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Thursday, October 1

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Best Car Metal Polishes | Top 10 Best Car Metal Polishes For 2020


Best Car Metal Polishes Today’s Review. And Today I am Going to review Top 10 Best Car Metal Polishes For 2020. So Let’s Start!

  1. Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Car Metal Polishes
  2. Brasso Metal Polish, 8 oz Bottle for Brass, Copper, Stainless
  3. Flitz LQ 04535 Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner Liquid
  4. Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Car Metal Polishes
  5. Chemical Guys Heavy Car Metal Polishes Restorer
  6. Meguiar’s M20532 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish
  7. Sheila Shine 461216 Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish
  8. Meguiar’s M20508 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish
  9. NOVUS 2 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover Car Metal Polishes
  10. TopCoat F11 Sealer Single Bottle Car Metal Polishes
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1. Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Car Metal Polishes

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Car Metal Polishes

This is the Number One Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. Used this to revive opaque/foggy automotive headlights and was affected with the results! I did use a 3M buffer sponge attachment that I hooked to my drill, simply an everyday drill is what I used. Applied the polish on to headlights and sponge and so began buffering. The headlights look higher than what they looked previous. They don’t look innovative however positively look good! I extremely suggest this product. Like people, I too saw the videos on clearing foggy headlights victimization Mothers, and patterned i might strive it on my thirteen year recent Rav4’s headlights.

Took less than five minutes every employing a drill buffer. I’m more than happy with the results this Car Metal Polishes. Once the primary lightweight was done I took an image of the finished lightweight and therefore the non-treated on and announce here. It’s laborious to visualize however sensible it worked, as they appear higher than the image shows. i do not knowledge long it’ll last, however if i want to try to each half-dozen months, that is fine with American state to visualize at the hours of darkness. I recently purchased AN Apple Watch with a stainless-steel case. Once a month of sporting it, i used to be deeply upset once I noticed scuffs and scratches, that is sure to happened (even with the number of $ thrown certain the stainless-steel case).

Great on headlights hase

 I goggled the way to take away scratches on stainless-steel and located a YouTube video that introduced American state to the present product, Mothers magazine & Al Polish use this Car Metal Polishes. I had high hopes that this can work. As presently because it arrived, i used to be able to experiment. All you wish could be a microfiber artifact and a dab of the polish, and start rubbing it into the realm of scratches. I placed on gloves thus I did not have the watch slip out of my hands and find the polish all over. The polish starts to show black as a result of it suggests that it’s removing a skinny layer of the metal. Once a moment of rubbing out the scratches, I wipe it with a clean a part of the material, and TA-DA! It worked!!! I’m affected by it.

I am aiming to have this handy and use it to shine things round the house! A touch goes an extended means. I might positively would obtain this once more and suggest it to others Car Metal Polishes. See my before & once photos. Bought this once observation a YouTube video on the way to restore foggy headlights on vehicles. Works great! Did it on half-dozen vehicles already and it repair them to shut to original clearness? See image showing the left light done victimization Mother’s product. Right facet untouched. Additionally used it on my daughter’s plastic face on her watch wherever she accidentally sprayed sun blocker thereon and it opaque up. I used Mother’s and brought the watch back to its clear face. I extremely suggest this product!

2. Brasso Metal Polish, 8 oz Bottle for Brass, Copper, Stainless

Brasso Metal Polish, 8 oz Bottle for Brass, Copper, Stainless

This is the Number Two Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. I used this to shine up some recent chrome fixtures, it works okay I visited automobile elements store and acquired, therefore, magazine polish that worked far better on my specific project and it worked far better however it absolutely was additionally a touch dearer so I assume it simply depends on what you would like to use it for, however, beat all this is often a reasonably sensible polish. I used this on a black powder handgun I own as a result of the discharge was staining the brass. When a moment it wiped right off with the stains and left the brass wanting nice.

