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Best Camping Hammock All-in-One Camping Accessories Gear


Easthills Outdoors Skyloft 120″ x 56″ Ultralight Single Camping Hammock

Today I review Camping Hammock and this product brand name is Easthills Outdoors. So let’s start to review this Camping Hammock. And Right here we have EastHills outdoors, newest addition to their line of Camping Hammocks and other outdoor products. So This is the skyline. And It is a complete system which consists of the Camping Hammock straps; the bug net and rain fly tie outs, stakes. So It has everything in here. So you get this one kit and you’re ready to go. And You get a basic shelter kit right here all in one. Let’s open it up, see what’s inside.

So Now, do keep in mind I have opened this already and tried to sing out, but I attacked it a little different than they do. And Here’s the straps. Ten foot straps, very nice straps in a car. So Core data to this particular helmet. Comes with 10 stakes. That’s a lot of stakes. And I don’t go any tannum of their Tetum here for any these silver, a group of grey bags and two in the black bags. So Here’s a Camping Hammock comes in a double sided stuffed sack. And it uses high quality aluminum gated carabineers. It also includes what appears to be a very nice green tarp and its rain, tarp is a native.

The tracking polls are not included in this

And Grips, not just like the Camping Hammock is, all comes in a. Watertight. Let’s get this thing I hate hanging out here and we’ll find out just what and here’s a tarp. So He sails outdoors. Nice, nice emblem. Now I’ve got to step in force mode. And The tracking polls are not included in this. Those are my personal ones, as you can see this of there quite nicely. Appears to be CMC a very well off here, but again, anytime you get a new top. And Best thing to do is go back over the outside with a liquid seal steamer, just to be sure, because it had some expensive tarps that even leak.

camping hammock

So You just never really totally know up in history here they’ve got these little quick slides to adjust it with as well as. And Slide’s on the other end of the ropes like these here, these are all on the tie out, but it’s also up on the ends of the ridgeline. So They gave us 10 steaks. And there’s only five provisions for a total of six takes on this entire setup. So it’s really nice of them to include some additional steak’s. And The orange has been duplicated in this year. I would imagine that the green is probably the same way, but I don’t have a green much, I can’t tell you for sure.

Its cover back and we’ll take a look at the hammer

But I do know that the orange matches that’s real nice for those of you who like things to match. So This Camping Hammock is very nice looking, very attractive, a lot different than your everyday Camping Hammocks. And Let me feel is top by its cover back and we’ll take a look at the hammer and here the Camping Hammock. So We can see it now starts at this end here with the nice carabineers. And Get their names right on a logo, right on the thing. But these are the aluminum ones that the wire gets in it. Very strong carabineers. It’s got a double and stuff.

Wise Owl Outfitters

So Second seconds, you keep it tied up like I do in the end here abantu it’s actually gets used as a bishop’s bag and I sing about this is when you want to put the here back together in the pack it away. So You just connect right here, grab this bag, work that way. Is your stuff into the back, into the bag. This is the bottom end down here, the foot end. And this is the bag down inside that this netting will go into, when you remove the netting, the zipper run completely around down to 360 degrees of the Camping Hammock.

Where the net off of it till you unzipped

So The best place I would I have found two. And, um, it’s when they’re zipped up is right here to head because your head right down here and you can reach up here and you can unzip either side of this if you want. Here’s that strip that runs across a fear to the other side. And it has a toggle on it here, which will then go into this little ribbon on the other side when you unzip this here and roll this up underneath. And the same on the other side.

hennessy hammock tent

Let me remove the net and then we’ll show you where it is, where the net off of it till you unzipped and then stuffed up here and is provided stuffed sac, which is sewn right onto the end of the net down here. And it just stays there. Now, this ridge line was originally attached to one of these little hooks down here. And I particularly didn’t care for being where are because I didn’t want to stress the Camping Hammock any. So I’ve actually taken it as an opening right here and efficient through here and attacked. So It takes it to the end of the suspension on both ends.

