them to dry between applications. I extremely suggest this product.

And this Convertible Top Cleaners I need the soft high to last for several years, therefore I sought-after out a treatment that might shield and restore any lost water-resistant qualities. When a radical investigation of merchandise on the market, I made a decision on the Porsche product. Because the image indicates, I used to be to a fault cautious within the application, careful to not get any overspray wherever it had been not needed. I followed the directions on the will, exploitation short bursts of spray methodically moving across the highest 1st in one direction, then crisscrossing direction till the contents of the will be applied. Again, this was most likely excessive; however, moderation isn’t an occasion once it involves the machine that has therefore completely captivated my heart over any vehicle I even have ever closely-held.

8. RaggTopp 2141 Fabric Protectant (2 Pack)

RaggTopp 2141 Fabric Protectant (2 Pack)

This is the Number Eight Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I simply bought a second user convertible. Researched the highest care product on the market, everything pointed to RaggTopp. I bought the cleaner, prime shielded, and a soft brush. After I visited a prime specialist a few questions, I used to be asked however I clean the prime. I am aforesaid with top cleaner, RaggTopp. He told well! That’s the most effective stuff on the market! You may get to mask off the windows and a part of your automotive round the prime for easier pack up, otherwise, if you wipe off overspray quickly, it’s not a retardant.

Certify you employ a decent cleaner, I like assailant Convertible Top Cleaners product, and a decent fast detailer on the automotive, Meguiar’s, is that the most suitable option, to wash up. I cleaned up afterward and it absolutely was a touch sticky, however, I did not mind. This product on the material prime I treated was almost like what a decent wax job on paint sounds like water beads au fait prime and rolls off I used 3/4 of a will on a prime that had soaked up water before treatment as directed don’t use in space wherever a breeze or wind are going to be gift it did pack up prosperous glass and painted surface. I taped off the world for second coat and it created it a lot of easier on behalf of me to spray the sides of cloth on glass and painted areas.

This Convertible Top Cleaners Product works!!

So this Convertible Top Cleaners was a tough time overwhelming, however, no overspray resulted on the glass or painted surface bought the vehicle used and prime was in would like of loads of labor.  extremely suggest this product. Fiftieth-day warship convertible prime appearance nice. I used this product on my C5 warship prime. I am unsure if it had ever been protected before. It took one will and left the color unchanged that may be a sensible issue. the highest will look a touch “fresher” once exploitation RaggTopp, however, somebody that did not recognize I applied it in all probability would not see a distinction. I have not had it in rain or washed it since applying. I keep the automotive garaged and solely drive it with the highest down, however, it’s nice knowing the highest is protected.

Also I have used Convertible Top Cleaners cloth the material} protectant product currently for nine months and therefore the original black fabric prime on my 2013 BMW 135i convertible sounds like a current. But I actually have applied the merchandise in three-month intervals. Also I exploit the RaggTopp cleaner before the appliance of the protectant. And I found the YouTube video for the merchandise terribly useful to review before the exploitation of the protectant for the primary time. So I do apply three coats of the protectant to the clean convertible prime at every one of the three-month intervals. But The appliance method is straightforward. The water beads off of the material prime as publicized. I extremely suggest this product!!

9. Protex World Convertible Top Cleaners Soft Canvas

Protex World Convertible Top Cleaners Soft Canvas

This is the Number Nine Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. I needed one thing that was applied, and not unsexed and did not have a vesicatory, unsafe odor. Moreover, the power to use by brush or roller (I used each, sure enough, sections of the canvas top) makes this an awfully governable product that does not ‘get nasty overspray or needs the whole covering of the automobile. LOVE IT. When this 3-step method (the waterproofed being the ultimate step), my client’s 2002 M3 Cabrio prime appearance just about bran-new. Works very nice – water can bead informed your rag prime. 2d time victimization in three years. Word of caution – mask your paint and glass well. Use painter’s tape + newspaper.

If these Convertible Top Cleaners items get on those surfaces, and you miss it, and it dries, god assist you – these items are thus tufa, it’s not coming back off!!! I learned the laborious means, and when three years, it’s solely commencing to come back off the windows. Go terribly SLOW, in painting it on – very slow, like dabbing it on. On vertical components of the highest, it’s the consistency of water, thus can run off!!! Take my recommendation and MASK. I waited a bit too long to seal my Camaro prime. I attempted a neighborhood extremely suggested complete, but I used to be obtaining many droplets of water within the early mornings. I made a decision to do Protex Waterproofed. I used a paintbrush and took my time. My prime absorbed the liquid sort of a sailor on liberty touching the native watering-hole.