Works pretty wheel, I really want their area unit some higher Car Metal Polishes product out there that I used from the native car part store, and however did an ok job includes a sturdy chemical smell. And that I sometimes get nice costs off amazon however after I saw it a Walmart it absolutely was additional than 0.5 the value, and that I was raised shame on u Amazon!! I browse on Pinterest that if you used it on a soft material, you’ll buff scratches off of a flat cooktop stove. We tend to were rental home and that we did not scratch it, however, we tend to we tend tore afraid the homeowners would assume we did it; therefore I used to be desperate. It worked! Additionally, I exploit it to scrub my damaged jewelry. Nice stuff.

Works This Car Metal Polishes

The door knocker had become therefore weatherworn my etched name was not visible. Brasso Car Metal Polishes it up nicely. It additionally did a pleasant job on some candlesticks, a copper log holder, and misc ifferent home items. It’s been well value what I acquired it. Having served within the United States Marine Corps from 1966 to 1972, Brasso is not any new product to Pine Tree State. It absolutely was nice stuff then and it’s still nice stuff, solely currently I do not get pounded for boring brass! This cleaner is effective, mild on my clean hands, and leaves brass quite shiny. However, you want to place some effort into your scouring to induce the specified results.

I actually have thirty-two handles & forty-four hinges total on my room cabinetry; with one bottle, I actually have cleansed sixteen handles and twelve hinges (I expect that I am going to want regarding two additional bottles). See pictures! I’m a completely glad client. I’ve been exploitation Brasso for forty years, continuously glad about its results. a touch goes a protracted means, during this Car Metal Polishes case I required to scrub regarding eighty years of build informed associate degree recent brass lamp to be rewired  some coating is gorgeous an excessive amount of not therefore sensible United Nations agency. Brasso did the task fairly effortlessly, thank you.

3. Flitz LQ 04535 Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner Liquid

Flitz LQ 04535 Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner Liquid

This is the Number Three Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. I have been on this Earth for quite a few years and ne’er detected of this product. I actually do not know why however I’m currently terribly happy to be aquatinted with it. I have an oversized covering material soaking tub in one in all my loos. Its loads of shelf areas to position decorations. Once killing 2 real orchids, we tend to place a man-made one in this spot. The pot perceived to be an organic compound kind material thus there was no concern. It clothed to be one thing else and because the undersurface of the pot began to deteriorate, it left an oversized yellow spot on the bathtub.

I tried everything I had within the house. Nothing would take it off. I used Car Metal Polishes a fine preparation that did nothing. I attempted a clay product that sometimes works on most something and it’s going to have pale the stain a bit. Then on to a scrubby. Nothing once more. That’s once I started my explore for a replacement cleaner. I stumbled on this and set to do it. I used to be blown away. Squirt on a bit inexperienced stuff and scrub with some pressure with a dry microfiber towel. Then polish with another clean fabric. The stain was gone. It left the surface of the bathtub radical swish and shiny. I’m planning to do the complete tub currently.

A little goes a long way!

Tried everything however nothing worked on our polished nickel hardware (from Restoration Hardware)! I even referred to as RH repining that nothing would start up the tarnish. They suggested another product Car Metal Polishes that didn’t do something. I came upon this one during a forum and then glad we tend to try it. Simply check out the before and once photos. Bonus that it doesn’t have any chemicals either! This is a mighty powerful polish. This small bottle goes a protracted method. I was ready to get this for an excellent value on Amazon, once grabbing some at an area store many weeks past for my wife’s first cousin.

So He has been mistreatment it as he restores his auto. And He used Car Metal Polishes to buff out some scratches and to play up the frame. Also He swears by it. I borrow a bit from him to do to buff out any scratches on my Camry and it worked like magic, thus I grabbed an entire bottle. For a little bottle, you wouldn’t believe what proportion I used to be ready to do with it within the day since it arrived. My automobile appearance awing, I used it on the edges of my different automobile, and that I have some to spare nonetheless. Nice polish, nice value.

4. Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Car Metal Polishes

Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Car Metal Polishes

This is the Number Four Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. I used this so as to wash the caked-on sludge off of my car’s exhaust. The distinction was night and day. And I did need to use a touch of abrading during a couple of spots, except for the foremost half the stuff polish took care of it. So I did not even need to use that a lot. Also I am certain that as long as I do not let it dry out, can this could this may will last for years and years. It’s a touch mussy to use, and you will undoubtedly need to possess some gloves handy (pun intended). The photographs show before and when. Like I aforementioned, night and day.

