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Best Bluetooth Intercom | Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom


Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset Intercom

Today I review Bluetooth Intercom and this product brand name is FODSPORTS. This is one of the best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom ever I use. So let’s start to review this item. This is an Eight motorcycle communication system. This is what it came toward this out of my helmet. Been using it for a couple of days. I like it. I was looking into getting one does really expensive it there about three hundred fifty dollars or so and already and I’m sure they’re right now. But this has all the same functionality as all the other ones that are out there.

fodsports m1-s pro review

Plus it’s got F.M. radio to some of them do not have a ham radio, which is another reason why I opted for this Bluetooth Intercom one. There’s a lot of good features about this one that I do like. It’s pretty easy to use. I want to hit and reset everything for you so I could show you kind of how to set this up to turn it on. You hit this is what they call the intercom and the function button. At the same time, you hold them until a power zone down, both of them on here. And then to parent them as pretty easy as well. If you wanted a pair for the intercom mode, you use this intercom button here and you press them both at the same time.

The Sound Quality is Pretty Good

And they will do their thing. Originally, Bluetooth Intercom was pretty quick whenever they paired up. I think the slow blinking means that it’s pairing for intercom mode and then a fast blinking is pairing for Bluetooth. So we’re already in the sound quality is pretty good. I would recommend using they give you these Styrofoam spacers and they’ve got sticky on each side that you can put it into your helmet and then you put your Velcro on top of that. That’s going to allow that this hook and loop fastener to be able to move it on there and place it in the right place where your ear should be so where you can hear the best.

buyee motorcycle intercom

It also gives you a little bit of movement into your head. So Bluetooth Intercom is a little bit closer. There’s not any wind noise or anything. I’ve got a full face mask, so it’s no problem with mine. It’s got a great sound. But I would imagine with the recorder or even something less if you have your mask up or something and they give you some trouble. But I don’t even think it will. Then you can hear. Fine. My bike’s pretty loud, too. But this can also have an F M function that I like. It’s pretty easy.

Calling is really easy as well

Just go out of intercom mode and then you go back into action mode by pressing this plus button, which is the next. Hold that for two seconds and goes right into that. Change the channel by going up and down like this and it’ll automatically search. No way. Bad thing is, it doesn’t tell you what channel it’s on. But I mean, that’s a lot of information going down the road. It does have a good sound in this Bluetooth Intercom.

motorcycle group intercom

You can look and also pull out the Internet if you feel like you know that it works pretty good both ways. But this would be good, I’m sure, as an intercom with multiple motorcycles riding in again. I mean, I’m super happy with this Bluetooth Intercom. You go back to the unassigned mode and just pretty seamless. I mean, it just seems like it’s really easy to work for the price. It’s crazy. Get pricing. Setting a Bluetooth on this is easy as well. Just use this function button here, hold it down and it will change its light here. So, you know, it’s in parent mode. Then you just go to your phone.

There’s also another feature that you can do to where it’s an auto-answer

I’ve got an iPhone, so the phone’s words. Delight. We’ll carry this one as well. Connected. You go back to the intercom feature just by hitting this intercom burn, you can hit it on and off. Same with the radio and you hold it down or go to the radio when you hold it down again and I’ll turn the radio off.  Calling is really easy as well. So if you get a call from some somebody random. That’s. So my phone will start ringing and pick it up by hitting the button, which answers the phone. And you’re right there on the Bluetooth Intercom.

helmet to helmet communication

There’s also another feature that you can do to where it’s an auto-answer. So you press to answer, press it again to hang up. Let’s say somebody else calls me again. If I don’t pick up the default setting is for it to auto answer. So after a moment, it will auto-connect.  And now you’re connected and you can talk with this Bluetooth Intercom. Right there in cautioning up like that. Another feature that it’s got on is the use of the digital assistant, which is the series for me since I’m on iPhone and it’s two clicks on the previous button and we’ll bring her up.

Amazon music app in this Bluetooth Intercom

And You can talk to her and of course, she can call for you and all that stuff as well, and that’s the main feature of that. So That is super handy to have. I mean, you can anything you can tell her to do just straight on your phone. You can tell her to do while you’re going down the road, which is nice. You can also do directions, you can play your music. And Use Siri to open up my Amazon app, not to shop Amazon music app in this Bluetooth Intercom. Play Amazon music. And typically she’ll open the app and then I have to hit it again and I have to tell her to play.

rider to rider motorcycle communication

And Nice feature, ally trusts. If you do Google Maps or just a regular app on the iPhone, it will interrupt your music to tell you on your next turn is, which is also nice. So You don’t have to worry these many times or anything like that. I’ve used podcasts on here, Google Maps. I’ve used the regular app for the maps on the iPhone. And I don’t do I turn to music, so I haven’t used it, but I’m assuming it’s going to work just as well considering built on this system anyway. I’ve used the eye books app with audiobooks as well as super handy this Bluetooth Intercom.