One extra one up here for hanging things

And It makes the original and a bit tighter and gives me a little more feel of of security. So I just don’t want to damage this thing by. And It’s only material. So I mean, let’s face it, guys, it’s it it’s it’s not going to hold up to a lot of weight if you put a lot of weight on this ridge line. But what that does is it frees up two of those one extra one up here for hanging things on and it frees up two of these little hooks underneath here. And the same on the other end will tab hanging down. You can actually use them for stuff such as hanging your pillow.

amazon hammock with mosquito net

So I mean, we’ve all been guilty of getting in the Camping Hammock and find a pillow down here in the middle. And If you hang the pillow up there and it’s limited to this distance here, you don’t have to fight with a pillow. Also, when you sit up, try to preposition yourself to feel always seems to slide down to your waist. So This will keep it up in there if you decide to use it for that purpose. And You can do for basically any purpose you like. Also that’s how this thing set up this way. And I think it looks pretty good. Feels pretty nice. So Well, there’s this whole thing here at one point that you can’t see it in the picture on the website, but that’s what it basically says.

My Amazon Picks Camping Hammock

So I guess that’s their way of getting getting out of their obligation to anybody being hurt any. And of course, quite frankly, if you’re gonna be hanging in the Camping Hammock, you better know what you’re doing. Never hang a Camping Hammock any hard. And You willing to fall. Here’s the poll’s idea that holds it out very nice and they gave us again, gave us 10 of those. So Not sure why they gave so many, but I’m glad to see they did. And one last thing I did want to point out, and that is that this will get a little bit hook type thing hooks onto this loop on the tie out on the post, the whole pig there.

camping hammock with stand

So it’s a little bit hook because hooks in there kind of nice. And it is adjustable up here. Also I said, well, here’s the inside thing. And It’s really bright in the sun here, isn’t it? The net seems to be set a little low, but it’s up off of me and it’s quite a ways up. Obviously, it’s not hitting me or anything. One of my earlier Camping Hammocks I had was one of the major brands and this is set up just like that. A Camping Hammock net does not go real high. It sets a little closer to you, but it’s a very popular brand and a marketer mentioned it here. But this one here pretty much duplicates that.

Which is a real concern about these nasty sniffs

So I do like this here. And the fact that this is here does it. So It basically limits this stretch of the Camping Hammock net so you don’t have a chance of ripping it out, which is a real concern about these nasty sniffs, you know? And I mean, let’s face it, these nets are not extremely strong pieces of material and they’re not meant to be. So There’s just no way you can do that. But with this little. And Strip across it. It does a double duty first. It does protect the net when I don’t think that was the reason they put it in here, but it’s put there so that you can unzip it here and then roll it up here and talk with the toggles.

hennessy hammock expedition

So Toggle this thing open on this part here or the same rate. And Here you go. Roll it up and toggle it open, which gives you a lot of open open area, which is nice. So You can see way down the end and you can see the bag that’s attached to the bed. The Camping Hammock for the Bugner happened the other. And here we can see the work come through and there’s a couple hooks up here that you can hang things from, which is cannonade plus you also have this ridge line. Also You can things that this is not totally of structural line, as you can see here. It’s got a lot of a lot of give.

This gives a complete open here

But it is it is sturdy enough to be able to to hold things like auto, water and what have you in there. And here’s a design feature. They have designed the things that you can you can see with a little ribbon right here. And then there’s a toggle on the outside and it’s on both sides. This is a design feature right there. I’ve got it rolled up and tog toggle together to hold the net up and out of the way. This gives a complete open here. And now you can do the same on this side here and give a complete open and have just this small portion of the net there.

Now, there’s one other way which nobody seems to advertise, and I’ve seen other Camping Hammocks with this kind of stuff in it. Let me do that for you. And I’ll show you. Here’s that other way. You can take this net in, unzip it from up here above you on both sides. Roll it down the Senate, down to where you want. And it opens everything up on it. The good thing about this is if you’re lying in the Camping Hammock and you’re not going to want to crawl out of the thing, you’ll be able to reach down here, grab the zipper and zip this thing up on both sides while you’re in the Camping Hammock.