This is a tremendous Car Metal Polishes product! When the slightest quantity of sweat my brass seemed like GOLD! Do yourself a favor, obtain 2 cans! You may be searching for stuff to shine and your fingers are going to be alight when some hours of restoration and disbelief. And I feel Billy Maze would pimp this product! So I use this product on my S&W 686. Also I prefer this gun to possess a rather brighter end than the chrome steel end it came with. This product did an excellent job of brightening it up. Whereas I don’t need my gun to possess a mirror end, I’m certain that this product might provide it that end if I continued to figure the gun with this product. I extremely advocate this product.

Excellent Car Metal Polishes light duty.

I had some individuals advocate this Car Metal Polishes product to Maine when I bought VTX1300 that had been neglected during a beach home. It required some serious duty restoration aids and that I bought some. I offer these product high marks as a finishing polish, and particularly on chrome. it is a liquid infused into a cotton-like material that you rub onto the metal. Once it dries to an opaque white residue you buff it out with a dry fabric. It creates associate degree radical fine abrasive that leaves the metal with a high luster and leaves a skinny invisible film on the metal that protects it. I had some chrome balmy on my windscreen that had lost a lot of their chrome to rust.

when buffing them with this Car Metal Polishes product they preserved a number of the white color from the residue that brought the rust nearer to matching the remaining chrome whereas protective the balmy from more corrosion. This product won’t take away, or convert rust – attempt Ospho for that, or Blue Magic for metal. I keep in mind this was employed by all the servicemen and girls within the Navy to bring an improbable luster and shine to brass belt buckles so as to pass inspections of uniforms. This shined my brass wall hangings up quickly. It had been seriously saturated with the merchandise on the wads and therefore an honest deal. Need to “shine sort of a diamond”? This can try this for your numerous metals.

5. Chemical Guys Heavy Car Metal Polishes Restorer

Chemical Guys Heavy Car Metal Polishes Restorer

This is the Number Five Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. This stuff is magic in an exceeding bottle. I used this on my 1975 town Duster’s chrome bumpers that were in want of sharpening. They were cellular from years of neglect, and not shone as they use to. Whereas it does not fix major corroding, it helped bring back the general luster, so from some feet away, it had been not noticed that they were cellular. This is often a far higher different to having your chrome re-done. Follow up with Chemical Guys SP 404 sixteen lightweight Polish to guard it. See below photos of before and when.

I didn’t apprehend what to expect with this Car Metal Polishes I saw your tube video and thought that I might use one thing like this on my truck’s diamond plate toolbox. Thus I got it and began to follow the directions on the bottle… I used a porter cable 7424xp power tool and an orange polish pad to get rid of all the chemical reactions. Once I was done I had a diamond plated mirror end toolbox. I used to be affected by 100 percent of the merchandise. This is often my secret metal polish that everyone my friends don’t fathom. If you would like to shine metal and you wish nice results with straightforward to use and take away, this is often what you would like.

Worked great on filthy Silverado chrome tail pipe

If you consider the primary image, you cannot tell the distinction between the tailpipes and also the color of the automotive. This Car Metal Polishes took regarding quarter-hour with every pip age and a few sweet (and a bit brillo pad); you’ll be able to see the leads to successive 2 photos. That was three 1/2 years of crap on my tailpipes, they were extremely dangerous. I additionally did my alternative cars; they weren’t as dangerous however they give the impression of being smart currently. Do not let the scale of the bottle fool you, its masses. Also, my recommendation is to wear a combination of latex gloves, this soot is difficult to induce out your hands.

In this Car Metal Polishes I cask it up smart and used it with Meg’s foam wheel power tool on a dirty, uninteresting chrome tailpipe on my 2012 Silverado and inside some minutes of buffing it looked nice and some additional rounds and a bit additional polish had it wanting like different. It even removed the significant black carbon deposits on the within of the pipe. Meg’s foam buffer work right in there and also the Chemical Guys significant Metal polish removed it all and had it wanting plant contemporary. I extremely advocate this polish.

