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Best Bluetooth Earbuds Upgraded Wireless Earbuds


Upgraded Wireless Earbuds, Magnetic Bluetooth 5.0

Today I review Bluetooth Earbuds this product brand name is earteana. So Today I am unboxing this Bluetooth Earbuds. This is a truly wireless headphone out these do come with Bluetooth 5.0. And one of the reasons as here in Amazon, as you can see, it does have a 2000mAh charging case. Now you can use it as a power bank to charge your phone or anything with a U.S. B. So that’s pretty cool these Bluetooth Earbuds.

And Now, it does say that you can use these Bluetooth Earbuds on a single charge, talk time for hours of music. So Playtime is still around four hours. So that’s more or less like the airports. Something like that. Now, let me show you the box. This is geared Tina up here. So IOW, an android or Windows truly wireless ie 7. And they do have two to five, you know. And that’s pretty much it. So let’s go ahead and unpacks these Bluetooth Earbuds headphones.

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And Now, I will have a review on my test, these headphones out for a couple of days and I’m going to do a review and attached to review to this article. So just stay tuned. Right after this article, the review should start. And Now, we do get the user manual there. Put that to the side. So We have the case with the Bluetooth Earbuds earphones and then we’d go get this little box. And I’m assuming the tables are in here. Let’s go ahead and hold this up.

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So we do get the old T U O T G adapter and some extra earbuds. So we do get three extra Bluetooth Earbuds plus the one that you have and then you do get also a micro U.S. B cable and it seems strong. And The cable seems nice and thick. So that’s pretty cool. So Now let’s look at the headphones itself and take this plastic off. And it says here, Tina, and it is transparent. Cover. And that’s what the headphones looked like. It does have some strong magnets on the back.

Dual Built-in Mic Auto Pairing Headphones

So It does have your micro U.S. beef. And Now, as I was looking at the picture on Amazon, it seems like he uses old tiki adapter. So use this to connect it on the back and then you can connect your phone to her. So that’s how you were able to charge your phone with the case. And Now, at first glance, I can tell that they do have very strong magnets. And take the Bluetooth Earbuds headphones himself, feeling a little light. So They don’t feel too cheap, but they don’t feel premium either.

bluetooth earbuds for iphone

So They feel OK and it does have your power button. And I’m pretty sure these are probably also your pores and play button. So that’s pretty much shit. And on the back, it does have an R and the laugh. So that was my unboxing. And Stay tuned for the review. And I’ll be back. Ok, so we’re back. And after a couple of days of testing this product goes out, I’m pretty confident I can give you guys a good review. Now, today, we are reviewing that year. Tina, truly wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Now these on Amazon, they’re retailing for thirty-seven ninety-nine.

2000mAh Charging Case as Power Bank, for Most Bluetooth Devices

But are they worth the money? Let’s take a look. Ok. Let’s move on to the accessories. And first, let me show you the micro U.S.B beat cable that these headphones come with, and it’s the generic cable. So It is a white cable and it seems like it’s a very nice and strong cable. Pretty cool, especially for the money. I wasn’t expecting type C. And Usually, you don’t get type C for I have earphones that are less than 40 dollars. So Sometimes you do. But this is an example of what usually or you will get.

best wireless earbuds for iphone

But I did like that. And They did come with three extra Bluetooth Earbuds, which is very nice. So we’ll put that to the side as well. And then you do get this old tiki adapter, so you connect this one to the back of the box and then you can connect your phone, cable or anything that charges would with type A you as B, and you can charge whatever device you want from the case so you can use the case as a power bank, which is pretty cool. So I’m glad that they threw that in. And also the case itself, it is part of the hardware, but it’s also part of the accessories because it is an accessory that you’re getting.

I like how this is transparent

And I do love how it looks. And it’s a very, very nice case as well, especially for the price. So Now we’re gonna get more in detail in the hardware, but the case is very nice, as you can see there. So for the accessories, I’m going to give them thumbs up. And Now let’s move on to the hardware. Ok, let’s move on to the hardware. So Now, the case itself, again, I like it and I like how this is transparent. So you can see that Bluetooth Earbuds, they’re very nice on the back.

skullcandy wireless earbuds controls

And You do have your micro U.S.B. And again, you can connect the OTG adapter so you can charge your phone or whatever device you want to charge, which is very nice, especially at the price that these headphones are going for to have a power bank. That’s not bad now. It is a two thousand million battery that this case has, which is not a lot, but enough to get a little bit of juice for your phone. Now, when you open it up, you do have the Bluetooth Earbuds headphones and this button right here is your battery indicator.

It has just the actual power

So when you press it, you do have a little light. And I didn’t know what it was for until you read the manual. So as you can see, I’m pressing it and it’s giving this three blinks. So if you look and three flashes mean that it’s between 60 and 100 percent. So two flashes, 30 to 60 and one flash will give you between zero and 30 percent. So it’s not the best in that department. I like when you have at least three LCD or one, it has just the actual power.