My Amazon Picks Bluetooth Intercom

So you can parse just by hitting the function button there and of course, you can play again by hitting the function as well. And If you want to go back to the inner tome, you can just hit the intercom button and then you’re back to the talk. The grips that come with it. So I took it off because I was going to do this review, it kind of hiked it up a little weird. But these things hold onto it like a death grip. I haven’t had any problem at all with mine. So They are a little difficult to get on and off. But I mean, I wouldn’t want to have their way in this Bluetooth Intercom.

motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset

And I tend to you put one of them in first and then kind of slide it over to the side and then I put the other one in and it seems like it’s a little bit easier to do that way. So Latches down in there and it is holding his gun and rubber here and rubber on the backside of it as well, really to hold on in the same way about getting it out. And You want to pull one of them out and pull it up and out and then the same with this one. And make sure you don’t do something that you’re caught in this Bluetooth Intercom. So There’s something you want to come on from his backside and get it under there so it doesn’t get tangled.

Something else that came with is this exhilarating chord

And I use these hard mikes. I guess this is what I’m used to. I can bring it close to my mouth if I want to, but it also comes with these soft mikes as well. So I may try to put that in there and see how they do. I would imagine and give you a little bit more space in the front. I don’t care even now on that. And That might kind of touches my face. And it’s not a big deal to me. But some people, I guess, that might kind of freak out. Something else that came with is this exhilarating chord. Um, I haven’t used it yet, but, uh, from the website says you can plug it in this Bluetooth Intercom.

bluetooth intercom for home

And This kind of use it separately. I guess this report from an MP 3 devices. Well. Overall, the functionality, the price, the look, the ease of access. So I like how this is set up because you can just grab up here and you know where each of your buttons is just from. Also I put my thinking here and then you just kind of fall into place after that and it’s no problem changing your volume intercom button, holding this down for your F.M. radio and then double-tapping for your digital assistant Siri or whatever use the Internet is great for this Bluetooth Intercom.

Super easy if you just won’t take it off

So If you’re kind of in a valley or something like that, it does seem to pick up a little bit more. So I imagine it would be more for people with intercom systems for motorcycle. And It’s waterproof. And, uh, simple, really easy to use. So One thing about it, though, is it does not come with a USB charger and it is a micro USP, which I have about 400 of these things lying around. So I just put it up well. Also One thing that could be a little bit of a challenge for some people is getting it on and off this amount Bluetooth Intercom.

best bluetooth intercom for motorcycle

And but once you can understand how it works, it’s really easy. So there’s a button right here that you just push and it slides off. So Most people, naturally, you would want to try to put this on from the front like this. But if you’re not careful, you won’t get it lined up into this little slot here. And that’s what does it. So you want to start that in on the back here. Make sure these are nice and lined up before you push them down in there Bluetooth Intercom.

These motorcycle communication system headsets

And that’s going to make it a lot easier on me because I was a little frustrated with the slow, but it’s super easy if you just won’t take it off, you’re going to leave your helmet on your bike, you know, pull this off. Or if you need to charge it in the house or something like that, you can take it off as well. So I’d highly recommend these motorcycle communication system headsets. Uh, really for the price to this Bluetooth Intercom.

motorcycle bluetooth intercom

And Functionality, you’re not gonna find anything else. Uh, for this type of price range for you. So it looks like really good quality. And Sounds great. So It’s everything I need and a little bit more. Uh, I think you should pick something up like this. And Give it a try. At least before he could draw three hundred fifty dollars on a set of somebody else’s. So I don’t know what another type of functionality that I would want. And This Bluetooth Intercom is everything that I need and want.

This product is my best recommended item

And the fact that it works so seamlessly with my phone and my iPhone, I just can’t imagine anything else that they could add that I would be willing to pay two hundred more dollars more for that. So I highly recommend this. I think you ought to try this out. And I don’t think that you will be unsatisfied. So These buttons, the movements so much easier to work with than any other type of push buttons on the sides of the helmet is awkward. Nice big buttons, easy form. Pick it up. So Try this Bluetooth Intercom. And this product is my best recommended item.

bluetooth intercom headset

This headset is surprisingly great. It is really easy to use while on the bike. The large well placed buttons with with wheel to adjust the volume is so simple and intuitive. FM radio function, Bluetooth, intercom and being able to use your digital assistant (Siri) and phone GPS hits all the marks for all the features I would ever need. Even using Siri to navigate. Just double click the previous button and tell her “Navigate to Walmart in Dallas, Texas” and you are on your way.

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