6. Meguiar’s M20532 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish

Meguiar's M20532 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish

This is the Number Six Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. I have a red Tesla Model three and also the multi-color paint is very fragile. Sneeze close to it and you’ll find yourself scratching it from dirt being disturbed throughout the air. Anyway, my initial expertise in victimization was at a Tesla service center. I had some routine maintenance done on my automobile and five minutes once driving off, a faculty bus throw some trash down the rider facet of the automobile. I straightaway circled and went back to the Tesla SC and a man there gave American state a number of this to undertake.

And this Car Metal Polishes the initial identification did not look sensible as a result of there have been white scuffs up and down the outside door. Enough so, that one in all the fellows there at Tesla thought he was planning to excrete (myself included). I started operating the areas Associate in Nursingd a couple of [*fr1] an hour later everything was gone and it gave the look of nothing had ever happened. I might have sworn before I started that I had a $1,000+ body look repair on my hands. The areas were shiny, no scratches, hazing, or dullness whatever. However it worked, I even have no plan. Anyway, I’ve used it on some minor scratches here and there since then and it’s worked sort of charm.

Amazing finishing Car Metal Polishes

Before heading to the body look, do this Car Metal Polishes stuff out; it’s going to prevent plenty of cash. I’ve used some similar products within the past on different cars and most of them attended do additional harm than what I started with. I would like Meguiar’s created smaller bottles as a result of I would like to keep one within the automobile. I could purchase a little travel size bottle used for shampoo or lotion and fill it up with a number of this polish, to ‘repair on the go’. The professional product however it’s pretty user-friendly even for weekend warriors. So I combined on my truck that incorporates a flat black paint (no gilded speckles).

And I used to be ready to use the 205 with a white sharpening pad on my public prosecutor to get rid of some pretty vital hazing/holograms once combining. Also I do still have some slight twitch marks even once sharpening (only visible with a bright torch pointed directly at my paint). So I used to be ready to minimize it the maximum amount as I presumably may with my expertise. Black paint is thus laborious to create unflawed, however, damn shut. This 205 polish is wing Car Metal Polishes stuff. It’s a giant bottle thus you may positively be ready to polish several cars with this. It’s pretty fluid virtually sort of liquid wax. It was straightforward to get rid of and had sensible lubrication. I didn’t notice it dirt to a fault or something. Overall I’m affected and pleased with the results.

7. Sheila Shine 461216 Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

Sheila Shine 461216 Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

This is the Number Seven Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. And I must say I used to be not trying forward to commutation my unsullied polish. However after I bought out new Samsung French door white goods, I noticed my previous polish didn’t leave the glass shine. Also Then since the icebox had a handful of problems (one cracked glass drawer, 2 the plastic that wasn’t commencing of the complete issue all the way) I had three completely different groups set out to examine it. And One &2 times replaced the icebox. Three times somebody finally came up with not solely the answer to the remaining plastic stuck within the chrome steel doors however he told Maine concerning oil that’s polymer for the doors that square measure food safe.

So I was extraordinarily hesitant I have tried too several Car Metal Polishes products that say they work and don’t live up to the ballyhoo. Also THIS WORKS. And Simply got and used it yesterday. So Not solely will my current icebox shine like glass (NO BUFFING, NO RUBBING) however it brought new life to things I in hand that ne’er looked that shiny. And I conjointly used it on Associate in nursing previous pier one flower pot!!! So That’s not unsullied. And Yet WOW it’s found it irresistible is price a lot of currently than after I bought it. About to use it on my wood and creative person lamp tonight. YES, you’ll be able to use this for over unsullied. And Browse the directions. Super purchase.

Best Way to Keep Your Stainless Steel Looking New

So I’ve been victimization Sheila Shine for over three years and refuse to use another Car Metal Polishes product for our chrome steel. And If you browse reviews plenty of individuals complain that it’s laborious to figure with as a result of it smells, smears, and is tough to induce off. Also I would bet the bulk of individuals whiny did not browse the directions (after all, the UN agency really would browse directions for it). The directions inform spray it onto a rag so rub it onto the merchandise. And Works an entire heap higher that manner. So The corporate UN agency handled this product (it’s not Amazon) got {the product the Mainerchandise} right dead set me with free shipping.