While I was videotaping everything

It’s not a problem. You don’t have to get only out. If the Camping Hammock was Camping Hammock netting was buried up there in that netting up there, that little bag, which is kind of cool. Then you have to get out to do this. This way here you’re ready to go and when you want to close it up. All right. This Camping Hammock is stuffed full of goodies. And here’s another one that I haven’t had in the Camping Hammock yet while I was videotaping everything. And I’ll be adding it. I’ll show you what it’s like inside.

hammock vs tent reddit

And that is a ridgeline organizer. This air organizer is rather unique in a sense that first off, it is removable. As you can see, these little clips here will slide over and lock onto your ridgeline and then pull it off if you wanted to take it and move it to another Camping Hammock, which is really a nice feature. I’ve got a few seen average lanthanum organizers in them and I’ve got a ridge line. I like to use it. Use those occasionally and I’ll just take this transfer with it. It’s not the type of thing that with this is gonna come apart easily.

Actually share is a cavity with a two backwards here

The Husby forced on and before stuff, so it’s not going to bounce off on you. Now, here’s a real trick about this thing. It’s got two pouches in each of these upper pockets. Two complete separate patches. It has a pouch here that goes all the way in. If the water bottle would having it right next to it, it’s got another pouch and this pouch has a bit of a seal on here to keep things from coming out. And you can put things in here, too. So you’ve got a total of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 regular small sized pay packets and one full, full length packet. Now, that is kind of classy.

Now, I do want to point out that this full length pocket here where you’re supposed to actually share is a cavity with a two backwards here. So you when you use the two back ones, you’ll have to limit what you could put in this way. And keeping that in mind. Still, it’s it’s kind of nice that you can do all that. And there it is, mounted in the Camping Hammock slides real nice. It has a stiffener right here so that it keeps the pockets in everything from gathering up on each other. So you push it from one end clutches here.

We’ve got a pullout right here

The whole thing just feels very nice and well-thought out item and you don’t get recline organizers with very many budget Camping Hammocks. All right. I have one last item I wanted to share with you, and I saved it till last. And I’m not sure if anybody actually noticed it during the earlier portion of the video. But this Camping Hammock is not cut symmetrically like like a normal Camping Hammock is. This has got cut in fashion they call asymmetrical, which means that it doesn’t have.

symmetrically cut Camping Hammock

And you can see here it comes down and then up there on a symmetrically cut Camping Hammock, it would be the same over there and then back over so that both sides would mirror one another. But if you look at this one here, we’ve got a pullout right here, meaning that the Camping Hammock is wider in this area here. Now, moving over here, you can see the pullout is quite a ways down there in the Camping Hammock is wider at the end down here.

So actually this thing simulates a larger

What that does is it gives you the ability to lie flat this way. Now, this is asymmetrically cut with a head right, the feet left, and people sleep one way or the other. Personally, I sleep this way and this is perfect for what I use now. Had this been a regular Camping Hammock, you would have to have one a little bit longer to achieve the same feeling of openness as you do in this here. So actually this thing simulates a larger Camping Hammock in the smaller size. So it’s like a 10 foot Camping Hammock or close to it. In order to have the same kind of openness, you now have to have a Camping Hammock that’s incredibly wide or a little longer to give that.

So it’s safe space, but gives you the same way. It gives you the feeling of length and then you have it. That’s a scale of by east hills outdoors. Very nice setups. Complete everything you need in there. For those of you who are interested in the aspects on these things, we’ve got a weight of eighteen hundred ninety nine grams or sixty seven ounces, which comes out to 4.2 pounds. The TARP itself is 10 feet long by 9 feet wide and a Camping Hammock is just an intro to understand feet and it’s a little over four and a half feet wide. Thanks for watching.

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