This stuff is amazing! The top is completely waterproof again

Consequent morning and each morning since, no a lot of leaky, in contrast to the sailors mentioned higher than Convertible Top Cleaners. I might extremely suggest Protex Waterproofed. Word of caution, check that you descend your windows and canopy your front and rear windows. I got a bit splatter from the paint surface my backstroke on the front window, however, did not notice till consequent day. Used Goof Off to wash the window. I tried 2 alternatives “highly-rated” canvas prime merchandise and my ragtop still seemed like previous jeans. This Convertible Top Cleaners can be the important deal- dark black and slight luster because it in all probability looked once new. We had a hail storm that somehow created the highest lose all its waterproofness. (I do not know however that is potential, but it did.) These items are amazing! The highest is totally waterproof again!

The value of each penny to buy this Convertible Top Cleaners, and therefore the look ahead to it to arrive from the United Kingdom. Great product. Would like I might have found it many years earlier. I actually have a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. One bottle did one coat. The waterproofed, same. I’ll by 2 of every next time as I do know it might look superb with a pair of coats. Great stuff I have an Associate in Nursing ’05 Audi TT Roadster (2-seater convertible) and therefore the canvas prime was weather-beaten, It took the whole one cubic decimeter bottle of the color skilled worker however did an excellent job. Color + weatherproofing take a full day. Preparation well (mask the painted surfaces and glass) and arrange it on a full day.

10. Forever Black Top Gel and Foam Applicator

Forever Black Top Gel and Foam Applicator

This is the Number Ten Best Convertible Top Cleaners. And this item score is 10 out of 10. My tan high was weakening pretty unhealthy and determined to try a color modification to black. I visited a store and that they quoted ME $1,000! So, I gave this an attempt and patterned if it had been ruined, no damage no foul and simply replace it. I used to be astounded with the end result. it’s novel and no tan showing through. It took virtually 2 bottles and that I applied it with a foam roller and 2 little foam brushes for the perimeters. Take it slow and do several skinny coats and you can love the end result. I’ve enclosed it before and once footage. Since we tend to board Sunshine State, I’m no fan of black convertible superior.

We regularly have the Convertible Top Cleaners highest au courant long drives in nice weather to shield our skin from the sun, and a black high makes the inside a lot of hotter than a tan high. Black superior also are far more prone to fade from the sun than tan superior. So, once our new friend showed up with an awfully pale black high, I assumed that I might see if this product, that claimed to revive pale superior, really worked. I used to be skeptical before I attempted it however I used to be astounded at the results! It went on simply and left a superb fixed end with no streaks or splotches. It coated stains while not effort any trace. It did take a lot of to try and do the work than the YouTube video declared, most likely as a result of this was a 27-year recent Haartz material high that soaked up the merchandise sort of a sponge.

Product Worked Just As Advertised. Excellent results.

And this Convertible Top Cleaners one 1/2 bottles did the trick. The connected image shows the before and once, with further comments. This is really easy and quick to use to your convertible high. I even use it on my pale black plastic like my black trim and view mirrors. It makes it look whole new! Simply make certain to wear gloves or your hands are going to be colored for a short time. Terribly glad about the standard of the merchandise. It created my high and pale black plastic look shiny and whole new! I won’t use anything. I positively would advocate this! Simply wear gloves and keep a wet rag in your alternative hand or within sight simply just in case your compass on your skin.

First off, let ME say I wished to try and do a review of this Convertible Top Cleaners product since researching alternative reviews and forums is what light-emitting diode ME thereto – and convinced ME to do it – within the 1st place. So, I hope it helps others with similar difficulties. My 1st automotive was a Chrysler Asian country convertible that bit the dirt solely six months once I got it. Except for those six months, I had large amounts of fun. I’ve wished another convertible since. Once my 1st son was born, I got a Mercury seaman SUV to haul around all the items that escort kids. It’s been a wonderful vehicle with no massive problems the least bit.


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