And I did notice that this Car Metal Polishes had been shipped from and no wherever on the packaging was the name related to Amazon. So I went dead set and located it for concerning twenty fifths cheaper and with free delivery (I was charged $10.00 per instrumentality shred it had been six.99 on And If you belong to BJ’s, I like to recommend {you just you solely you simply} leave to their web site and order it (It’s not obtainable in their warehouse clubs only online) from them (free shipping). If you do not belong to BJ’s, the value on Amazon may be a very little a lot of however still worthwhile.

8. Meguiar’s M20508 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish

Meguiar's M20508 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish

This is the Number Eight Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. I will preface by an expression that I drive a motorcar, not a sports automobile however no product I found had a motorcar on the bottle! Anyhow, I let my in-laws borrow my motorcar and that they got attacked by a dog at a stop sign. The driver’s door had cosmetic “sand” scratches visible; however, I could not feel them as such. One application and buffing with this product (I used the counseled applier pad of a similar whole and hand-buffed) and therefore the scratches disappeared. It looks to own sufficient buffing power while not too much cut that may go throughout the clear coat (at least not while not serious effort).

I’d use Car Metal Polishes once more for tiny “sand” scratches. I’m positive it works nicely on light source housings (haven’t tried yet). I used it on associate degree emergency light-weight bar that was moderately opaque over from exposure to the weather. At the side of the different 3M product, the finished job was virtually pretty much as good as new! This may not work on damaged plastic lensed eyeglasses, tried it. I applied this polish to our 2001 Camry once a coat of M105 Ultra-Cut Compound. The results were fantastic. The paint job hasn’t looked this smart in years. It was simple to use, left no streaking behind, and rubbed off with a soft material while not a full heap of effort.

Awesome product. Why? Because it works!

I extremely suggest this Car Metal Polishes product, and if your paint end is uninteresting and patterned like mine was, use this polish once applying the M105 initial. The mixture of the 2 products resulted in awful results. Did what it required to as a part of a pair of step correction. My ride is currently therefore shiny my camera refuses to target it. I take advantage of the final compound followed by this mirror glaze once a year followed by Hydro blue sio2 coating to guard and lock within the shine. I machine polish with a Porter Cable orbital three passes per compound. Focus RS in black may be an onerous mistress to stay happy and scratch-free. After removing scratches mistreatment M105, I then used the M205 to shine the pain. Even on a seventeen-year recent automobile, the paint looked AMAZING!

I couldn’t’ tell you the last time it looked as wet and glossy, and that I wash/wax my automobile all the time. I’d suggest Car Metal Polishes mistreatment M205 with M105 as they work well along. Then use a sealer or wax to complete up the duty. I bought a second user 2015 black Tahoe. It had light-weight swirl marks everywhere. Could not see them excellent unless within the sun. I used the porter cable buffer with chemical guys hex logic pad and Maguiars 205 polish. It took all out. I conjointly had a nasty stuff on the rear bumper. Appeared like it was backed into one thing. I did 3 applications thereon specific spot. It fully removed it conjointly. I’d get this once more.

9. NOVUS 2 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover Car Metal Polishes

NOVUS 2 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover Car Metal Polishes

This is the Number Nine Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. I used this to shine associate antique plastic radio and it did an outstanding job. It a lot of an advert cleaner versus a home one and contains oxide however is safe if you heed the label issues. It had been simply what I wished and can still use it. Updated might five, 2016; I used the Novus #2 for a plastic vintage clock face cowl and it clad higher than expected. a couple of puncture nicks were left however they are not noticeable. The plastic was brittle thus I rubbed gently in tiny circles for regarding ten minutes total. This clock was discarded and currently, it’s hanging during a show of vintage clocks in my room.

Restored my foggy headlights and created it look new Car Metal Polishes once more. Removed most light-weight to medium scratches on the clear coat of my automotive. Renovated the shine on shiny or matte plastic computer game controllers and consoles. Warning though’, it’ll leave terribly small scratches and you’ll see it below bright light-weight, but it will facilitate cut back the visibility of the scratches overall. It’ll take away a little layer thus watch out on bound surfaces, particularly written logos and paint. I do not advocate victimization it on glass, it’s going to in all probability scratch it. Best for terribly previous and worn objects you do not care an excessive amount of regarding; everything else I might leave it alone as a result of it’d create it look worse particularly shiny plastic.