It has numbers. That’s pretty cool. But this is I guess it’s OK. I’m not going to complain a lot. The price was not bad on these Bluetooth Earbuds earphones. Now, another pretty cool thing, the magnets are nice, but I didn’t like it’s kind of weird is that. I would assume that this will be right because it’s on the right side. But when you get it, it’s this one is the laugh. You can see there that is the laugh. And the other one is the right. So you just don’t get confused.

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Now, these Bluetooth Earbuds, they’re OK. They don’t feel premium. They just feel OK. And They don’t feel cheap either. They just feel, you know, above average. I would say they do have these flashing lights now. The flashing lights does not stop flashing after, you know, you pair them. And this power button, you can turn them off or on. And also you just click while they’re paired. It is your play and pause button. So that’s pretty cool. As you can see, when they’re charging, they do turn red.

how to adjust volume on skullcandy headphones

You can see there. So for the construction, I do like it. The plastic, this one right here. My first I thought it was going to feel cheap, but it doesn’t. It feels pretty decent. Pretty good. It doesn’t feel premium, but, you know, it feels above average for the price, I think is pretty, pretty nice. So all in all, for the construction, I do like it. So I’m going to give them thumbs up. Now, let’s move on to the sound quality, OK?

Impressed by the bass that these headphones

Let’s move on to the sound quality. Now, some of the albums I use to test these Bluetooth Earbuds headphones out I data try out some Joe, some more than Charlie. No, Sanchez, some of Dora and some Dr. Dre. Now, first, we’re going to be talking about the bass. Now, these headphones, the bass does feel above average is not going to rattle your head, but it does feel pretty good. I was impressed by the bass that these headphones give out.

Everything came out pretty cleared. They don’t distort for the price of fewer than 40 dollars to bass is pretty good. And I would say that if you like bass, you will enjoy this. Not they won’t rattle your head or they won’t feel so punchy, but you know, it is above average and it feels pretty good Bluetooth Earbuds. You will enjoy it. So for the bass apartment, I think is pretty good. Now let’s move on to the meats and the highs.

Able to hear all the instruments

Ok. Let’s move on to the medicine and the highs now. Let’s first talk about the Mets. The Mets are pretty good. They’re nothing spectacular. You’re not going to think that these are the greatest earphones in the world, but the Mets did come out pretty good. I was I wasn’t too impressed by them because they are a little bit bright, in my opinion, especially when you’re hearing music like Ivan Duran and there’s only maids and highs.

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It just gets the sound quality suffers a little bit. So I wasn’t too impressed by that. Now the highs. They did sound nice and clear and I was able to hear all the instruments. So for the highs side, they like that. They sounded pretty good. There are people that like headphones that the maids are more in the brighter side, more in the cooler side. I feel like that’s what these Bluetooth Earbuds headphones are kind of the sound quality is like. For that, I may talk. It’s not the greatest for me.

The high sounded pretty good

And I like sometimes when they’re in the warmer side, I like the bass, but they do sound pretty good. So I’m not going to hate on these headphones that much. I did enjoy them. And The high sounded pretty good. The made sometimes suffered, but they still sounded pretty good, especially at the price point of fewer than 40 dollars. So I was happy with the all-around sound. So let’s move on to my final thoughts. And Ok. Let’s move on to my final thoughts now at the beginning of the article. So I asked if they were worth the money. Now, in my opinion, for less of 40 dollars, you’re getting a good bargain here.

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And Now, they do have Bluetooth 5.0, which is pretty cool. So Now, let me tell you first that I did notice some latency in some, but some of it did sound pretty good. And I guess they had to completely sync. But, you know, I did notice that sometimes the lives didn’t match to the sound that was coming out in some articles. So that was kind of a letdown. But they do have a power bank built in where you can use the old T G adapter so you can charge your phone or anything that has that. You can connect the U.S.B Bluetooth Earbuds.

Music playback time is about four hours

And Now, on the specs, it says that you can walk or you can. So The blue Bluetooth range is about 33 feet. And Now, I was able to get around 50 feet, which is nice. That’s pretty cool. So Now, the music playback time is about four hours. Also it’s kind of on par with Apple airports. So. By the charging time, it’s about an hour, which is OK as well. Also that’s kind of on par with other truly wireless Bluetooth Earbuds earphones.  So everything that you’re getting for less than 40 dollars. So I think it’s a pretty good bargain.

And The sound was above average and I did like that. So These do get loud. So I was happy with that. And I was impressed because there’s a lot of truly wireless earphones out there that don’t really get loud and do these right here. And They get pretty loud. So I was happy with that. So I am going to recommend these because the price is nice and you’re getting a lot of stuff, especially the technology that you’re getting on these truly wireless Bluetooth Earbuds here. Phones are pretty good.

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