Highly recommended for headlights but some prep work needs to be done beforehand

I would not advocate victimization this Car Metal Polishes on a spanking new automotive, you must simply leave it alone. Previous cars and previous objects area units were OK. Forever take a look at a really small spot initial. It’s just about to cherish really weak however effective sandpaper. I used this to wash my car’s headlights. I researched on YouTube and experimented on the way to tackle this job and came up with the subsequent approach: (1) Materials a sprig bottle with water, 600 or 800 grit sandpaper, 2000 grit sandpaper, painter’s tape, towel, a microfiber material and a clean dry cloth rag, and finally NOVUS a pair of Plastic Fine Scratch Remover. (2) Procedure: use the painter’s tape to tape off around the headlamp. Next, wet the headlamp and therefore the 600 or 800 grit sandpaper. Begin with a circular motion.

Incessantly spray whereas sanding this Car Metal Polishes. Switch to sanding across the headlamp whereas incessantly spraying the headlamp. Use a towel to take away the surplus dirt on the headlamp, and then switch to the finer sandpaper (the 2000 grit sandpaper). Repeat the sanding/spraying method. Currently, clean off the headlamp with a towel once more. There’ll be visible scratch marks from the sandpaper however the yellow and dirt are fully gone. To urge obviate the scratches and haze apply NOVUS a pair of Plastic Fine Scratch Remover, as directed. It works, plain and straightforward. It created a large distinction in however the headlights taken care of applying the NOVUS. Extremely recommended!

10. TopCoat F11 Sealer Single Bottle Car Metal Polishes

TopCoat F11 Sealer Single Bottle Car Metal Polishes

This is the Number Ten Car Metal Polishes. And This Item Score Is 10 Out Of 10. This is my second spherical mistreatment. I even have had a number of my cars ceramic coated, and my work truck I exploit this on, honestly I’m surprised however well it’s, appears to last for concerning five months, therefore, I bought a lot of and place it on. Works very nice to induce Tar off additionally, nice product. I own a black Maserati in a {very} very soiled a part of the country. This product has been a revelation and a giant time-saver. Instead of mistreatment the recent soap, water, wash mitt technique I simply ought to quickly hose of the automobile and dry what very little water remains on the automobile.

Shine is long-lasting; the paint stays sleek as glass. Value is ridiculous (should sell for 1/3 of what it does) however the Car Metal Polishes product is great! Outstanding product, prime Coat F eleven is handily the simplest I have used. I’m hooked, simple Rouse and a deep beautiful shine. Saves time, Shines nice. WOW, I will be back for moreF11. This product is amazing! I even have tried such a lot of automobile polishes and sealers and not solely is F11 the best to use it’s the simplest. I’ve even used it on my glass prime table and chrome steel refrigerator. I have a three month recent silver Lexus. I’m astounded however shiny my automobile has remained even through 3 rainstorms and a three-week gap between washings.

Kept my black truck clean through two days of rain and construction zones

This Car Metal Polishes product is simple to use and needs a lot less time than waxing. Attempt it out!! Well definitely worth the cash. Great product, works as publicized. However, once you utilize it you must not bear an automobile wash because it can degrade the merchandise. However, you must not actually need to travel to an automobile wash because the rain will very well clean your automobile. Tried variety of them however this one goes on simple & holds up at the handheld automobile wash if you even ought to wash it a lot of. Sometimes simply dirt with a dry rag, then a barely damp rag for rain spots. it is simple to do “touchups”.

Does not tend to streak like some others Car Metal Polishes. Ought not to use much! We tend to do ours each two weeks overall before winter then bit ups in between and folks daily investigate the shine & the color. We have a “Soul Red” Mazda. So far this product has done what it claims. My brother and pop swear by these things, therefore, I assumed I’d provide it an attempt. Simple to use than the way the rainwater has simply beaded up. We’ve had 2 days of rain since I last washed my black truck and that I drive through construction daily, my truck still appearance clean. A touch expensive, however, we’ll see however long this lasts. So far, I’m proud of it.


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